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Best 8 Reasons To Visit Khutse Game Reserve

Best 8 Reasons To Visit Khutse Game Reserve In Botswana

The best 8 reasons to visit Khutse game reserve in Botswana include; View of the beautiful Pans, Wild life, Scenery, Bird watching, Game drive, Wilderness drives, Safari walks, Photography.

Khutse game reserve (KGR) is a small reserve in Botswana occupying about 2600 kilometers located on the southern border of central Kalahari game reserve (CKGR) and it has the same arid habitat that makes up the Kalahari Desert.

It is one of the protected areas in Botswana (Kalahari) and is a popular place for weekend excursion to the people who live in the capital city of Botswana (Gaborone) and neighboring places because it is just a few hours drive trip taking the travelers through a number of interesting Kalahari villages which include the ‘gateway to the Kalahari and Molepolole

Khutse Game Reserve has a series of  beautiful pans where wildlife often flock together, particularly during the Wetter season and indeed game drives are focused around the pans which include  Moreswa, Motailane and Molose pans and the other attractions  at Khutse game reserve include the rolling grasslands, river beds, fossil dunes and grassed dunes.

The name Khutse means “a place where one can kneel and drink”, It was the second reserve established on the tribal land of Botswana.

The best 8 reasons to visit Khutse game reserve (KGR) include;

  1. View of the beautiful Pans of Khutse game reserve

Khutse Pans are some of the remnants of  river system and these pans include the western pans which are Moreswa and Molese Pans, Moleswe Pan is delightfully remote and stands in the heart of the pretty Kalahari grasslands where lions frequent and  the northern pan which is Motailane, these Pans provide good animal view and this is all thanks to the artificially supplied waterholes at each pan which attract

     2. Wild life viewing at Khutse game reserve

From December to March which is during and right after the wetter season herds of animals such as hartebeest and kudus can be seen on the bush savanna and  the pans are mainly occupied by springboks, wildebeests, oryx and the ground squirrels but Cheetahs and giraffe are rare in this game reserve therefore animals such as brown hyenas,  leopards and prides of lions are the ones which can be often seen in this game reserve though lions are more

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3. Scenery of Khutse game reserve

The Khutse game reserve incorporates Pans, dry riverbeds, fossil dunes and grassy plains which make it have ja great landscape and the scenery at Khutse game reserve is more appealing at the end of the day because of the awe stacking sunset  and the dazzling stars at night which make star gazing incredible

4. Bird watching at Khutse game reserve

Khutse game reserve (KGR) is a great place  for bird watching all throughout the year with about 180 Species however the  time most suitable for bird watching is from November to April which are the wetter months and at this time, migrant birds mix with the habitual birds thus increasing the number of birds present at the game reserve and even many birds are breeding where some species such as the whydahs transforming their plumage from drab to spectacular the most common birds include; Black bustard, Ostrich, Red-billed francolin, Black-shouldered kite, Red-crested bustard among many others and that is one of the best reasons to visit Khutse game reserve. It is prime bird watching and photography

Best 8 Reasons To Visit Khutse Game Reserve


       5.Game drive at Khutse game reserve

At Khutse game reserve with morning and evening game drives scheduled the visitors will have a chance to spot and photograph a number of animals, some in the wilderness while others at the water holes at the pans where they come to quench there thirst and the predators such as lions and Leopards who wait for a prey to devour  and this is one of the best 8 reasons to visit Khutse game reserve.

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      6. Wilderness drives at Khutse game reserve

Because Khutse game reserve is a protected area with its wilderness conserved, the visitors are given drives into the wilderness so as to have a clear view of the gifts of nature here  and these drives can happen in the morning or evening however even though it is a wilderness drive some animals can still be spotted while it is being conducted making the visit even more exciting.

      7.Safari walks in Khutse game reserve

The San and Bakgalagadi people who are the original inhabitants of the place where the game reserve is, live in small villages on the reserve’s edge. Walks with local San and Bakgalagadi guides can be arranged at the Khutse Kalahari Lodge which is located about 10 km from the reserve entrance and even their traditional arts and crafts can usually be purchased there. During these walks the visitors get to know more about the culture of the inhabitants of this place thus gain knew knowledge which makes it one of the best  8 reasons to visit Khutse game reserve

     8. Photography at Khutse game reserve

For the people interested in taking pictures with great backgrounds such as the pans and the wilderness, Khutse game reserve is one of the places in Botswana which offers such opportunities to the visitors and they can even take photos of the animals so as to preserve the memories.

Animals Found In Khutse game reserve.

Khutse game reserve has got a number of animals and these animals include;

Khutse Game Reserve is not a prime destination for wildlife however most of the animals present which are present in the Central Kalahari Game Reserve can be found here.

  • The Black maned lion.
  • Bat eared fox.
  • Kori Bustard.
  • Oryx
  • Steenbuck.
  • Blue Wildebeest.
  • Jackal.
  • Giraffe
  • Cheetah.
  • Rufousnaped Lark.
  • Brown Hyna
  • South African cheetah
  • Greater Kudu
  •  Wildcat
  • Yellow Mangoose
  •  bat-eared fox. These are easily spotted in the national park when they are denning

Therefore the best time for wildlife viewing in Khutse is in the wet months which is  from December to March, when animals gather around the pan

Activities that can be done in Khutse game reserve

The main activities in Khutse Game Reserve are

Self-drive safaris

In this case the tourists can drive them selves around in the park exploring its vastness and natural beauty


Even though this activity is most emphasized in the wet seasons Khutse game reserve offers a great experience

Game drives in the game reserve

The tourists can be driven around the wilderness so as to see different animals and these drives are always guided by experienced people


When to visit Khutse Game Reserve (KGR)

As rainfalls appear quite late in the year the landscape only becomes green in January or February. This is also the time for the heavy Kalahari thunderstorms. During the months of April until July wildlife numbers are the highest. Large herds only arrive after intensive rains to graze on the wide grass plains. It is during these months that most tourists visit the reserve, but it remains less travelled than other parks and reserves.

During the later dry season wildlife numbers are low and far spread. From September to December it is hot, dry, dusty and often very windy.

How to access Khutse Game reserve (KGR)

Khutse game reserve can be accessed through a number of ways but the most common used means are air transport for international visitors who want to visit Khutse game reserve and road transport for both the domestic and international visitors.  How to access the park is based where is khutse game reserve located as it is located 240km/149mi from Gaborone and the drive takes about 4 hours

By Plane 

The best way to access Khutse game reserve by flying to Botswana’s airports and this is more so for the international visitors and the airports are; Gaborone (GAB) or Kasane (BBK), Maun (MAU) airport

A Botswana visa and certain vaccinations may also be required to enter the country.

By Road

Car renting in Botswana is an excellent way to tour this stunning country and see the incredibly diverse range of Botswana animals and scenery and cars are means of transport which the visitors can use to access the Khutse game reserve and this works for all visitors residents and non residents, Self-drive visitors need to be self-sufficient and bring enough fuel and water among other supplies. There are no fences between the reserve and the Central Kalahari Game Reserve, and it’s possible to arrive here in a 4×4 from the north.

Khutse Game Reserve*. The park is a popular weekend retreat from the city.

Accommodation at Khutse game reserve

There is no accommodation facility in or near the park, but there are several campsites with limited facilities inside the park which makes Khutse game reserve accommodation some how difficult

The Khutse Kalahari Lodge is 10 km outside the entrance gate into the Khutse Game Reserve is currently closed and because it was partly burned down

However the Khutse game Reserve  hosts about 25 campsites but all of them offer only very little shade and no water. The Khutse, Molose and Moreswe Pans have basic latrines and shower facilities without water though  the visitors have to bring there own  fuel, water etc because there is no possibility to buy supplies in the reserve.

Mosolwe pan has 4 campsites, Moloswe pan has 4 campsite

These Camps include;

Bape Campsite which is directly by the side if the road

Xaxa campsite

Xade campsite

For better facilities and amenities the visitors can use the neighboring hotels so as to avoid inconveniences, Hotels such as Protea hotel which is a 4 star hotel in the capital city of Botswana Gaborone, Hilton garden inn which is a 4 star hotel in Gaborone as it is not a big distance from Gaborone to Khutse game reserve

Frequently Asked Questions about Khutse Game Reserve

When is the best time to visit Khutse Game Reserve?

Khutse Game Reserve can be visited any time  year round. However one can choose when to visit depending on his preferences, Wildlife migrates through the park with the seasons. Therefore the best time for wildlife viewing in Khutse Game reserve is during the wet months which is from December to March when animals gather around the pan

Where is Khutse Game Reserve Found?

Khutse Game Reserve is located at the southern edge of the Central Kalahari Game Reserve in central Botswana.

What is the distance from Gaborone to Khutse?

The driving distance from gaborone to Khutse Game Reserve via letlhakeng is 229 km


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