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Best 5 Accommodations In Kasanka National Park In Zambia

The best 5 accommodations in Kasanka National Park include; Wasa lodge, Luwombwa lodge, Kapabi campsite, Pontoon campsite and Kabwe campsite.

Have you ever meditated on a beautiful scenery anywhere in Africa? Kasanka National Park in Zambia is the answer. Its one of the smallest National Parks in the country covering around 400 sq km. Kasanka National Park is privately funded  and has operated ever since 1980’s with the most beautiful sceneries like River Luwombwa as one of the largest in the park, Lake Wasa being the largest lake, the bat birds at Mushitu as the base and so many other sceneries as mentioned below.

Kasanka national park is one of the smallest parks in Zambia and lesser known. But still booms in terms of beautiful and luxurious accommodation and the major ones within the park being Wasa lodge and Luwombwa lodge. These are accompanied by some guest houses, dormitories and camping sites with well built tents to accommodate tourists. The accommodation prices at the park are relatively affordable by all tourists. And all the earnings in the park are reinvested in the  park for further more growth of the park and building of its brand.

Kasanka comprises of two lodges (Wasa and Luwombwa), a seasonal self-catering tented camp (Kapabi), four campsites within the park (Pontoon 1, 2 & 3, and Kabwe), as well as dormitories and guestrooms with shared facilities at the Kasanka Conservation Centre. Kasanka’s tourism business operates as a social enterprise, so every Kwacha earned in revenue is reinvested back into the park.

By visiting Kasanka, you are making a direct contribution to the conservation of this wonderful landscape and on the edge of Lake Wasa lies the peaceful Wasa Lodge, situated just 12km from the park entrance gate and 4km from the Mulembo airstrip.


Lodges In Kasanka National Park

1. Wasa Lodge

Wasa lodge is a traditional-style rondavels and comfortable chalets, Suite bathrooms with flushing toilets and showers, Private verandas with sweeping views, Dining area, lounge, bar and campfire, Solar lighting, No wifi and phone signal and the accommodation operates and is open all year round.

Wasa Lodge

2. Luwombwa Lodge

Luwombwa Lodge is a one hours’ drive from Wasa Lodge, on the banks of the Luwombwa River overlooking a grassy floodplain. Three chalets along the meandering river, suite bathrooms, Dining area with fireplace dominated by a magnificent mpundu plum, Solar lighting, no internet and phone signal, Self-catering, Children are allowed in the accommodation  and it is open all year round.

Luwombwa Lodge

Campsites In Kasanka National Park

3. Kapabi Campsite

Kapabi camp is a private tented self-catering camp overlooking a small lake in the floodplain of the Kasanka River. Ideal for small groups of up to eight people can have a stay in the camp tent at a time. Elephant visit this spot and the yellow billed kites, marsh harriers and African fish-eagles are abundant which becomes a bonus on the package of the tourist to view and enjoy the experience at the moment.


4. Pontoon Campsite

Pontoon Campsites are set under a canopy of red mahogany trees along the Kasanka River, close to the Bat Forest. Pontoon campsite is amongst the most popular campsites due to their stunning location in an evergreen forest overlooking the Kasanka floodplain offering the best perfect sightings in the park.

Pontoon camps are in three divisions and this is based on the capacity the campsite tent can accommodate at a time. Pontoon camp 1 is for great for large groups while Pontoon 2 and 3 are ideal for small groups like families.


5. Kabwe Campsite

Kabwe camp is a quiet place with a beautiful setting, downstream acr oss the Kasanka River, overlooking the grasslands that is perfect for large groups. Located midway between the Bat Forest and Bufumu Forest allows for a complete mix of wildlife and birding experiences. For tourists who enjoy birding as an activity, this camp would really be my suggestion for you.

In Conclusion.

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