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Top 15 Reasons Why You Should Visit Zambia

Top 15 Reasons Why You Should Visit Zambia in Africa.

Here are the top 15 reasons why you should visit Zambia in Africa.

Zambia is a landlocked country in southern Africa. While it is bordered by many countries, including Tanzania, Malawi, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, and Botswana, the country boasts incredible heritage sites, diverse wildlife, rugged terrain, and a vibrant culture. These are just some of the many reasons to visit Zambia.

The country has a rich history and culture, along with impressive natural sights. Three great rivers (the Kafue, the Luangwa and the Zambezi) flow through the vast country. They provide the perfect backdrop for a landscape where animals wander free. From the mesmerizing wilderness to a lack of crowds.

  1. Victoria Waterfalls.

Visit Zambia for their interesting Victoria waterfall which is one of the World’s wonders. The beauty and grandeur of falls attract thousands of people to Zambia every year. The Victoria Falls forms a natural water border between Zambia and Zimbabwe. Another interesting fact about the Victoria waterfalls is being the largest waterfall in the World by water volume. There is a popular expression among tourists, Victoria waterfalls are the largest water curtain that falls on Earth. If you want to take an outstanding photo, go to the Knife-edge Bridge and other points to take mesmerizing shots are the Falls Bridge and Devil’s Pool. You will have astonishing time in Zambia if you visit this place.

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  1. Take part in extraordinary festivals.

There are many tribes in Zambia as you can see the effect of multiculturalism is everywhere. Undoubtedly, the most attractive one is festivals and holidays.  All the tribes have their unique festivals, but we can’t talk about all of them. And we will try to mention the unique ones. Kuomboka is the most famous festival in Zambia, which represents the end of the rainy season. At this festival, The Litungua people dress in a Victorian ambassador costume and board on the canoe in the music’s accompaniment. This tradition has continued for more than 300 years and celebrates every May. Umutomboko is the tradition of the Lunda and Luba people. Each July, they gather to celebrate their coming to Zambia from Kongo. The oldest festival of Zambia dates back 500 years, and the name of that festival is Kazanga.

  1. Be an observer of the most massive migration of a mammalian species

Every year between October and December, more than 10 million fruit bats migrate to Zambia. During that time, the sky of the Kasanka National Park completely covers by bats. Seeing this spectacular view would be interesting. Of course, this idea may seem dangerous for some people, and they may how safer can be to travel to Zambia between October and December? Of course, there is not any problem. Each year thousands of wildlife lovers travel to Zambia to see this natural phenomenon. This migration is still a mystery for science, and a group of scientists do mores research about it.

  1. Delicious Food.

Eating is a major part of Zambian culture. Social event is completed with a barbeque filled with delicious traditional dishes. A staple is nshima, a sort of porridge made with corn meal and is served with meat, fish, and vegetables. You can also try chikanda, a sort of vegetarian meatloaf, vitumbuwa, sweet fried dough balls, and michopo, a roasted meat dish often served with beer and Mosi, the local lager. Never miss traditional seasonal Zambian fruits such as masuku and masau and local delicacies such as ifinkubala fried caterpillars and inswa fried ant.

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       5. Colonial heritage.

Zambia has a very wealthy colonial heritage that waits for excursions of travelers and enthusiasts. There is a grand manor house on the north-eastern side of the country. TheBritish colonial officers built this property, but grandchildren paid great attention to his grandfather’s heritage and revitalized it after them. You can take part in tours and learn amazing facts about Shiwa Ndungu.

      6. Learning the Dark arts.

Magic and sorcery have an important part in the cultural history of Zambia, there are two museums for travelers who are interested in dark arts. The first one is in the capital of Zambia, the Lusaka National Museum, and another one is the Livingston Museum. One of the most interesting artifacts in the exhibition is the snakeskin belt and another one is a potion that is allowed to steal crops from someone’s field. For many people, these museums are the answer to why you should travel to Zambia.

      7. Gorgeous wildlife.

. The country’s fauna includes many rare animals such as Elephants, Buffalo, lion Thornicroft’s giraffe, Cookson’s wildebeest, and Crawshay’s zebra. Zambia is also famed for offering high-quality sightings of Africa’s most notoriously secretive cat, the leopard. Your best bet of seeing rhino is in Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park, where you can track these heavyweights on foot.
Many night-loving animal species like the porcupine, genet, and bushbaby are some of them. Besides, there are plenty of hippos, leopards, and many others. Visiting and spending time in Zambia seems attractive for many wildlife lovers.

      8. The largest human-made lake in the World.

Lake Kariba is the world’s largest artificial lake and reservoir by volume. The maximum depth is 97 m and the overall length is more than 223 km. And this lake has great economic importance for the country. The reservoir’s main usage area is the hydroelectric plant, but it created a flourishing ecosystem, too. Now, this is the home for a population of hippos, crocodiles, fishes, etc. Moreover, you may have a boat trip to the lake.

      9. 72 ethnic groups just in one country

There are a whopping 72 different tribes, but the Bemba tribe is the largest. It is believed that around 36% of the Zambian population identify as Bemba and Tonga is the second most populated ethnic group with 13.6%. Besides, the whole community descends from two nations Khoisan and Bantu. Different ethnic groups mean rich culture and traditions.
Each ethnic group has its uniqueness, and learning facts about them, their history, and their beliefs would be interesting. As English is the official language, you will not have communication problems to learn everything about the culture from locals.

       10. The adventure capital of southern Africa.

In recent years Livingstone gained a lot of popularity as the adventure capital of South Africa. Because of adrenaline-pumping activities such as bungee jumping, white water rafting, canoe trips, helicopter flights, it began to attract plenty of visitors. You can register for these activities with your family, friends, or alone. If you want to travel to Zambia and stay here, you should have extra money on you and the accommodation is expensive in this area

      11. Unspoilt African forests.

In western Zambia you will be greatly surprised to see long stretches of unspoilt African forest. Even though harvesting seems to be mostly well-managed, now is the best time to go if you still want to see pristine African hardwood forest. There are a large number of proclaimed and protected forests throughout the whole region west of Kafue National Park. It is always good to experience a bit of what is left of unblemished Africa.

      12. Fishing in Zambia’s major rivers.

Zambia has three major rivers: Kafue, Luangwa and Zambezi. All three are great for fishing and at certain times of the year keen fishermen contest to catch Tiger fish and mostly from boats.

       13. Fascinating Museums.

The history of Zambia was originally transmitted orally and the museums was built across the country after its independence. They highlight the country’s heritage, art, politics and tribes. One of the best places to start is the Lusaka National Museum in Lusaka, the country’s capital. You can also be able to see the Choma Museum and Crafts Center that explores the heritage of the Tonga tribe and the Nayuma Museum in Mongu with information on the Lozi tribe. Don’t miss the Livingstone Natural History Museum which has exhibits of everything from archaeology to politics in zambia.

       14. There are not many vacationists

There is no argument that tourist from all over the world travel to this country year-round, but Zambia is not so crowded compared to other countries in Africa. As a result, it is not stressful to make your  travel to Zambia.  You will Bbe able to meet many people in tourist places, but you will not waste your time in traffic jams all day long while traveling.

     15. Zambezi River

You can take a boat trip in the river while watching attractive nature and animals. Animals can be observed through traveling. The Lower Zambezi River basin is located in the country’s Southern Province, and it is ideal for tours such as canoeing, boat cruises, and fishing for tiger fish. To explore this extraordinary country, apply for a Zambia visa online now for the most wonderful travel experience.

      16. The iconic Victoria Falls

Zambia shares the incredible Victoria Falls with Zimbabwe. Here you will be so much amazed at the spectacular sight just as David Livingstone was in 1855, being the first white man to lay eyes on these falls, saying ‘scenes so lovely must have been gazed upon by angels in their flight‘.  If you slip across the border you can see these iconic falls from the Zimbabwean side as well. On the other hand you can take a helicopter or scenic flight from Livingstone to see them from the sky. If you are really courageous you can splash in Devil’s Pool from where you can look right over the edge of these massive falls.


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The Best Time To Visit Zambia

The best time to travel to Zambia depends on what you are travelling to Zambia to experience.

For safari, the best time is the dry season which is June to November.

For birding, the best time is the wet season from December to April

If you want to see the Victoria Falls when it is full of water, March to May is the best time

Zambia has a subtropical climate and as such is mainly warm to hot during the day and pleasant at night except during the coldest months, June to August, when it can get quite cool, especially in southern Zambia. Apply for a Zambia visa online now for the most wonderful travel experience.