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Best 6  Reasons to Visit Liuwa plain National Park in zambia

The Best 6 Reasons to Visit Liuwa Plain National park in zambia include; Liuwa’s wildlife diversity, wildebeest migration, bird watching, Epic koumboka festival, the famous lady liuwa, tiger fishing.

liuwa plain National park is located in the western province of Zambia. The local language lozi is spoken in the western province of zambia. Liuwa plain is home to the second largest wildbeest migration in Africa.

To travelers most interested in animal and bird watching, Liuwa plain National park has your best taste you can ever have. Liuwa national park has one of the most great animals in wildlife diversity these animals include lions, elands, cheetahs, hyaenas and and incredible array of birds with wattled crane.

Wildlife Diversity in Liuwa Plain National Park in zambia

Liuwa national park has over 350 bird species, the park etraodinarily diverse birdlife. This includes many rare and migratory species. A total of 334 birds species have been recorded. Example of the birdlife of park African spoonbill

sooty chart, three banded plover, pel’s fishing owl, secretary bird and more

Wildebeest Migration in Liuwa Plain National Park.

Liuwa hosts the second largest wildebeest migration on the continent, numbering over 30,000 individuals .This is one of the most glorious spectacles on the planet. but this was not always the case.

In every year when rains transform liuwa plains National park, the   area becomes home to the  second  largest wildebeest migration in Africa.

Bird watchng in liuwa National Park in Zambia

Liuwa National park has  great bird watching  sites all year, but the wet summer months [from April to November]are always the best because it is when migrants are present, and many birds are in breeding plumage.

Liuwa Plain National Park is home to a vast array of bird species including the endangered wattled cranes as well as a variety of water bird.

Epic Koumboka  Festival In Liuwa Plain National Park in Zambia

The historic and epic koumboka  festival when the plains are flooded, where the king and his procession move to higher grounds by boat along

Liuwa plains nationalpark is a  3,369 square kilometre national park in zambia’s  exprience the historic and epic koumboka festival when the plain is on the rise

IThe Famous Lady Liuwa in Liuwa Plain National Park In Zanbia.

Lady liuwa was an icon, and a symbol of survival and resilience. Due to years of   poaching and illegal trophy hunting, lions were completely eradicated from Liuwa plain in 1990;s, except for one lioness lady liuwa

The lady liuwa was incredibly the only lion in the whole of this 3660 square kilometre park. she became famous in 2010 when national geographic.

Tiger Fishing in Liuwa Plain National Park in zambia

The tiger fish breed in the thousands of pools in liuwa floodplains and are flushed out each year by  the floods. The Best time for tiger fishing at kabula is from April to December when the water is warm and the level of the river is low before the start of the rainy season.

When To Visit Liuwa Plain National park In Zambia

The time to visit the liuwa plains between June and November when the park is dry, and the grasses retain the moisture from the rains.

Historically Liuwa is known for visiting in late November or early December when the wildebeest migration starts to gather steam. it’s also the last chance to catch the currently may, June, November  are proving to be the very best times to Experience

How To Get  To Liuwa Plain National Park In Zambia

The easiest option is a charter flight to the airstrip near the lodge. Alternatively, you can fly to kalabo outside the park the lodge.

Transferred by helicopter from the outpost airstrip at kalabo, they find themselves in a traditional yet luxurious safari environment plains liuwa as far as the eye can see. by the day, more animals then you are likely able to count and night, more stars then you may.

Accommodation In Liuwa Plain National Park In Zambia

The park offers one lodge the time tide king Lewanika which sits higher up on the landscape, hosting endless panoramic views.

3 lodges located with easy access to the western area of the park and a relatively short drive from the park boundary, this convenient.


My conclusion about liuwa plain it is located in western Zambia and it has one of the oldest Conservation histories in Africa, dating back to the late 19th century the king of Borotseland.