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Best 5 Reasons To Visit Marakele National Park in South Africa

The best 5 reasons to visit Marakele National Park in South Africa are; Wildlife, Game Safaris,  Birding, walking Safaris and Waterberg Massif.

Marakele National Park is located in the southwestern part of Limpopo and is referred to as the heart of Waterberg mountains, 250km north of Johannesburg and part of Limpopo province in South Africa.

The park lies in the tranquil zone between the arid western ant wetter eastern part of South Africa and act as a home for wildlife and and birds.

The park covers an area of 670sq km for more than 23 years, the wildlife like the Big five, giraffes, wild dogs, spotted hyena, and over 20 different species of antelopes plus the different bird species.


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The park offers an exclusive African experience in beautiful rocky landscape, the park is suitable for birdwatchers, this is because many birds from from Botswana to South Africa and gather together most especially during the migratory period and Marakele is part of the typical African fauna.

1. Wildlife in Marakele National Park

The park offers a huge variety of animals, The visitors within the park will appreciate the fact that the rest camps is unfenced, allowing the animals to move around, and Chacma baboons as well as vervet monkeys are regular visitors to the camp.

Lions, elephants and rhinos are some of the larger mammals that inhabit the Marakele National Park. The Marakele National Park has beautiful landscapes covering mountains, hills and valleys, which act as a home for various wildlife. This gives platform for wildlife viewing thus experiencing the nature of wildlife in Africa.


2. Game Safaris in Marakele National Park

For a self-drive getaway, there are a few points of interest in the park. Lenong viewpoint is not to be missed. Apart from spectacular views, it brings you in close proximity to the Cape vulture colony. This is one of the largest breeding colonies in the world.

Most roads in the park are accessible by a sedan. After heavy rain, the road may be rough. Take it slow and you will be fine. There are a few off road tracks in the park and for this, you need a 4×4.



3. Birding in Marakele National Park

The park boasts the largest population of breeding pairs of Cape vultures in the world – 800 individuals. Marakele National Park is one of the best birding destination in Africa.

One of the main attractions of the park is the 800 breeding pairs of Cape Vultures that make this the largest colony of Cape vultures in the world Birders will love the variety in the birdlife in the park.

The park is  famous for its large Cape vulture breeding colony and one of the largest in the world. Marakele National Park falls in a transition zone.


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This zone splits South Africa’s dryer western side, and the wetter eastern side of the country and the park is a great birding destination with many different species and great raptor sightings with in the park.

If you get a chance of staying at the Tlopi Tented Camp, chances are high of seeing the African fish eagles. Instead of grabbing the fish and flying off, it simply fell into the water and then swim to the side using its wings.

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4. Walking Safaris in Marakele National Park

Marakele lies in the transitional zone between the dry western and wetter eastern regions in South Africa and is characterized by rugged mountain landscapes, rolling hills and deep valleys.

While walking with in the park, you will be able to see  yellowwood and cedar trees, beautiful suikerbos protea shrubs, five-meter-high cycads, and tree ferns as some of the botanical delights. how you dress while visiting the park.

During wet seasons you put on wet-weather gear on top of cool clothes in the rainy and in summer you’ll need lots of warm layers to combat the cold nights of the dry winter season.

5. Waterberg Massif in Marakele National Park

Marakele National Park is idyllically located within the folds of the Waterberg Mountains. The location offers marvelous views of this mountainous region.

From here guests can observe not only the diverse landscapes such as the valleys and grassy plains, but also the animal inhabitants grazing or making their way to watering holes.

When to visit Marakele National Park

The best time to visit Marakele National Park is during dry season from  the months of  cMay to September when there is limited rainfall and thus making it easier to spot wildlife when they have gathered around water sources. Since animals tend to seek for reliable waterholes and stay close by during the dry winter months.

Therefore, this is the best time for wildlife viewing. Marakele is a great year-round destination. During May and September, there is little rain and the skies are sunny and bright thus gaining the best experience of the African wilderness.

How to access Marakele National Park

About 280 kilometers north of Johannesburg is the location of the lone entrance leading into the park’s public sector. Most likely, you would travel here by car since the roads can now be navigated by a 2WD vehicle.

The closest airport to the national park is O.R. Tambo International Airport (JNB) in Johannesburg, which is most likely your point of entry into South Africa.

Then you can hire a 4WD and continue driving to Marakele, or take a domestic charter flight arranged by the tour organizers to the destination

Driving to the upscale Marataba Lodge in the concession area is the quickest way to get there because it is only around 30 kilometers from Johannesburg’s main gate.

Accommodation in Marakele National Park

The park is located in the remote area with un spoilt vegetation and soils with perfect accommodation facilities offering a proper view for sight seeing and other activities like entertainment, free WIFI to the visitor. the park also offers camping sites for for who love nature and wilderness.

Some of the accommodations at the park include;

Concession Lodge which is the heart of Marakele national park situated on a large mass of land of 23000 hectares

Bontle Rest Camp, this is so beautiful with pleasant rest camps with different clusters.

Marataba safari lodge

Griffons bush camp


Did you know that the park is well situated with various attraction  and interesting features for clients to enjoy like the wildlife, nature walks, photo shooting and sightseeing among others

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