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Top 5 Reason To Visit Nyerere National Park

Top 5 Reason To Visit Nyerere National Park In Tanzania

Nyerere National Park is one of the largest wildlife sanctuaries and national parks that exist in Africa. It is located in Southern Tanzania in the northern part of Selous Game Reserve. Selous was a name of an explorer Fredrick Courtney Selous that was killed in combat along River Rufiji and Park was named after the first president of Tanzania, the late Mwalimu Julius Nyerere.

The park host the famous ‘’Big Five’’ and some rare species of antelopes like Roan Antelope, Brindled Gnu, Lichtenstein hartebeest, roan, and sable antelopes, Kudu

It is one of the largest wildlife refuge in the world and Tanzania’s largest National Park is the Nyerere National Park, it is in the South of Dar es Salaam and is home to diverse wildlife experiences, away from the mainstream tourist circuit.

With the life-giving Rufiji River meandering through the heart of this area, it is one of the best places to encounter countless hippos, crocodiles and birdlife up-close during a boating safari. The Rufiji’s many tributaries, side streams and small lakes are an invaluable life force for wildlife.

The park has a record of over 400 bird species like African fish eagle, Malachite Kingfisher, African skimmer, Bohm’s Bee-eater. The park has an abundance of Savannah grasslands and Miombo woodland.

Attractions At Nyerere National Park

Nyerere National Park has numerous attractions that visitors to the place can enjoy. Some of the best attractions in the Park include the ability to see the big Five, Large concentrations of elephants and Hippos. The Rufiji River full of abundant wildlife, Largest population of African wild dogs to mention but a few. The Park is also endowed with beautiful and scenic landscapes that add to the beauty of this majestic place.

The Rufiji is East Africa’s largest river. It flows through the northern part of the Park, and this river which is slow moving and wide, has created a number of oxbow lakes in its northern flood plains, and they create a beautiful landscape of plains and woodlands interspersed with expanses of water.

The might Rufiji with its renowned population of hippo and crocodile flows to Indian ocean. The river has been designated as a photographic zone and is a popular for tourists.

Large Populations of African Wild dogs

In Nyerere African Hunting Dogs are thriving, unlike most of those elsewhere on the continent .In fact, the park has the last true stronghold for African hunting dog in Africa. While this species is highly endangered and seen in few areas,Nyerere gives visitors chance to see them.

Highest Concentration of Hippos and Crocodile

Rufiji River in Nyerere National Park is home to plenty of hippos and Nile crocodiles.

Diverse birdlife

At Nyerere National Park, bird life is diverse and abundant. More than 440 species of birds has been recorded at the park. These species are found in sandbanks, oxbow lakes and channels are home to these species. The rare species of pel’s fishing owls and white backed heron which live in the wooded section of the riverbank.

1. Game drives

Game viewing in Nyerere National Park is good throughout the year and this game drive can be done in the morning or afternoon enjoying the beautiful scenery as you observe the different animal species wander in the park and around water sources like River Rufiji. Animals like giraffes, zebras, cape buffaloes may be seen, and bird species like African fish eagle and many more.

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2. Walking safaris

Take the capture of amazing pictures of the scenery, bird species, and animals as you get an up-close to encounter with Mother Nature walking through the trails in the park. This is done in the company of experienced armed game rangers.

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3. Cultural visit

Get an opportunity to connect with the famous indigenous Masai mara people who inhabit most of the national parks in Tanzania. While visiting the Masaai community you will gain an insight into their unique customs and way of living as you interact with the local people in the region.


4.Boating safaris

It is a unique and great activity to do as you visit Nyerere National Park. This activity is a great way to explore the park on the river as you spot different animals like hippos swimming, crocodiles, and also several other animals can be seen on the shores of River Rufiji as you sail through the river.

5 Bush meals.

Nyerere National Park facilities and the beautiful wilderness give an excellent opportunity to enjoy meals in the bush for the interested tourists.


Whilst your safari in Nyerere takes you into pristine wilderness away from the city life, you can still enjoy the many qualities of an up-market luxurious accommodation in such inaccessibility. Nyerere has some amazing hotels, specifically tented camps and lodges, located in distinct areas of the park. Some of these luxury Tented Camps and Safari Lodges are international award winners. Below is a simple list of some of the more outstanding accommodation in Nyerere in the Luxury, Mid Range and Budget categories.

Luxury Tented Camps & Lodges In Nyerere

Nyerere has some of the most luxurious safari camps in Africa. These camps tend to be small, boutique-type properties that are designed to merge into the surroundings and operate to the highest eco-friendly standards. This offers luxury while being as close to nature as possible, recreating the safari experience of decades ago where just a canvas tent separated one from the elements and the wild animals areas for camping include; Beho Camp, Kiba Point Selous and Sand Rivers Selous

Upper Mid~Range Camps

Nyerere has a number of camps and lodges which are less costly than the more exclusive properties while still being located within the reserve and offering guests a rewarding experience. These are classified as Upper Mid-Range properties. Many of these camps have more lodge-like features and tend to be larger than the small exclusive or mobile camps and usually come with swimming pools, spacious common areas, well stocked gift shops and some even have purpose built Spa for example,Serena Mivumo River Lodge, Selous Serena Camp. Selous Impala Camp, Lake Manze Camp and Rufiji River Camp

Budget Camps

Budget Camps in Nyerere have been a more recent development, meant to cater for the price conscious traveler. Almost all hotels classified as budget properties are located outside Nyerere National Park boundary. Game drives would still be inside the main reserve and would mean entering and exiting the park for each game drive for example. Sable Mountain Lodge,Selous Kulinda Camp and Ol Moran camp

When to visit Nyerere National Park

Nyerere National Park can be visited all year round but the best time to view animals is during the dry season between July to October when the vegetation is thinner and plenty of animals and birds can be spotted at the shores of River Rufiji since it acts as a freshwater source for wildlife in the park.

How To Get To Nyerere National Park

The Park can be accessed by road or air

Road: From Dar es salaam to Nyerere National Park is about 250km via Kibiti

Air: There are regular flights from Dar es salaam,Kilimanjaro and Arusha to a number of small airstrips in the Park.