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Best 5 Reasons To Visit Lukusuzi National Park In Zambia

The best 5 reasons to visit Lukusuzi National Park in Zambia include; Sizable wild dogs, cycling safari, guided game drive, camping, and nature walks in Lukusuzi National Park in Zambia.

In Zambia’s eastern Luangwa Valley, between the smaller Luambe National Park and the Chipata Lundazi road, is the Lukusuzi National Park, which is situated toward the well-known South Luangwa National Park across the Luangwa River. The park’s main ecoregion is the southern miombo woods, which are characterized by grassland and miombo trees scattered out on lower elevations, like the base of the Luangwa Valley. A significant portion of the plateau is divided by rocky peaks, the plateau is dissected by rocky ridges and rugged, craggy valleys.

The status of the wildlife is unknown because this park has not yet undergone development or even management. It appears that plans are in the works to privatize it. For any updates, check with the tourist board. For the curious 4×4 explorer, it is accessible from the Chipata/Lundazi road, where a shoddy dirt road leading to the west travels across the park and meets with the South Park boundary road. Inadvisable during the rainy season. The gate is manned by game scouts, who might have insight into the state of the route.


1. Sizable Wild Dogs In Lukusuzi National Park

Lukusuzi National Park is home to a sizable population of African wild dogs which are endangered species in eastern Luangwa Valley in Zambia, the spotted hyena is the major predator in the park along side the wild dogs, make sure your camera’s settings are correct at this time, especially for action.

Tracking and trailing wild dogs gives you the best chance of successfully capturing them during a hunt, they usually sleep during the day, Stay with the groups and if its time for hunting they sound canines, stretch and groom. Hyenas tend to pose a threat because they are pirates of the bush constantly always ready to steal a kill, however these are mostly outnumbered.

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2. Cycling Safaris In Lukusuzi National Park

In Lukusuzi national park the routes taken by the safari cyclists are along natural wildlife tracks in the park or the main roads which are self guided tours conducted by the tourists riding on bikes and this offers wonderful and charming sights but always accompanied by an experienced guide. For those seeking an active way to explore wildlife where the means of transportation enhances the experience, a bike safari is excellent. The park enables you to have a closer encounter with the surrounding wilderness while moving at your own pace and solely relying on your own power. Safaris don’t usually include going on foot or in a car to view animals. Even though these are wonderful and ideal for getting up close to animals, cycling safaris, particularly in Zambia, will give you the added benefit of staying active and the knowledgeable field guides who add a passion for cycling to go above and beyond to ensure your safari experience is unforgettable.

These contain a number of experiences which include the perfect views, photography, making of physical exercises inform of stretching of legs and hands when riding in the park and its possible to take the impassable routes where cars have failed with more guidance and security from the guide.


3. Guided Game Drives In Lukusuzi National Park

These are mainly conducted by tourists who visit the park being guided by either an experienced ranger or tour guide around the parks with the perfect views due to Lukusuzi national park being a bit higher on the escarpment than the other parks in the valley.

Viewing the  habitats which consist of grassland, mopane trees and miombo woodland, slightly higher in altitude than the other parks in the valley, a view of the plenty wildlife inform of flora and fauna and this can be carried out by families friends during; leisure trips, honeymoon, research and study which are also favoured by the weather in the park which make the visit to Lukusuzi national park worth while.


4. Camping In Lukusuzi National Park

The park has got no facilities in Lukusuzi and this gives a chance to a game scout camp and getting of picnics in Lukusuzi, visiting the park requires a major expedition by the tourists and these can camp in areas like chamilandu bush camp, kamukonzo Community Campsite which are around Lukusuzi national park in Zambia.

The most unforgettable experience is camping in a park since it allows you to get close to the environment. Whatever your spending limit, camping in Lukusuzi will provide you a wonderful outdoor experience while still being comfortable. While on a safari, you have the option of staying in an opulent campsite or roughing it under the stars.

Even more thrilling than going on wildlife drives can be sleeping outside in Zambia’s wilderness. Enjoy nodding off to the sounds of unspoiled nature as you sleep, and wake up to the sounds of wild animals beginning their day.

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5. Nature Walks In Lukusuzi National Park

Lukusuzi National Park covers an area of 2720 square kilometers with a vegetation predominantly comprising of miombo woodland punctuated by dambos on which many of grazing animals are the main habitats consisting of grassland, mopane trees and miombo woodland Numerous granite outcrops. The fact that nature walks are considerably more engaging than a game drive is one of the numerous reasons to go on one. Walking through the African bush puts you closer to the animals and reveals the enormous complexity of the flora and fauna. A weeklong mobile safari that includes morning and evening safari walks is also available, as are other campgrounds that provide daily walking safaris.

These support the Klipspringers existence by providing a stable environment for Elephants, hartebeest, roan antelope, Zebra, warthogs, buffalo, common duikers, baboons, and vervet monkeys are among other all of which provide a great experience found in the Lukusuzi National Park.

How To Access Lukusuzi National Park

The Chipata/Lundazi road provides access to the park, and there is a rough dirt road that runs through it to the west and connects to the South Park boundary road. This gravel route runs east-west and calls for an adventurous 4×4 off-road vehicle. During the wet season, avoid. Game scouts do patrol the gate and may have information about the condition of the road leading to Lukusuzi National Park.

Only those with extensive experience in off-road driving should think about self driving to the park because it is a significant expedition, Driving in pairs of two fully equipped 4×4 cars is advised because the park is not marked with signs and therefore visitors should have a map with GPS coordinates.


When To Visit Lukusuzi National Park

Lukusuzi is best visited in the Dry season, from June to October. The road is very bad and might be impassable during the Wet season.

It is ideal to visit Lukusuzi between June and October during the dry season. The road is in terrible condition and may not be passable during the rainy season (November to April).

Living in the intermingled miombo forests and undulating grass hills, there are a variety of creatures, plants, and birds, including a sizeable population of African wild dogs and other endangered species around 112 mammal species live there, along with 2000 plant species, 370 bird, 47 reptile, 34 amphibian, 31 fish, and an undetermined number of invertebrate species.

Accommodation In Lukusuzi National Park Zambia

Lukusuzi national park being located on the eastern escarpment of the Luangwa Valley, between the North and South Luangwa Parks to date, the park has had no clear development and even the management, status of the game is uncertain with there being no places to stay or camp in this park, camping can be advised in case of need to have more time in the park, its one of the least developed parks and least visited in Zambia.


This remote park is on the eastern side of the Luangwa Valley but with no facilities here, uncertain wildlife that survived poaching, dominant predator being the spotted hyena, rather than the lion, vegetation being mostly miombo woodland, dotted with grassland, threatened species along with 2000 plant species, 370 bird, 47 reptile, 34 amphibian, 31 fish, and an unknown number of invertebrate species, among others have not been explored properly by tourists due to the remoteness of the park but, Kubwa five safaris has got more information, bookings, details, and packages, you can reach Kubwa five safaris online or reach out to there offices for more about Lukusuzi National Park in Zambia.