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Lions In Africa

Lions in Africa are predatory animals known as panthera Leo belonging to the Felidae family and also the second in size to the tiger.  African lions are one of the most feared animals by both people and fellow animals hence acquiring their name as King Of The Jungle.. The lion has an aggressive attitude especially when it detects danger and when hungry. The male lion is quite larger in size compared to the female and it usually weighs 190kg as the female weighs 130kg.

Lions In Africa

The lion in Africa is famously known for its fierceness and bravely something that help’s it gain and attract respect from both people and other animals. It is also believed that a lion is capable of running 50 miles per hour.

In Africa, the lion is a highly respected animal and is occasionally used as a symbol of strength and courage in most communities.

Top 20 Best Places To See Lions in Africa

Most countries in Africa have places where lions can be spotted and some of these countries include;

Lions In Uganda

Uganda is famously known as the pearl of Africa because of the magnificent features and variety of wildlife found in it. Some of which include; Mountain gorillas (in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga National Park), the famous source of the Nile (lake Victoria), mountains of the moon, the favorable climate for both people and other creatures and many others.

Lions can be spotted in 3 largest national parks in Uganda and these include; Queen Elizabeth national park, Murchison Falls national park and Kidepo Valley national park.

Queen Elizabeth National park

Queen Elizabeth is endowed with the rare tree climbing lions located in the Ishasha sector located in southern part of the park. It is also the only park in Uganda as well as in Africa aside from southern Tanzania to see the tree climbing lions.

The character of these lions is quite different from the normal lions because as the other lions lay under the trees to  get rest from a tiresome day, these tree climbing animals tend to climb on trees. It is believed that they climb trees in order to escape the scorching sun of the savannah as well as the disturbing bugs and insects on the ground.

Murchison Falls National Park

Murchison Falls national park is located in northern Uganda, situated in a region surrounded by districts like; Masindi, Bulisa, Nwoya and Kiryandongo. It is the largest park in Uganda.

Murchison Falls national park is famously known for possessing the most powerful waterfall in the world. It is a powerful waterfall because of its ability to the ground around it vibrate.

Besides the waterfall, Murchison falls national park repossess a vegetation that is dominated by the savannah grassland and a riverine forest that accommodates a variety of wildlife and among these are the lions. Murchison falls national park accommodates a number of lions and it is believed to have about 250 lions, a population that is higher than those in other parks in Uganda.

The best time to spot these animals is during game drives that usually take place in the morning or late evening.

Kidepo Valley National Park

Kidepo Valley national park is found in the north eastern part of Uganda in Kaabong district surrounded by the indigenous Karamojong people. This is the most isolated park in the country and it is situated near the districts of Moroto which happens to be the biggest town in the region.

Kidepo Valley national park is mostly visited by birders because it is enriched with alot of bird species and hence acquiring the title a birders paradise. And because of the vast landscape that is endowed and dominated by the savannah vegetation accompanied by the grey-haired acacia and forests on the mountain slopes which provides habitats for both wildlife and bird species, has earned it a rank of being the 2nd best beautiful park in Africa.

The population of lions in Africa as situated  in Kidepo Valley national park is on an increase and it is estimated that 132 lions can be spotted within the park. These lions can be seen clearly especially on a safari and this is possible due to the presence of a flat landscape within the park.

We therefore recommend Kidepo Valley national park as the best place to see lions in Uganda.

Lions In Tanzania

Tanzania is a country found in the eastern part of Africa and is famously known for having the highest mountain in Africa which is Mount Kilimanjaro.

Tanzania is not only ranked the 13th largest country in Africa but also well known for possessing the 2nd largest lake in the World that is; Lake Tanganyika.

People going on safaris seem to generally have an interest of seeing lions and visiting Tanzania gives one a high chance of seeing these animals of which it being possible is the presence of several national parks in the country and these include;

Serengeti National Park

Serengeti national park is by far the 1st place to spot lions in Tanzania. This is because it is famously known for the large masses of animals that take place there. During the migration, alot of animals are spotted and among them are the lions that are widely known as Simba by the local people of Tanzania.

Serengeti national park is approximated to have at least 3000 lions in its plains. And these can be spotted during game drives in their prides of 15 to 20 members.

It is breathtaking to watch these lions taking down their prey and because of their fierce and courageous nature, they tend to take down even some big animals like buffalos.

Nyerere National Park

Nyerere national park is recognized as the largest park in Tanzania making it eligible to be a habitat of the lions. This national park is one of the best places to see lions while on a safari.

The vast landscape of this park is also home to other wildlife like warthogs, buffalos, zebras, Jackson’s hartebeest which are prey to the lions. This therefore grants visitors a great opportunity to watch as the lions hunt for their prey.

The populations of lions in Nyerere national park is approximately around 1000 to 5000 lions.

Ruaha National Park

Ruaha national park is the 2nd largest national park in Tanzania and is located in the western part of Iringa town in south central Tanzania. This national park is a wildlife paradise and it carries 10% of the world’s lion population.

This therefore signifies the satisfaction  of those seeking to have a look at the lions during a safari. Ruaha national park is a highly recommended place for spotting lions because of the large lion prides found there that add up to numbers of 25 adult lions.

For those interested in seeing the aggressive attacks of these animals towards their prey, then this is a great opportunity for you because during the game drives, these lions especially the adult ones are spotted taking down large animals such as giraffes and buffalos.

Lions In Kenya

Kenya is also one of the countries found in East Africa bordering the Indian Ocean. Speaking about Kenya brings into memory the Great rift valley as well as the Masai people.

Kenya is a country rich in culture as well as multiple wildlife found in the country’s abundant national parks. It is also a residence for the 2nd highest mountain in Africa which is Mount Kenya.

Just like other countries in Africa, Kenya has also got several national parks and in these are where we find the famous King of the Jungle and their number is estimated to be 2500. Most of her national parks are blessed with lions and here are some of them;

Maasai Mara National Reserve

Maasai Mara national reserve is located in southern Kenya along the Great rift valley. Part of this national reserve is in connection with Serengeti national park of Tanzania.

Due to this connection, Maasai Mara is also best known for the extraordinary wildlife migration, inviting over 1.5 million wild game onto its savannahs. Among the wild game migrating into this reserve , lions are also among them and their population has increased over the edges making it approximately 800-950 lions living within the reserve.

These lions can be spotted in their prides for example; the Enesikiria pride in Mara Naboisho conservancy.

Tsavo East National Park

Tsavo East national park is found in the south eastern part of Kenya in the Taita-Taveta district of the coast province. This park takes up the largest protected space in Kenya making it a potential home to thousands of wildlife.

Tsavo East national park is also a home to lions famously called the man eaters. The lions in this national park are very difficult to differentiate between the male and female because most adult males lack manes entirely.

The population of these man eaters in Tsavo East national park is estimated to be around 675 lions, making it a great place to carry out a safari.

Samburu National Reserve

Samburu National Reserve is located in the northern part of Kenya and is surrounded by the Samburu and Turkana people. This park is recognized as one of those in Africa that possess the Big Five and among which are the lions.

Lions are always seen as caring animals towards their families, through living in prides and defending each other in case of any danger, however, in the Samburu national reserve, the lions tend to live alone and solitary.

The lions in this national reserve carry on their lives independently without getting help from others. The population of these solitary creatures in this reserve is estimated to be about 40-50 lions.

Lions In South Africa

Just as the name states,  South Africa is found in the southern part of Africa. It has both temperate and sub-tropical climatic conditions and it is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean in the west as well as the Indian Ocean in the east.

South Africa as a country is best recognized for its richness in culture, diverse wildlife safaris as well as the abundant landscapes. Lions in South Africa are easily spotted into the numerous national parks and game reserves and they include;

Kruger National Park

Kruger national park fund in South Africa is one of the oldest parks in the country with a variety of wildlife. It is also one of the most famous and popular safari destinations in Africa.

This park is highly endowed with lots of lions which are equally spread out through both the northern and southern parts of the park. The park is as well guesstimated  to have about 1500 lions.

The best part of the park to view these animals as well as carryout a safari is the southern part. It is so interesting to have a safari within this park especially those with a major aim of viewing lions, because the park is acquainted with the famous White lion called Casper.

Sanbona Wildlife Reserve

Sanbona wildlife reserve is located in South Africa and it is one of the largest nature reserves found in the country that are privately owned.

When talking about lions in South Africa, Sanbona wildlife reserve cannot be left behind because of its ability to accommodate them with a vast landscape stretching to almost 58000 hectares. It is believed that white lions do exist in this wildlife reserve though rare to spot.

People visiting Sanbona wildlife reserve are able to view these animals at any time of the day especially those staying in the white lion lodge.


Lions In Zambia

Zambia is also among the countries found in Africa specifically located in the southern part of Africa. This country is well blessed and endowed with a variety of wildlife that is found in its numerous parks.

With the different parks found within the country, Zambia is approximated to have at least 1200 lions roaming in them. Zambia is equipped with the two sub-species of lions roaming around in her parks and these include; the Asiatic Lion also called Panthera Leo which is commonly found in India, as well as the African Lion called the Panthera Leo persica that roams around the continent of Africa.

Some of the parks in Zambia where lions can be spotted include;

Kafue National Park

Kafue national park is located in the western part of Zambia accommodating a variety of wild game. It is famously known for being the largest national park in the world.

Because of this size, Kafue national park acquires the opportunity of becoming a home to 1000s of animals among which are prides of lions of which are estimated to be a population of around 500.

Kafue national park has been recognized as a potential home for lions in Africa because of their stable and increasing population.

South Luangwa National Park

South Luangwa national park is found in the eastern part of Zambia in Luangwa river valley. The population density of animals in this national park is very high and some of the animals seen there are the hippos along the river inside the Mfuwe Gate entrance.

South Luangwa national park is also home to the largest population density of lions in Zambia. It consists of the large prides of lions that are made up of over 30 lions and these can be found in the Mwamba area.

Liuwa Plain National Park

Liuwa plain national  park is one of Africa’s oldest conservations. It is located in the western province of Zambia occupying a total land area of 3369 sq. km.

Due to its size, it has the opportunity  to host large numbers of animals hence acquiring the title of being a home to the 2nd largest wildebeest migration in Africa. Among these animals are the lions where we find at least 16 lions and among them is the famous Liuwa Lioness called lady Liuwa who unfortunately passed away.

Because of this fact, many people have gained the interest of visiting this national park for purposes of research and finding out more about this famous lioness.

Lions In Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is an African country found in the southern part of the continent. It is one of the countries with the largest population of lions in Africa.

Zimbabwe is a home to a number of lions that roam through out her various national parks roughly estimating their population to be about 2500. Some of the national parks where lions in Africa can be spotted in Zimbabwe are as follows;

Hwange National Park

Hwange national park located in the western part of Zimbabwe is adorned with large herds of animals and among them are the lions.

This national park is a haven for lions covering a population of about 500-700 residents making it an eligible place to see the lions.

Mana Pools National Park

Mana pools national park is located in the north of Zimbabwe with a variety of wildlife besides the river and the plains. The presence of the river attracts large numbers of animals like hippos, crocodiles and elephants to come and drink water while the lions linger around for prey.

These lions can also be found in the park boundaries and they are estimated to carry a population of about 67 adult lions.

Lions In Namibia

Namibia is also one of those countries located in Southern Africa and being one of the largest and driest countries in the continent. The variations in temperature are difficult to predict but all in all, the country  is generally hot and dry receiving little rainfall.

Namibia is a habitat to a variety of wildlife roaming in its parks and they include; lions, giraffes, black and white rhinos, hyenas and zebras.

With our focus on lions, their population in Namibia is on a steady growth and these can be spotted in parks like;

Etosha National Park

Etosha national park is located in the north western part of Namibia. It is quite large in size making it one of the largest parks in Africa.

Etosha national park is mainly recognized for its ability to accommodate large numbers of animals including; lions, leopards, hyenas, eland and many others.

Lions in Etosha national park can be spotted in the western part of the park and it carries around 750 individuals. For a fact, lions are so common in this park something encouraging large numbers of tourists interested in safaris and lion viewing to visit the park.

Lions In Rwanda

Rwanda is found in the eastern part of Africa located in the Great rift valley. The landscape of Rwanda is mostly hilly which limits the presence of several wildlife  parks in the country, influencing her to basically have 3 main parks and these are; Akagera national park, Nyungwe Forest national park and Volcanoes national park.

For the fact that Rwanda is limited in terms of national parks doesn’t mean she is limited in wildlife too. Rwanda has got different wild game in each of her national parks and some of these being the rare mountain gorillas as well as the lions.

Akagera National Park

Akagera national park is blessed with savannah vegetation, a requirement that most wild animals need and among them are the lions.

Akagera national park is the only park in Rwanda that has the Big Five animals among which lions are found. It is also believed that Akagera accommodates over 20 lions making it an eligible place to have a safari.

Lions In Botswana

Botswana as a country is highly enriched with lions in almost most of its parks. It is believed that 38% of Botswana’s land is dominated by wildlife.

Some of the best places to see Lions in Botswana include;

Okavango Delta

Okavango delta is by far the only place with the largest lions in Africa weighing about 300 to  500 pounds, their size usually influenced by the presence of large buffalos to prey on. These lions are usually referred to as the African lions.

The African lions found in Okavango delta is usually social something which helps it keep and defend their families from attacks.


Frequently Asked Questions About African lions;

There are approximately 24,000 lions remaining in Africa.

The largest population of lions in the world is in Africa.

The biggest lion in Africa is found in Okavango delta in Botswana and weighs about 300 to 500 pounds.

A few population of lions exist else where in the world.

  • Which country has most lions list?

Tanzania carries the largest number of lions in Africa.