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The top Best 9 Reasons To Visit Sipi Falls

The top Best 9 Reasons To Visit Sipi Falls in Uganda

The top best 9 reasons to visit sipi falls include; biking, hiking, Arabica coffee, bird watching, mountain Elgon national park, Abseiling, Nature walk, cultural visits. Sipi falls is mostly known for its romantic falls, consisting of three water falls with a cool climate and an awesome meditation environment located in Eastern Uganda on the village of sipi on mountain Elgon foothills. Sipi falls is located near Uganda boarder to Kenya in Kapchorwa district where the hospitable Gishu and Sabinyi people live growing the Arabica coffee on the altitudes between 1600meters to 1900 meters. Hiking to the top of the falls has a beautiful view to coffee plantations and lake Kyoga.

1.1 Mountain biking

The top  reasons to visit Sipi falls include; Mountain biking which is a great exciting activity on the slopes of mountain Elgon you should not miss out with about 1775-3500 meter altitudes above the sea level, escaping a busy life for relaxation and participating into mountain biking.

Mountain biking is adventures because time spent in nature is never wasted  this can be carried out the whole day or half day guided by knowledgeable and trained guides, through different trails of different levels like cross country ,downhill trails, trail riding, and freeride can be undertaken biking is a great opportunity for the beautiful view of the 3 sipi falls and sipi River plus the coffee plantations

1.2 Hiking

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The top best 9 reasons to visit Sipi falls include; hiking which is a joyful walk along sipi falls and mountain Elgon national park which takes about 3-4hours it’s an amazing experience guided by knowledgeable and trained tour guides from Uganda wildlife authority through different trails, providing the historical and geographical  background of the area, hiking involves walking up to the hills passing through the thick vegetation and its best and advisable to have a hiking stick to support you when walking through the steep, slippery and muddy areas, the water falls are located in different areas which makes it difficult to view them at the same time, it’s best to carry some snacks and refreshing water.

1.3 Arabica coffee tour 

The top best 9 reasons to visit Sipi falls include; Arabica coffee which is grown on the volcanic soils on the lower slopes of mountain Elgon on 1600 and 1900 meters above sea level, it’s the main cash crop of the Gishu and Sabiny people as their main sauce of income.

Here visitors can take part through all the processes of taking coffee from harvesting starting with picking the coffee beans to shell them, sorting and processing coffee through grinding them with a traditional motor and pestle, roasting them on an open fire and finishing, at this stage a tourist gets their own cup of coffee from the source and learn more about coffee growing from planting, maintaining,  and selling from the local farmers because it’s one of the best coffees in world.

1.4 Bird Watching

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The top best 9 reasons to visit sipi falls include; bird watching, Sipi falls is under mountain Elgon national park which has about 300 bird species at this place a tourists gets a chance to be immersed in the beauty of Uganda wildlife and a challenge to spot a number of bird species which is soothing and fun birds include Afrotropical highland biome species most especially the Moorland Francolin, Alpine Chat and Moustached Green Tinkerbird, the Black-collared Apalis and Jackson’s Francolin  are only found in Mount Elgon region, Black-shouldered kite, Tacazze Sunbird that can only be found in Eastern Uganda as well as the endangered Lammergeyer.

1.5 Mountain Elgon National Park

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The top best 9 reasons to visit sipi falls include; Mountain Elgon national park is located in the eastern part of Uganda with beautiful flora and fauna a tourist should not miss when visiting sipi falls, a hike to mount elgon unveil the magnificent and uncluttered wilderness without the summit orient approach, the mountain is mostly known for is largest Caldera on earth and the wagagai peak, the thick green beautiful vegetation which is a habitant to black and white Columbus blue monkeys, a few elephants and a number of bird species

1.6 Abseiling

The top best 9 reasons to visit sipi falls include; abseiling which is an interesting  sport where you descend from the falls to the steep slopes with a friction device and rope through the eye-catching sloping and descending rocks of art, at sipi falls abseiling can be carried out at Chebonet falls where below lies  the bank of the falls which are elevated 1272 meters above sea level, it is a beautiful feeling and experience where you feel the mist from the falls as you slope with water to the lowest point.

Chobenet falls is not among the three fall but just added marvel to your original expectation, a climbing helmet and other protective gears are a must have by a tourist before enjoying the sport climbing, abseiling is the most adventurous sport a tourist can engage in, during this activity a tourist can visit the home of national running legends and run through the routes they run while there and enjoy their culture as well.

1.7 Nature walk

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The top best 9 reasons to visit sipi falls include; Nature walks at sipi falls are designed for visitors to appreciate the beautiful flora and the rocky features in the area there are different trails where you can pass through with the guidance of knowledgeable guide like to budadili community where you will be lead to namugabwa cave trail which passes through the banana plantations, the guides will take you to the best spots to view the three waterfalls and this nature walk takes around 4-5 hours, it’s advisable to carry some refreshing water.

1.8 Cultural visits

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The top best 9 reasons to visit sipi falls include; This is carried out to experience the beliefs, norms, customs and culture of Sabiny and Gishu tribes where the gishu practice male circumcision which is done to prove one a man ‘Mbalu’ this is escorted by traditional dance and music ‘ Kadodi’ and is carried out in the even years in the months of august and December.

As a tourist it will be a refreshing feeling for you to participate in this activity though taking pictures is not allowed but this will be the best experience you will enjoy and talk about the strong gishu men for your whole life. And the sabinyi people used to practice circumcision of girls to prove one as a grown woman. But this activity was debated about and stopped by female activists.

1.9 Spot fishing,

The top best 9 reasons to visit sipi falls include; sport fishing, is a way of catching fish in different local ways which fish lover tourists can try. This activity is carried out in the fresh cold clean waters of sipi river which borders mountain Elgon national park, this activity is best done in the morning because it’s when waters are more successful, spot fishing tourist are advised to carry their own fishing equipment like plastic warms, needle nose piles, fishing reels, fishing baits, sunscreen, line cuter, fishing hook, bobbers, fishing ledgers, fishing rods, candid first aid kit with a fishing permit from Uganda wildlife authority

When visiting sipi falls you should park your luggage according to how long you are going to stay at the falls and the activities you are interested in for example, comfortable hiking shoes, rain jacket just in case it rains, sun glasses and sun hat, photography equipments, binoculars for birders.

How to access Sipi falls

Sipi falls are mostly accessed by road transport, this takes around 4-5 hours from kampala via jinja-mbale road and it is 277km from the source of the river nile.

Time to visit

Its best for tourists to visit Sipi falls during the dry Seasons of December to March and June to August for the best view and beautiful pictures because during the rainy season the slopes are slippery and muddy which makes it a bit difficult when hiking

Accommodation in sipi falls

Sipi falls have good accommodation hotels and lodges which provide camping areas and facilities with the best view of the falls and good climate providing camping fire with welcoming and hospitable staff providing clean and fresh comfortable environment for example, Moses camp site and for a thrilling vacation book your safari with Kubwa Five Safaris.


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