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Top 10 Best Attractions In Zimbabwe

Top 10 Best attractions in Zimbabwe

Top 10 Best Attractions In Zimbabwe

Here are the top 10 best attractions in Zimbabwe; Victoria falls, Hwange national park, Kariba, mana pools national park, Bulawayo, Great Zimbabwe National Monument, Matobo National Park, Chimanimani National Park, Chinhoyi caves among others. Zimbabwe is a country rich in history and natural beauty offering a diverse range of attractions for visitors to explore. Zimbabwe is a landlocked country located in Southern Africa. It is bordered by Zambia to the northwest, Mozambique to the east and northeast, South Africa to the south, and Botswana to the southwest. Here are the top 10 best attractions in Zimbabwe;

1. Victoria Falls In ZimbabweKubwa five safaris

One of the top 10 best attractions in Zimbabwe is Victoria Falls the world’s greatest natural wonders situated on the Zambezi River, dividing Zimbabwe and Zambia. It is the world’s greatest curtain of falling water, measuring more than 1.7 km in width and plunging more than 100 metres, or 328 feet, into the gorge below.

Victoria Falls is a well-known tourist destination with a variety of activities waiting for you and your loved ones. Its sheer grandeur and magnificent beauty make it an unforgettable experience. Plan a trip to the Victoria Falls and indulge in a variety of amazing experiences.

When visiting Victoria Falls, a helicopter ride is an absolute must-do because it provides an unmatched aerial viewpoint of the cascade and the surrounding area. There are more things to do at the falls, such as boat trips.

2. Hwange National Park In Zimbabwe

Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe’s largest park, is a vast wilderness sanctuary that offers visitors a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to witness African wildlife in its natural habitat. It is ranked among the top 10 best attractions in Zimbabwe. It is located in the western part of Zimbabwe.

More than 100 different mammal species can be seen in the park, including sizable herds of antelope and elephants. Hwange’s huge plains are home to predators like hyenas and leopards, which offer visitors amazing chances to shoot and observe animals.

Visitors Take a guided walking safari for a close-up look at the different species, like as lions, giraffes, and elephants. Learn about wild dog conservation efforts at the Painted Dog Conservation Centre. Enjoy the evening at the watering hole.

3. Lake Kariba In ZimbabweTop10 Best Attractions In Zimbabwe

After the Kariba Dam was completed in the late 1950s to harness the power of the Zambezi River for the development of hydroelectricity,  Lake Kariba which among the top 10 best attractions in Zimbabwe was created. The enormous artificial lake, which is over 5,580 square kilometres or 2,150 square miles in size, was created as a result of the damming of the river. Its length is roughly 223 kilometres, or 139 miles.

Large areas of land were inundated and nearby populations were forced to relocate as a result of Lake Kariba’s construction. For Zambia and Zimbabwe, Lake Kariba is a vital hydroelectric power source. Take pleasure in boat rides to see animals and sunsets, as well as fishing for tigers and other species.

4. The Great Zimbabwe National Monument In ZimbabweGreat Zimbabwe - Wikipedia

In southeast Zimbabwe, close to the town of Masvingo, sits the Great Zimbabwe National Monument, an important historical and archaeological site. The location is well-known for its remarkable stone constructions, including as walls and enclosures, which bear witness to the masterful engineering and architecture of their creators.

Along with learning about the history of the old stone structures through guided tours, tourists enjoy the surrounding surroundings for nature walks and bird watching. These walks provide a chance to take in the area’s natural beauty and see wildlife, including birds and other animals.

5. Matobo National Park In Zimbabwe

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Matobo National Park is situated close to Bulawayo in southwest Zimbabwe. Matobo National Park is known for its breathtaking scenery with granite formations that resemble balancing rocks. It spans an area of around 424 square kilometres, or 164 square miles. You may anticipate seeing zebras, giraffes, leopards, and wildcats in addition to rhinoceroses.

On guided hikes through ancient rock formations and cave paintings, tourists track rhinos in order to see these critically endangered creatures. To accommodate a variety of tastes and price ranges, camping options range from straightforward campsites to opulent safari lodges.

6. Chimanimani National Park In Zimbabwe

A protected region called Chimanimani National Park is situated close to Zimbabwe’s border with Mozambique in the eastern highlands of the country. The total size of Chimanimani National Park is roughly 171,000 hectares, or 422,500 acres.

Hiking paths in the park are well known for their picturesque views of verdant valleys, mountain passes, and woods. With more than 350 different bird species identified in the area, Chimanimani National Park is a birdwatcher’s dream.

7. Mana Pools National Park In ZimbabweFile:Island in the Zambezi River at Mana Pools National Park-1.jpg - Wikipedia

Northern Zimbabwe’s Mana Pools National Park is a well-known animal conservation area situated along the southern banks of the Zambezi River. Numerous species of animals can be found in the park, including sizable populations of crocodiles and elephants.

One of the most well-liked activities at Mana Pools is taking a guided game drive, which gives guests the chance to see a range of animals and explore the park’s varied habitats. Elephants and several antelope and bird species are frequently sighted.

8. Chinhoyi Caves In Zimbabwe

Situated in the Zimbabwean town of Chinhoyi, the Chinhoyi Caves are a historical and geological marvel that rank among the top 10 best attractions in Zimbabwe. This pool is renowned for its vivid blue water, which comes from underground springs. In rare locations, one can see down more than fifty metres, or 160 feet, due to the very clear water.

Take guided or unguided nature walks to discover the natural splendor that surrounds Chinhoyi. Birdwatchers can spot a variety of bird species in the area, and they can visit local markets to get a taste of Chinhoyi’s vibrant culture and buy fresh vegetables and homemade items.

9. Bulawayo City In ZimbabweBulawayo city

The second-largest city is Bulawayo, which with its museums, art galleries, and historical monuments, provides a comprehensive cultural experience. The Bulawayo Railway Museum, which features old locomotives and rail relics, is one of the many museums and historical places in the city that highlight its rich past.

Situated somewhat west of Bulawayo, Matobo National Park is well-known for its breathtaking granite vistas, prehistoric rock carvings, and varied fauna. A unique wilderness experience near the city is provided by the park’s hiking trails, game drives, and cultural events for visitors.

10. Harare Cultural Hub In Zimbabwe

With a plethora of attractions like markets, art galleries, and museums, Harare is a thriving cultural centre ranking it among the top 10 best attraction in Zimbabwe. Numerous historical landmarks and museums in Harare provide insight into Zimbabwe’s past and culture. Zimbabwe’s National Gallery presents modern art, and the Zimbabwe Museum of Human Sciences delves into the nation’s anthropological and archaeological past.

Situated in the Centre of the city, the Harare Gardens offer lush foliage, strolling routes, and recreational amenities, making it a tranquil haven. African wild dogs, hyenas, and lions are among the animal species. Investigate the premium stores, which offer a range of eateries and entertainment choices.

How To Access The Top 10 Best Attractions In Zimbabwe

1.Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls International Airport is the airport nearest to Victoria Falls. You can schedule a transport or take a cab from the airport to your lodging close to Victoria Falls. Taking the train to Victoria Falls is an additional picturesque option.

2.Hwange National Park 

Victoria Falls International Airport, which is roughly 200 kilometers or 124 miles from Hwange National Park, is the closest airport to the park. Road access to Hwange National Park is available from Bulawayo and Victoria Falls, two of Zimbabwe’s largest towns. Taking the train is another interesting way to go to Hwange National Park.

3.Lake Kariba 

Lake Kariba’s closest major airport is Kariba Airport, which serves major Zimbabwean cities with domestic flights. Roads connect several Zimbabwean cities and communities with Lake Kariba. It takes roughly four to five hours by car to get reach Kariba from Harare.

4. The Great Zimbabwe National Monument 

Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport, located in the nation’s capital of Harare, is the closest international airport to the Great Zimbabwe National Monument. The closest large town to the monument is Masvingo, which may be reached by domestic flight or car rental.

As an alternative, you can take a train from Harare to Masvingo and then continue your trip by cab to the monument, or you can take a bus from Harare to Masvingo and then make arrangements for local transportation there.

5.Matobo National Park 

The Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo International Airport in Bulawayo is the closest major airport to Matobo National Park. It’s a 30- to 45-minute drive to the park, so you can rent a car or make other arrangements. Depending on where you start, the drive will take you between thirty and forty-five minutes.

6.Chimanimani National Park 

Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport in Harare is the closest major airport to Chimanimani National Park. To get to Mutare, you can either take a domestic flight or rent a car. From Mutare, which is roughly 200 kilometres (124 miles) distant, is the most popular route. By automobile, it takes three to four hours.

7.Mana Pools National Park 

Harare International Airport is the closest major airport to Mana Pools National Park. To get to the Mana Pools airfield, you can fly domestically. The flight lasts between one and one and a half hours. This is roughly 205 miles or 330 km away. By automobile, it takes four to five hours.

8.Chinhoyi Caves

Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport, located in Harare, the capital city of Zimbabwe, is the closest major airport to Chinhoyi. From there, you can schedule a private transfer, a taxi, or a car rental to get to Chinhoyi. It takes roughly two hours to go the 120 kilometres, or 75 miles, by car from Harare to Chinhoyi.

9.Bulawayo City

The Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo International Airport serves the city. Flights to Bulawayo are offered by a number of domestic carriers from Zimbabwe’s capital, Harare, as well as other significant cities. About 20 kilometres, or 12 miles, to the northeast of the city Centre is where the airport is situated. Taking the train to Bulawayo is an additional alternative.

10.Harare Cultural Hub

The Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport serves the city and is situated around 9 miles (15 kilometres) south of the city Centre. There are numerous domestic and international airlines that fly into and out of Harare. In addition to using a taxi or renting a car to get to your lodging in the city, you can still ride the train to get to Harare.

When To Access The Top 10 Best Attractions In Zimbabwe

1.Victoria Falls 

 Dry Season

It is said that now is the ideal time to visit Victoria Falls. The falls are at their fullest flow from June to August, when you can see the amazing display of water tumbling over the rocks. The weather is perfect for outdoor activities like sightseeing, animal viewing, and adventure sports because it is usually dry, sunny, and chilly.

Wet Season

There are sporadic thunderstorms along with hot, muggy conditions during the rainy season. This is a terrific time to go bird watching because migratory birds rush to the area and the flora is rich and vibrant, even though the falls are not as dramatic at this time of year. The green season is a desirable choice for travellers on a tight budget because it also has reduced rates for lodging and activities.

2.Hwange National Park 

Dry Season

There is little to no rainfall and sunny, dry weather from May to October. The evenings can be cool, and the days are warm. Due to the dry weather, animals are forced to frequent waterholes, which creates excellent opportunity for sightings of lions, elephants, giraffes, zebras, and other wildlife. This is a season when there is less vegetation, which makes it simpler to see creatures in the bush.

Wet Season

From November to April, the landscape transforms into lush greenery as vegetation flourishes due to rainfall. Wildlife disperses more widely during this time as natural water sources become more abundant, making game viewing a bit more challenging. Birdwatching is excellent during the green season as migratory birds arrive in the park. The green season offers lower prices for accommodations and fewer crowds, making it an attractive option for budget travelers.

3.Lake Kariba

Dry Season

Kariba’s dry season, which is marked by bright days and little rain, lasts from May to October. The temperature ranges from mild to warm throughout the day to cool to chilly at night, making for a nice climate. The best weather for outdoor pursuits like boating, bird watching, fishing, and sunset excursions on Lake Kariba is provided during the dry season. During the dry season, lodging and tour costs are often higher, and reservations may fill up fast.

Wet Season

In Kariba, November through April are the rainy months when the green season comes. Rainfall during this period causes the lake’s water levels to rise and the surrounding area to become lush and green. Although there may not be as many wildlife sightings as there are during the dry season, the green season provides a different experience with less crowds and chances to see wildlife, including birds and young animals.

4. The Great Zimbabwe National Monument

During this time, the landscape transforms into lush greenery, and the lake’s water levels rise due to rainfall. Fishing is also good during the green season, as the rising water levels provide new habitats for fish.: The Great Zimbabwe National Monument can be visited year-round. However, the dry season May to October offers cooler temperatures and clearer skies, making it more comfortable for exploring the ancient ruins.

5.Matobo National Park

Dry Season

Matobo has a dry season from May to October, which is marked by bright days, little rain, and cooler temperatures. The most of the day, the weather is pleasant, with daytime highs of mild to warm and evening lows that are ideal for outdoor pursuits like hiking and wildlife drives. The best time to explore the granite rock formations and historic rock art sites in the park is during the dry season.

Wet season

Although November through April is when it rains the most at Matobo National Park, going during this time of year can still be fruitful. There are less tourists, less lodging costs, and an all-around calmer experience during the green season.

6.Chimanimani National Park

The dry season, which runs from May to October, is the ideal time to explore Chimanimani National Park because the weather is cooler and the hiking routes are more accessible. For opportunities to see birds and take in the beautiful scenery, visitors can also visit the park from November to April, which is known as the “green season.”

7.Mana Pools National Park

The greatest time to visit Mana Pools National Park to see the best variety of species is from May to October, which is considered the dry season. Because of the dry weather, animals congregate near water sources, which makes for amazing opportunities to see wildlife.

8.Chinhoyi Caves

The climate in Chinhoyi is subtropical, with distinct wet and dry seasons. The dry season, which has sunny days and little rain, usually lasts from May until October. November through April is considered the wet season; during this time, there is more rainfall and humidity, but there is also an abundance of greenery and colourful scenery.

9.Bulawayo City 

The climate in Bulawayo is semi-arid, with distinct wet and dry seasons. Usually lasting from May to October, the dry season is marked by bright days, little rain, and lower temperatures. November through April is considered the wet season; during this time, there is more rainfall and humidity, but there is also an abundance of greenery and colourful scenery.

10.Harare Cultural Hub 

Although you may visit Harare any time of year, it’s more comfortable to explore the city’s attractions during the dry season, which runs from May to October. On the other hand, the green season, which runs from November to April, provides gorgeous scenery and more affordable lodging.

Accommodation In The Top 10 Best Attractions In  Zimbabwe

1.Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls serves as the gateway to this natural wonder, offering a range of accommodation options to suit every traveler’s needs and preferences.

  • Luxury Accommodation: The Victoria Falls Hotel, Royal Livingstone Hotel, Victoria Falls Safari Club.
  • Mid-range Accommodation: A ‘Zambezi River Lodge, Victoria Falls Safari Lodge, Elephant Hills Resort.
  • Budget Accommodation: Victoria Falls Rest Camp, Shoestrings Backpackers Lodge, N1 Hotel & Campsite.

2.Hwange National Park

Hwange National Park provides both wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers with an amazing safari experience. Moreover, these are;

  • Luxury Accommodation: Linkwasha Camp, Little Makalolo Camp, Davison’s Camp.
  • Mid-range Accommodation: Ivory Lodge, Hwange Safari Lodge, The Hide Safari Camp.
  • Budget Accommodation: Hwange Main Camp Chalets, Miombo Safari Camp, Robins Camp.

3.Lake Kariba

As travelers arrive in Kariba, they are greeted by a range of accommodation options that cater to every taste and budget and these are;

  • Luxury Accommodation: Bumi Hills Safari Lodge, Changa Safari Camp.
  • Mid-range Accommodation: Spurwing Island, Rhino Safari Camp.
  • Budget Accommodation: Kariba Breezes Hotel, Nzou Lodge.

4.Great Zimbabwe National Monument

There are limited accommodation options nearby, with some lodges and guesthouses in Masvingo, such as Norma Jeane’s Lake View Resort, Chevron Hotel Masvingo, and Great Zimbabwe Hotel.

5.Matobo National Park

As travelers venture into Matobo National Park, they are greeted by a variety of accommodation options that allow them to immerse themselves fully in the park’s wilderness and history

  • Luxury Accommodation: Amalinda Lodge, Matobo Hills Lodge.
  • Mid-range Accommodation: Camp Amalinda, Big Cave Camp.
  • Budget Accommodation: Maleme Rest Camp, Matobo Backpackers.

6.Chimanimani National Park

Accommodation options are limited and mostly consist of guesthouses, lodges, and campsites in and around Chimanimani town, such as Chimanimani Hotel, Frog & Fern Cottages, and Chimanimani Backpackers.

7.Mana Pools National Park

Accommodation options in Mana Pools National Park include;

  • Luxury Accommodation: Ruckomechi Camp, Kanga Camp, Chikwenya Camp.
  • Mid-range Accommodation: Nyamatusi Camp, Vundu Camp, Goliath Safaris Tented Camp.
  • Budget Accommodation: Mana Pools National Park Camping Sites, Nyamepi Campsite.

8.Chinhoyi Caves

Chinhoyi offers a range of accommodation options include

  • Mid-range Accommodation; Cutty Sark Hotel, Chinhoyi Guest House, Palm Tree Guest House
  • Budget Accommodation: Chinhoyi Caves Motel, Kariangwe Lodge

9.Bulawayo City

Accommodation options in Bulawayo include;

  • Luxury Accommodation: Bulawayo Rainbow Hotel, Holiday Inn Bulawayo, The Nesbitt Castle (boutique luxury)
  • Mid-range Accommodation: Cresta Churchill Hotel, The Musketeers Lodge, Bulawayo Club (heritage accommodation)
  • Budget Accommodation: Traveller’s Guest House, Bulawayo Rainbow Hotel Annex, The N1 Hotel Bulawayo

10.Harare Cultural Hub

Harare offers a variety of accommodation options including

  • Luxury Accommodation: Meikles Hotel, Rainbow Towers Hotel & Conference Centre, Bronte Hotel
  • Mid-range Accommodation: Cresta Lodge Harare, New Ambassador Hotel, Monomotapa Hotel
  • Budget Accommodation: Holiday Inn Harare, Willow Lodge, Jacana Gardens Guest Lodge
Frequently Asked Questions About The Top 10 Best Attractions In Zimbabwe

What activities can I do at Victoria Falls

Helicopter tour, Boat Cruises, White-Water Rafting

What makes Matobo National Park unique?

Matobo National Park is steeped in history and cultural significance

What outdoor activities can I do in Chimanimani National Park?

Birdwatching, Hiking and trekking

What is there to see and do in Chinhoyi?

Chinhoyi Caves, Chinhoyi Museum

What cultural experiences are available in Bulawayo’s?

Art Gallery, Museums and Heritage Site

What are some family-friendly activities in Harare?

Harare Gardens, National Botanic Gardens

What are five tourist attractions in Zimbabwe?

Victoria falls, Chinhoyi caves, Matobo National park

What is the most visited city in Zimbabwe?

Victoria Falls

In conclusion, Zimbabwe’s best attractions offer travelers an unforgettable journey through the country’s diverse landscapes, rich history, and abundant wildlife, making it a must-visit destination in Africa. The 10 best attractions in Zimbabwe offer an immersive safari experiences for wildlife, and bird species admires alike. If u choose to visit one of the attractions in dry season or the wet season, you will enjoy all the natural sceneries and vegetations on your vacation. Kubwa Five Safaris will be the best travelling company for you because it provides a thrilling vacation to all their reliable customers