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Top Best Burundi National Parks

Top  best Burundi National parks

The top best Burundi national parks include, Rusizi, Kibira and Ruvubu national parks, Burundi is a land locked country in East Africa bordered by Tanzania in the east and south, DR Congo in the west and Rwanda in the north, the country is known as the ‘heart of Africa‘ because of its shape and location in the continent, Burundi has a moderate tropical climate with average temperatures between 23 and 24 degrees celicius, wild life was abundant before the region became agricultural, these pars have various activities and attractions like wildlife which includes, elephants, crocodiles, wild bear, antelopes, lions, hippos and various bird species like, geese, quail, partridge, snipe among others

Rusizi National park

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The top best Burundi national parks include, Rusizi National Park is the most famous National parks in Burundi and reserves at the same time being the most visited of all due to the most enriched wildlife & the Crocodiles on Rusizi River National Park is great for bird watching, drives and Nature walks, its the best destination for Wildlife viewing in Burundi, Rusizi National Park is referred to as Parc National de la Rusizi and divided into 2 sections which are separated by the Bujumbura-Uvira road. The larger part of the park  lies on the eastern bank of Rusizi River, this flood plain is 2km wide and 45km long with acacia trees, shrubs and grasslands dominating the wild vegetation.

Tourists will enjoy a lot in the park as they can explore various unique species of flora and fauna and the environment also supports the existence of these unique species. Wildlife species in Rusizi National Park include hippopotamus, antelopes and monkeys and numerous species of colorful birds. The wide diversity of water birds in Rusizi includes a large population of Glossy Ibis, Lesser Flamingo and White-faced Whistling-Duck, other key species include the White-winged Tern and African Skimmer .

Rusizi national park has various activities you can enjoy during your stay like game drives, nature walks, birding, boat cruise, wildlife viewing among others, the activities are arranged and a companied by a knowledgeable guide for your safety in the park.

How to access Rusizi National park

Rusizi National Park Burundi can be accessed basing from Democratic republic of congo, Bukavu or Rwanda. by air  park can also be accessed from Burundi International airport in Bujumbura the capital city, the Best way to get around is by 4×4 safari vehicle and explore the diversity of the Park.

When to visit

Rusizi National Park is geographically  located in Central Africa and this means the country receives rain regardless of the season, though the best season to visit the park is during the dry season from June to September and the rainy season takes on for the rest of the year. Its advisable for tourists  to carry leather jackets, long sleeved shirts, safari boots and warmers among others to prepare for the changing climate

Accommodation in Rusizi National Park

Rusizi national park offers luxury, midrange and budget accommodation though most of the accommodation is not within the park but locate in the neighboring areas including, Luxury kiriri Garden hotel which is 13.4 km away Safari Guest Hotel which is 4.1 km away from the park, Hotel club dur lac Tanganyika which is 4.6 km away, Midrange include Hotel Dolce Vita resort which is 11.3 km away, Goodlife residence which is 13.3 km away, Budget accommodation include Niwakal Hotel which is 11.8 km away fro the park.

Kibira National Park

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The top best Burundi national parks include, Kibira National Park which is also known as ‘Parc national de Kibira’ is located in northwestern parts of  Burundi, covering 400 square kilometers, bordering with Rwanda where it is contiguous with the Nyungwe National Park. It is a zone rich in both animal and plant biodiversity with 644 plant species and about 98 species of mammal and Bird life with more than 200 species identified.

The park is adjacent to two large tea plantations with one on Teza and the other in Rwegura, aruond 16% of the park consists of primary montane rainforest, which is the only montane forest in all of Burundi and receiving the highest rainfall. Among the birds in Kibira that travelers can spot include the mountain buzzard, white spotted fluff tail, grey parrots, the great blue turaco and the black-and-white-squeaked hornbill. The various mammal species in the park that are specifically of interest to many tourists include chimpanzees, various monkey species like the black and white colobus monkeys, baboons among others.

There are various activities in Kibira Park that travellers can take part while on a visit which include Game viewing, Bird watching, Guided Nature walks, Cultural encounters among others

Accommodation in Kibira National Park

Accommodation in Kibira National Park may not come easy to find if one is a last minute traveler. Travelers can get accommodation in areas near the park, with some of the best hotels to find including luxury accommodation, ne and only nyungwe house located in a forest rich with flora and in the lush green expensive of a walking tea plantations providing with a business center, Wi-Fi, parking, pool and free breakfast, mid range accommodation, new angena hotel, provides free internet, beach, golf couse, pool and free parking, budget accommodation, hotel le paradise

How to get to Kibira National Park.

Travelers intending to visit Kibira National Park can get to the park by transferring through the pilgrims’ village known as Busekera, which is a major tourist attraction as well. While in the park, its best to get around in the company of a skilled guide, as well as use a 4WD vehicle to easily access and use the rather rugged roads in the park.

When to visit Kibira National Park

The park can be visited all year long, irrespective of the season. The best time to visit Kibira Park is during the dry season which runs from June to August and December to February when the roads are more accessible and less slippery. Travelers should be reminded that Kibira Park is a forested area that receives rainfall literally at any time of the year, irrespective of the season.

Rubuvu National Park

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The top best Burundi national parks include, Ruvubu National Park is considered the largest national park and located in the North Eastern part of Burundi bordering with Tanzania in the South. The park covers 508 square kilometers and was established in 1980, its borders fall within the provinces of Karuzi, Muyinga, Cankuzo and Ruyigi. The official name of the protected area is Parc National de la Ruvubu.

Ruvubu National Park got its name from Ruvubu River which runs through the park. The park is the last of the previously large natural grassland ecosystem. The park’s altitude reaches as far as 1836 metres above sea level with relative rainfalls all year through. Ruvubu National Park is home to a number of striking flora and fauna species making the park standout among all the other attractions in Burundi. The distinct habitats in the park offer refuge to different animal species, species of birds, as well as various plant species.

There are a number of activities in Ruvubu National Park that travellers can do while in the park. These include game drives, walking safaris, Birding, boat cruise on river Rubuvu, wildlife viewing among others

When to visit Rubuvu National Park

Rubuvu National Park is a beautiful place tourists should consider visiting for a great opportunity of getting up-close with nature, the park can be visited throughout the year. Though the best time to visit the park is during the dry season that runs from June to August or December to February and for the rest of the months, the park receive relative rainfall from time to time.

Accomodation in Rubuvu National Park

Rubuvu national park mostly offers secure camping facilities as other accommodation are far from the park but provide comfortable enough accommodation facilities in and outside Ruvubu Park though not so many and is thus literally hard to find one. Travellers are advised on booking way in advance so as to secure their camping areas for there have been camping facilities put up in the park. More comfortable lodging options are rather far off, about 100kms away.

How to get to Ruvubu National

Ruvubu National Park is only 216kms from Bujumbura the capital of Burundi, getting to the park is not so hard tourists fly into the country and then be transferred by road or air to the park.  chartered flights are organised from Bujumbura to the airstrip near the park.