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               Best 7 Reasons To Visit Kidepo Valley NP In Uganda

The best 7 reasons to visit Kidepo Valley NP in Uganda are; nature, wildlife, culture, birding, Kanagorok hot springs, game drives and the landscape. Touring Kidepo NP will elevate your love for nature and authentic African traditions. Have you ever asked yourself how it would feel and look like to travel back in time?

Well, Kidepo Valley National Park is here to bring your wishes to life. Situated in the North Eastern rugged parts of Uganda, this isolated Park is a real diamond in the rough as it is on a very large terrain surrounded by several hills, valleys and the Morungole mountains. Kidepo is full of all forms of wildlife, grasslands, several bird species and fauna.

Here are the best 7  Top reasons to visit Kidepo Valley NP in Uganda;


1. Nature at Kidepo Valley NP In Uganda

Kidepo Valley National Park lies on a vast stretched terrain in between rocky valleys surrounded by hills, Morungole mountains and grassland. The nature of the park depicts peace and harmony which offers you a great view and loads of fresh air to revitalize your lungs.

It’s ideal for relaxing and resting. When you stand on one end of the park, you will be able to see up to great distances because there are no huge and tall trees to block your view. Everything is within sight.


2. Wildlife at Kidepo Valley NP In Uganda 

 Kidepo Valley National Park is like a one stop center for different types of wildlife such as Lions, Elephants, Wild dogs, Buffaloes, ostriches to mention but a few. Imagine going to one place and seeing so many animal species all at once as they co-exist in their natural habitats, it is like hitting two birds with one stone.

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3. Culture at Kidepo Valley NP In Uganda

The rich African culture is perfectly represented at Kidepo. The humble community is comprised of the Ik and Karimojong people to whom technology is totally unheard of. They stuck to their traditional cultural lifestyle of cattle keeping, nomadic pastoralism and communal living. You can interact with them and learn more about the traditional African culture, beliefs and foods.


4. Birding/ Bird Watching at Kidepo Valley NP In Uganda

Bird watching also known as Birding, Is the most engaging and satisfying activity at Kidepo Valley National Park. The vast stretch of terrain on which the Park is situated is home to more than 400 different species of birds.

More than 30 of the 400 species can only be found at Kidepo for example; The Pygmy falcon and The Egyptian vulture which makes them unique. Other birds at the park include Ostriches, Silver birds and so many more.  Go watch, admire and capture beautiful sightings of all of them.

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5. Kanagorok Hot Springs at Kidepo Valley NP In Uganda

 Kanagorok Hot Springs are the peak of beauty at Kidepo Valley National Park. The hot water is shallow enabling the locals and any other people to soak and dip themselves. The hot water is also clear enough for you to see the base of the spring which makes the experience even more fun.

The Locals believe the water has healing powers for those with skin and spiritual issues. You should go there and share your personal experience.


6. The Landscape at Kidepo Valley NP In Uganda

Although Kidepo is very far from Kampala, the beautiful rich landscape around it would make you forget about the long journey and instead appreciate that you made it. The park is full of different types of vegetation like short trees and shrubs on an uneven terrain and has rivers like River Kidepo and River Narus.

It is surrounded by several hills, valleys and the Morungole mountains. This rich landscape together with all the wild animals and Birds elevates the beauty of the park and makes all of us look forward to visiting the humble sanctuary.


7. Game Drives at Kidepo Valley NP In Uganda

Tourists look forward to the breath taking Kidepo Game Drives. These are usually conducted either very early in the morning or Late in the evening to avoid extremely hot temperatures and missing out on some animals who do not move in broad day light.

These Game Drives make Kidepo Valley National Park a priority for the lovers of nature and tours. And for those few hours you will feel like an African warrior.

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How To Get To Kidepo Valley NP In Uganda

The park is very far away from Kampala but it can be accessed either by Air on a 6 hours flight from Entebbe International Airport or by road on either a bus or private means for over 14 hours. Those on planes would still need to use tour buses to access the Park.

You do not have to worry about how long you’ll be seated for because what awaits you at Kidepo National Park is totally worthwhile.


When To Visit Kidepo Valley NP In Uganda

Uganda has two seasons; The Wet and Dry seasons. The Dry season is more favorable for touring because the park paths are dry enough to move on and it’s easy to cool off in case of excess heat from the sun, this happens around October to March.

On the other hand, the Wet season is also just fine because it gives a fresher look to the vegetation and makes the air feel clearer, tourists would be awestruck. But the fact that Kidepo Valley National Park is open all year round, you can feel free to visit at your own convenience.


Accommodation At Kidepo Valley NP In Uganda

The park and areas surrounding it provide 3 different forms of accommodation for different classes of tourists for example; Luxury, Mid-Range and Budget accommodation.

Luxury Accommodation at Kidepo Valley NP in Uganda

This is for tourists that can afford to stay in total bliss with first class services.  Examples include;

  • Places like Adere Safari Lodge which is the latest addition to this class and
  • Apoka Safari Lodge; It is a very beautiful and extremely clean place with great food and great views.


Mid-Range Accommodation at Kidepo Valley NP in Uganda

This targets clients who are willing to spend but in a sparing mannerism. Examples of such places include;

  • Kidepo Savannah Lodge and
  • Kidepo Valley Safari Lodge, both of these places are not as expensive as the luxury lodges but also offer very good services and comfort to their guests.


Budget Accommodation at Kidepo Valley NP in Uganda

These offer different services for their guests at affordable pocket friendly prices. They target clients who are on a very strict budget and cannot spend beyond it. These include;

  • Apoka’s Rest Camp
  • Karamoja Safari Camp and
  • Some tourists on a simple budget may simply set up make-shift tents I places that are rendered safe.

Please remember to book for your stay at least a month before your visit. Due to technological advancement, bookings, adjustments, stay counseling or changes and money transactions (payments) can all be done online from the comfort of your home.

This is both convenient and time saving. All you have to do is to look the places up on all social media platforms to get their telephone numbers and email addresses.


My Conclusion about Kidepo Valley NP in Uganda 

Irrespective of when you decide to visit, Kidepo Valley National Park will take you and all its visitors on a beautiful adventure that will not only have you mesmerized but will also give you a better understanding of the ancient African ways of life and appreciation of the traditional African culture as People and Animals co-exist.

Make it a point to book for this safari with one of the best tours and travels company called Kubwa Five Safaris, you will not regret it. Come have blast!