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Best 5 Reasons To Visit Popa Falls Game Park In Namibia

The best 5 reasons to visit Popa falls game park in Namibia are; Birding, Boat rides, Angling, Walking safaris and Camping.

Popa game park is one of the most small and popular parks in Namibia. Popa game park was officially opened in 1989 proclaimed as a game park. The game park is as small as 0.25km sq in Namibia. Popa game park is blessed with a water fall that acts as the prior tourism attraction to the game park. The waterfall is named after the game park name as Popa falls forming Popa falls game park. The water walls were formed when the river Okavango was blocked by some ledges and formed the rapid falls that later flows to the Okavango delta.


1. Birding In Popa Falls Game Park

Birding is one of the best activities in Popa falls game park as the park is blessed with several bird species in the region. There over 400 bird species a visitor can spot in the game park. Birding as a tourism activity is a beautiful thing to do. its amazing spotting and watching different bird species singing, eating, lifestyle, hunting among others as the tour guide with much knowledge about the birds explains more to the visitors.

Some of the bird species a tourist can expect to spot in Popa falls game park include slaty egret, saddle-billed stork, bat hawk, western banded snake-eagle, collared pratincole, Heuglin’s robin among others. The birds can be spotted around the shores of river Okavango and the riverine forest in Popa falls national park.


2. Boat Rides In Popa Falls Game Park

Popa falls game park is also located along river Okavango and is where the river meets a ledge and forms a fall called Popa falls. The river Okavango has also enabled boat rides in Popa falls game park because of the presence of the calm waters for visitors to float on as they view nature, do birding, relaxing among other reasons.

Boat cruise is one of the most relaxing activity a tourist can engage in while in Popa falls game park as they calmly move on the water closely taking a clear view of the aquatic life in the waters of River Okavango. Some of the wildlife in water in Popa falls game reserve include the crocodiles, Hippopotamus, Fish among others.

Birding is another best reason to do boat cruise while at Popa falls game park. As noted, there are over 400 bird species in the game park and some of them are spotted along the river shores and in the riverine forest in the park. Visitors then do boat rides to have a close view of these birds, and this is remarkable experience while at the park because its more relaxing. Most people with broken marriages enjoy this activity as they feel relieved from so many sudden things that happened to them.


3. Angling In Popa Falls Game Park

Angling is one of the popular activities enjoyed by tourists while in Popa falls game park. Angling is a method used to carry out fishing in the game park. The visitors who love Angling are referred to as Anglers and is also a hobby to some visitors and so the park offers it as a package.

Angling as a tourism activity is and acts as a method of fishing to the tourists interested in the fishing activity. The angler holds the supporting stick with a hook and a heel on it where the fish gets trapped on it and the tourist pulls it out of water. On the hooks, the tourist places a trap that acts as food to the fish such as the earthworms, tapeworms, snails among other traps for fish.

The activity is carried out along river Okavango shores where the waters are a bit slow and shallow. Although at times visitors use boats to access the deeper areas of the river in order to fish. The fish caught by tourists fully depends on the tourist’s idea on what they want to do with the fish caught. Some cook and eat it, some fry it and eat, and some use the fish to feed other animals in the park.

4. Walking Safaris In Popa Falls Game Park

Popa falls national park is one of the very blessed game areas in Namibia with a variety of nature for visitors to have a look at as they walk through the game park.  The park has nature varying from vegetation, River, Animals, Birds, among others that visitors can have interest in while in the park.

When someone talks of Popa falls game park in Namibia, the first acknowledgement one receives is the presence of the falls. These falls are on the river of Okavango that afterwards the water flows to the Delta in Botswana. Popa falls where formed when ledges blocked the river and the Okavango River water forced its way hence Popa falls in Namibia. Tourists have walks to watch these water falls closely.

The animals at Popa falls game park also have a great cause as to why tourists have walking safaris in the park. Visitors visit the Buffalo and Mahango reserves to watch the animals. There also other reasons why safari walks take place in Popa falls game park and these may include; river viewing, the woodlands there, the riverine forest, floodplains, bird viewing activities among others. Birds are many in the park over 400 bird species can be found in the park and visitors move spotting many of them. Some of the birds include; slaty egret, saddle-billed stork, bat hawk, western banded snake-eagle, collared pratincole, Heglin’s robin among others.

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5. Camping In Popa Falls Game Park

Camping involves tourists to leave their comfort homes and come out to the nature and have an experience of staying in a open place covered with tents or recreational vehicles. Popa falls game park has a spot for tourists who wish to camp and tents are provided for shelter purposes. Many visitors like camping because of several reasons and some may be; Reduction in stress from home duties and obligation, some build relationships while camping, some want to feel the taste of the fresh air from the game park vegetation among other reasons.

Visitors love the night camping because this really gives the true experience of living with the wild as they make sounds and visitors can listen to them. Fire can be set in a gazzetted area and game rangers placed to protect the tourists from attacks by the wild animals. In Popa falls camping even modifies by the sounds of the water at the falls that leave the visitor relaxed with a fresh mind for the next day activities.

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When To Visit Popa Falls Game Park

Popa falls game park can be visited all year throughout although visiting the park in the with the aim to experience the best from the falls would be in the rainy season. Water levels increase and the falls also become powerful and this is really a good experience to the tourists. The most visited time when Popa falls game park is visited is in the months of July to September. Many tourists travel more than one area in Namibia and so this period is when tourists visit other parks such as Victoria falls, Kruger national park apart from Popa falls game park.


How To Access Popa Falls Game Park In Namibia

The park can be accessed by road transport using the 4×4 open sided vehicle as recommended in game parks through several routes to the park. Namibian parks and reserves connect to each other and so tourists move from one park to the other through the trans-Namibian highway.

Accommodation In Popa Falls Game Park

Popa falls game park has a variety of accommodation options to tourists. There are several places a visitor can stay in while at Popa falls game park and these include; Popa falls resort, Divava Okavango resort and spa , Divava lodge, White sand lodge and camp, Rainbow river lodge, Ndhuvu safari lodge among others.


In Conclusion

Popa falls game park in Namibia is actually the country’s smallest park but with a remarkable nature and beautiful sceneries in it. These are attractions visitors world wide long to view and only some can be found in Popa falls game park such as Popa falls. Visiting Popa falls would really be an amazing item in the tourists backet list because it has a bonus in relaxing, refreshing tourists among others.

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