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Top5Best Reasons To visit Ruma National park

Top5 Best Reasons T0 visit Ruma  National park in  Kenya.

Ruma national park is one of Kenya’s attractive places to encounter wildlife, it’s   is   also  endowed  with different nature  fore  example there are over 400 species of birds it’s  also  located in nyanza province in lambwe  valley.

Ruma national park is bordered  by different escarpment in different directions forexample kanyamwa escarpment in south east directions and ruhi hills in the north west of the home.

It’s also a protective   territory for endangered Roan Antelopes and wild life animals.

Ruma national park is over 120 kilometers squared along the mosaic landscape with gold grassland and acacia plants

Therefore   Ruma national park   was  established  mainly to inhabit  the endangered roan antelopes only in  Kenya in 1966 in lambwe valley reserve and later renamed as Ruma as requsted by the localsation in  Ruma national park, Bird watching in  Ruma national park and among others.

 Here are  Top5 Best Top Reasons  To Visit Ruma  National park in kenya and they include ,wildlife viewing in  Ruma national park,Vegetation in Ruma national park,Accommod


Wildlife viewing in Ruma national park

This rarely visited park was established to protect Kenya’s last remaining population of the beautiful roan antelope.

Ruma offers visitors a chance  to see various wildlife species including the Rothschild’s giraffe,antelo[pes, serval cat, hyena, impala, vervet monkey, roan antelope, oribi, bohor reedbuck, leopard, buffalo, and Jackson’s hartebeest.

Wildlife has been introduced, but densities are low and animals are skittish. There are tracks to be found of leopard and spotted hyena, but these predators are shy and are unlikely to be encountered.

Other game species that can be found  at  Ruma NP includes eastern black rhinoceros, Rothschild’s giraffes, cape buffalos , lelwel  hartebeests, olive baboons, reedbucks, servals,  topis, honey badgers, bushpigs, vervet monkeys and African spitting forest cobra.

A black rhino with its spectaculars large horns and fluffy ears walks along the sunburnt shrubbery and plains of Ruma National Park

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Birds watching in Ruma national park

Ruma’s  bird  life is exceptional. The park is also the only protected area in Kenya where the globally threatened blue swallow, a scarce intra-African migrant, is regularly recorded.

Blue swallows, which depend upon moist grassland for both feeding and roosting, arrive in Kenya from their breeding grounds in Southern Tanzania around April and depart again in September.

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Trees(vegetation) in Ruma national park

Ruma  national park covers an area of 120  kilometres   squared of mosaic landscape, golden grasslands, acacia, magnificent cliffs, balaniist  trees and riverine woodlands.

The variety of tree density, canopy cover, and dominant grass species are among the attractions which can be seen during nature walks.

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Ruma  National   Park Safari Walk

Safari walks are chances given to a tourist to contact with nature and wilderness of the park during the walking process in the park while supervised with the senior tour guide  therefore tourists will encounter many tourists attractions while exploring the nature and some of these include wildlife animals such as antelopes ,zebras ,bush pigs, leopard ,impala  and among others and are also avariety of different bird species

Explore the nature wildlife on foot, an authentic and economical means of exploring wildlife in Ruma National Park

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Accommodation in Ruma national park

Ruma national park  has got  many different accommodation  facilities to accommodate different groups of tourists and these include Mabato ,Twiga campsite ,nyati campsite korlango site ,Mfagano island camp,Rusinga island lodg,The golden rays resort, Ruma river lodge, AcK     Guest house ,hotel twin brothers, oyugis hill breeze hotel, hotel hippo buck, ruma tourist lodge and many others

So these accommodation facilities have attracted  tourists to Ruma national park mainly from the foreign countries forexample the Americans, the nowagians and among others plus those ones from the local market also came  to explore due  favourable  accommodation facilities