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Best 5 Reasons To Visit Lusaka National park In Zambia

The best 5 reasons to visit Lusaka National Park include; camping, walking safaris, game viewing, photographic safaris, bird watching in Lusaka National Park.

Lusaka National Park is located 30 kilometers from Zambia’s capital city which was opened up in June 2015, making it Zambia’s most accessible park, the 20th National Park to be established in Zambia, and the second national park to be established in a city environment. It used to be the Lusaka South Forest Reserve, a significant water catchment region for the entire city of Lusaka, before it was made into a national park. The local communities had overused the Forest Reserve over the years. Large trees were felled for unauthorized charcoal burning, there were unpermitted agricultural uses, and unauthorized quarrying occurred. All of these factors had transformed this magnificent miombo woodland into what you see today. Few wildlife species were left on the area as a result of the significant harm to its biodiversity, and the long-term water systems buried beneath its soils were severely hampered.

The park accommodates a variety of animal, bird and plant species more so offering a vast wildlife experience and activities such as sable antelope, white rhino, bushbuck, duiker, eland, hartebeest, impala, kudu, black lechwe, puku, spotted deer, waterbuck, zebra and plenty more making Lusaka worth visiting.

1. Camping In Lusaka National Park

If you enjoy camping, Lusaka National Park has got one of the most good experiences where by the park has got guides and rangers who protect and direct travelers on how to conduct and where to place the camping tents, the tents can be personal or a rented one, from the lodging service providers like Nomads Court Lodge, Serenity Lodge and spend the night in Lusaka National Park camping in the wild.

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2. walking safaris In Lusaka National Park

This is one of the many activities carried out in Lusaka National Park, this is normally done in the morning or late evenings where  different animals can be sighted in the park like the rhino, impala, giraffe, eland, zebra among others, and the walks are done with  hiking shoes, long comfortable trousers and a water bottle. Walking safaris originated in Zambia, and over the years, walking safaris throughout the country have continually offered outstanding quality due to the tight guiding requirements and in-depth training from only the best. You can encounter the bush naturally, cautiously, and most excitingly on foot, moving at the pace of nature.

Each walking safari’s head guide will go over the logistics and timings, techniques and safety advice, and answer any questions you may have before the walk begins (whether it is a quick morning stroll or a full-day trek between camps). The guides in Zambia are guaranteed to have received professional training, making them exceptionally knowledgeable, dependable, and competent.


3. Bird watching In Lusaka National Park

Zambia has some of the most beautiful and wild birding destinations to get your tickets and a fascinating way of spotting birds in Lusaka National Park. Drift down to the park with binoculars to experience  lots of excellent game sightings too, and birding can be conducted through game drives, nature walks, self drives, game viewing among other activities in Lusaka National Park. The days right before the summer rains start may be the finest for birdwatching because many migrant species arrive at this time, boosting the local population.

The key to successful birding is locating bird parties; which of these comprise 70 or more species and there typical differing features of the habitat like the White-backed Duck, Cape Teal, Yellow-billed, Duck Garganey, Egyptian Goose, White-faced Whistling Duck among others.

4. Game viewing In Lusaka National Park

Lusaka National Park costs 30K for adults regardless of nationality and rangers at the park are helpful and informative about which types of animals can be seen in the park as well as where to go in order to track the different animals that can be seen after driving in the park for a few hours.

Different wildlife species can be experienced like antelopes, giraffes, rhinos,warthogs, kudus,  hartebeeste, and zebras, among other animal species in Lusaka National Park.

Lusaka National Park –

5. Photographic Safaris In Lusaka National Park

All of Zambia’s safaris and game lodges provide excellent photo possibilities, whether from an open vehicle or while on foot. On early morning and late evening game drives or hikes, excellent low lighting conditions and rich colors are everywhere.

Lusaka National Park has got a variety of wild life species found inside the park, including white rhino, giraffe, eland, hartebeest, zebra, sable, kudu, blue wildebeest, waterbuck, black lechwe, impala, puku, bushbuck, reedbuck, warthog, pangolin, and axis deer with great photographic points which include the grass la

When To Visit Lusaka National Park

Lusaka national park can be visited all year round though activities can be disrupted by the rains from March to May and September to November. The months of June through September are typically the finest for travel to Lusaka. With warm summers and mild winters, as well as a lot of sunshine all year round, the climate is pleasant. In Zambia, Lusaka National Park is not regarded as a top safari location as a small park, despite having a variety of wildlife species it offers a great wildlife experience which would be in the other large parks.

How To Access Lusaka National Park

Lusaka National Park is located around 30 kilometers southeast of Lusaka’s Central Business District, its takes about a drive of less than 45 minutes to reach the park offices, take the first road right into Chifwema Road. Take the first right again after second speed bump into a large gate; this turnoff is signposted. Then take the next left and continue till the next sign on left. Then it’s straight on till the gate

Accomodation In Lusaka National Park

Being located 30 km from Lusaka travellers can stay in Lusaka and make day trips to the park but lodges to look out for include Chaminuka lodge, the crest lodge, pioneer lodge and Liyali lodge.When you are visiting Lusaka National Park, there are plenty of options for accommodation. This is because of the close proximity to the capital city where you can find a lot of hotels and lodges.Hotels & lodging near Lusaka National Park, Lusaka: Find deals on lodges in Lusaka National Park | Travelocity

If you enjoy camping, you can also carry your tent (or a rented one) and spend the night in Lusaka National Park and camp in the wild.


This is Zambia’s smallest national park at 6,715 hectares established at an area that was previously a forest reserve and is entirely fenced, the park has got a variety of wildlife ranging from wild animals and vegetation which greatly attract numbers of tourists, Kubwa five safaris a tour company with more information and details about Lusaka National Park in Zambia, for you can contact Kubwa five safaris, visit there offices for bookings or reach them online.