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Best 10 Reasons To Visit Kafue National Park In Zambia

The best 10 reasons to visit Kafue National Park in Zambia are; game drives, wildlife, motorboat safaris, walking safaris, bird watching and Busanga plains.

Have you ever wondered how beautiful it would be to visit Kafue National Park? The park is located in the western part of Zambia, it covers an area of over 22400sq km and it’s known for abundant wildlife and river Kafue.

The habitats of this park are; lions, zebras, abundant bird life, fig trees of busanga swamp, elephants and antelopes roam the Nanhzhila plain and hippos swim in the waters of lake Itezhi-Tezhi, and it has more than 479 bird species living in floodplains, miombo woodlands rivers and wetland. The reasons for visiting Kafue national park are discussed as follows

1. Busanga Plains At Kafue National Park

These plains are located in the northern part of the park, these floodplains allow the visitors to experience beautiful scenery including the sun rise and sun set, and making it easier for the tourists to spot the birds and animals like buffalo, sable, pride of lions.

The plains provide food and water to the wildlife during dry season to cub down the thirsty, it’s also habitat for wildlife like lions, zebras, and also hippos thus attracting tourists to the park.


2. Game Driving At Kafue National Park

Indeed this place has vast attractions like wildlife, birds, rivers and forest. As such in the floodplains you can be able to see elephants, lions, hippos, spotted hyenas, antelopes, cheetahs and also bird watching during game safari and they are carried out during day and night.

The clients are guided by experienced tour guides, armed scouts to safety of the visitors during their stay at the destination as the they experience the beauty and nature of African game safari.



3.Walking Safaris At Kafue National Park

Imagine the beauty of experiencing the nature of African safari by walking through the vegetation and the flood plains at Kafue national park while seeing different animals like lion, cheetah, elephants and different bird species and the fresh air and vegetation with the flowing river.

While walking through the park the visitors are guided by the experienced personnel am armed scouts who are well versed with the place thus comfortability of the clients and safety.

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4. Diversity Wildlife At Kafue National Park

The park has over 55 animal species and over 478 bird species found at Kafue national park in Zambia it has numerous floodplains which provide water and food to various wild animals, the fig forests, rivers which beautify the park.


Best 10 Reasons To Visit Kafue National Park In Zambia



As your moving throughout the park, you have the opportunity to spot leopards, wild dogs, elephants, cheetahs, puku and different bird species like wattled crane, miombo rock thrush, African finfoot among others is spotted at national park thus attracting more tourists in the country.


5. Boating At Kafue National Park


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Have ever had a chance of moving by boat, if not try it at Kafue national park. This is done on river Kafue where you are able to experience game viewing, bird watching, nature viewing.

Fishing is also carried out thus the client is able to understand the African fishing and also gets the opportunity to test the African fish like capenta and shoals. Thus, enjoying the stay at the destination as well as having a view south Luangwa national park


6. Night Safari At Kafue National Park

There are various accommodation facilities at the park and for those who wish to have game driving at the night, they have high chances of spotting various animals like lions, elephants, cheetah at the park since the environment is cool and they are not disturbed by a lot of heat which is there during the day thus at night they are comfortable in their residents.

And the clients are safe since they are guided by the experienced guides who know the safe and dangerous places at the park thus gaining more experience about African safari at Kafue national park.


7. Park and External Adventure at Kafue National

The tour operators at the park offer various opportunities to the clients to explore Kafue national park as well as other places with in Zambia.

The park provides proper experience to the park through wildlife and other places surrounding the park for example the community around the park, their way of life, and the activities that take place with the community the tribes include Bisa, Ambo Chikunda.

The nearby towns like Mumbwa, Kaoma and Kasempa in the north this makes it easier for the clients to interact with the locals and share some moments together thus creating memorable moments.


8. Accommodation Facilities At Kafue National Park

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This contributes a lot to the number of visitors. there are various camping sites at Kafue national park like kaingu safari lodge, fig tree camp for those interested in camping, and various facilities like entertainment, camp fire, meals are provided to the visitors at the destination thus ensuring safety of clients.


9. Birding At Kafue National Park

Its really interesting to travel Kafue national park due to various bird species at the park with their beautiful appearances as they sing sweet melodies making a great sound in the air. Some of the bird species include; wattled crane, African fish eagle, African finfoot, miombo rock thrush. Always have with you binoculars for viewing tiny bird species thus attracting tourists.


10. Big five trekking At Kafue National Park

This is one of the activities carried out at Kafue national park. most tourists are interested in trekking the big five this gives you the opportunity to view animals like lions, elephants, leopards among others and mostly the activity is carried out during early morning and evening in order to spot most of the animals.

When to visit the park

The temperature at Kafue national park is averaging 1100m above sea level Visiting Kafue national park is carried out throughout the year and the best time is during dry season running from June to October and the wet season starts from November to April.

This makes it easier to spot the wildlife during dry season, some of the places that remain open throughout the year include; busanga plains, Mukambi lodge, Mayukuyuku lodge, Musekese camp thus on-going tourism.


How to access Kafue national park

Access using safari in kafue national park southern part of Kafue bend off mumbwa, remain on the fundamental street travelling west ward travel 66km from mumbwa and pass through Nalusanga gate entrance which is approximately 20km. following the Itezhi D769 street consider access to puku pan and different hotels on the lake.

From west, pass via Lusaka tar street and the entrance is at Tate yoyo gate way take the road from Solwezi and then to Kasempa take an evaluated rock D181 kaoma street to reach kabulushi gate, take lunga stream barge until lubungu waterway boat.

Kafue national park can also be accessed from traveler’s center town of Livingstone in the south and can accessed from graded roads, getting to Dundunwezi gate it takes three hours by road and can be reached via airstrips at Ngoma, chunga, and Lufupa using air planes.


Accommodation at Kafue national park

Kafue national park accommodations vary from camps to luxurious safari lodges and suites for all budget and tastes. These facilities provide the base for Kafue safari where large herds of puku antelopes, wildebeest, antelopes, are spotted, the rate include all the activities to be carried out while at the park

Some of the lodges at the park include; Mukambi, fig tree bush camp near chunga Kafue national park which offers of options to safari travelers for example nice meals, comfortable rooms and beds, entertainment and other amenities.



In conclusion, there are various activities that take place at Kafue national park and some of them include, walking safaris, boating and canoeing, day and night game drives are experienced at the park.

In order to have more fun at Kafue national park , you can book with Kubwa five safaris they are caring and well conversant with the place thus gaining more experience.