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10 Top Reasons To Visit Mountain Elgon National Park

10 Top Reasons To Visit Mountain Elgon National Park

Table of content

1.1 Hiking

1.2 Mountain biking

1.3 bird watching

1.4 caves

1.5 camping

1.6 Agro-tour

1.7 nature walk

1.8 wildlife

1.9 Falls

1.10 Cultural and community tour


Moutain Elgon national park consists of the 10 top tourist activities which include hiking, mountain biking, bird watching, visiting of the caves, Camping, Agro-tour, nature walks, wild life, the beautiful falls, cultural and community tour

Mountain Elgon National Park is located  in the eastern part of Uganda bordering  Kenya, it is 4321km above sea level with 4,000km volcanic base. The park par is surrounded by the Gishu and Sabinyi tribe in Kenya , this area was raised from a forest reserve to a national park in Uganda in 1992.The park gets its name from Mountain Elgon which is a volcanic mountain and the longest volcanic mountain in East Africa and has the highest  caldera in the world which is a result of Magma getting drained from the foundation leading to the fall of the cone which is about 40 kilometers wide and 60 kilometers long  and it takes about  4-6days to reach the peak according to your pace and the route you are using.


1.1 Hiking

Mountain Elgon is the highest volcanic mountain in East Africa and travellers are more interested in viewing the largest caldera on earth at its peak, there are various hiking  routes to the peak which provide sightseeing of marvels along the way and has less climatic conditions which makes it more easier and fun while hiking the difference routes include, Piswa trail which is longer and starts from Pakwach where you will be able to view a number of bird species and it is 700m to the peak ,  the Sasa trail which is the most easy route to the peak this gives you a chance to be astonished and appreciate the bamboo forest through Jackson’s pool on to Wagagai Peak. The Sipi trial route which is few meters from sipi falls passes through the Tatum Cave and the higher you go you get to appreciate the beautiful flora in the park. All routes take about 4-8 days of hiking and resting. Hiking Mountain Elgon is more fun than Mountain Rwenzori and Kilimanjaro in Tanzania and it is less expensive and this activity bonds you with the mountain and nature around you.


1.2 Mountain biking

Mountain biking is a great exciting activity that was opened up in 2012 on the slopes of mountain Elgon a tourist should not miss out, with about 1775-3500 meter altitudes above the sea level, escaping a busy life for relaxation and participating into mountain biking is adventures because time spent in nature is never wasted this can be carried out the whole day or half day guided by knowledgeable and trained guides, through different trails of different levels like cross.


1.3 Bird Watching

Mount Elgon is habituated to over 300 birds including some of the Afrotropical highland biome species like the Moorland Francolins, Alpine Chat and Moutached  Tinkerbirds, here you will discover some birds you dint know exists .Other bird species include Cinnamon bee eaters, White Chinned Prinia, Black Collared Apalis, Black-shouldered Kite, the African Goshawk,  Chinspot Batis, Tacazze among others.


1.4 Caves

Mountain elgon national park consist of  caves with stone age art facts and beautiful  rocks which include, kibalo cave, mackingeenny cave, kool cave, kipteren cave, kitum cave which is most famous with 100 meters wide and 60 meters deep, these caves are believed to have been home to the local people for  over a thousand years and was a result of various geographical and chemical processes which are rich in sodium, magnesium and calcium salts which attracts the elephants and other animals ,these salts also attracts local people and they collect it for their livestock, locally made clubs and picks are found in the caves


1.5 Camping

Camping on top of a volcano is definitely thrilling for everyone and camping on the caldera is extraordinary and worth bragging about and here you will encounter a number of volcanic features like geysers and hot springs, Porters are available to help you carry your luggage and the camping gear and all this can be arranged by Kubwa5 Safaris for your best experience and safety

1.6 Agro-tour

Arabica coffee is grown on the volcanic soils on the lower slopes of mountain Elgon on 1600 and 1900 meters above sea level, it’s the main cash crop of the Gishu and Sabiny people as their main sauce of income, here visitors can take part through all the processes of taking coffee from harvesting starting with picking the coffee beans to shell them, sorting and processing coffee through grinding them with a traditional motor and pestle, roasting them on an open fire and finishing, at this stage a tourist gets their own cup of coffee from the source and learn more about coffee growing from planting, maintaining,  and selling from the local farmers because it’s one of the best coffees in world.


1.7 Nature walk

Nature walks at sipi falls are designed for visitors to appreciate the beautiful flora and the rocky features in the area there are different trails where you can pass through with the guidance of knowledgeable guide like to budadili community where you will be lead to namugabwa cave trail which passes through the banana plantations, the guides will take you to the best spots to view the three waterfalls and this nature walk takes around 4-5 hours, it’s advisable to carry some refreshing water.


1.8 Wildlife

Mount Elgon National park sits at the base of the mountain (for which it derives the name) and just a short distance from Mbale town. The park harbours a range of Wildlife such as buffalos, Elephants, Blue Monkeys, waterbucks, spotted hyena, bush pigs, leopards, Vervets, Baboons and several others.

This is a good pit stop to make before (or maybe after) your hike up mount Elgon. As you hike through the various parts of the mountain, you will be treated with sightings of more and more wildlife.


1.9 Falls

Sipi falls is one of the most romantic and attracting falls in mountain elgon national park with three different falls with a cool environment and climate, this is formed by a result of river Sipi meeting at the end of a volcanic rock edge with hidden tutum cave in the middle of an extensive forest.


1.10 Cultural and community tour

is carried out to experience the beliefs, norms, customs and culture of Sabiny and Gishu tribes where the gishu practice male circumcision which is done to prove one a man ‘Mbalu’ this is escorted by traditional dance and music ‘ Kadodi’ and is carried out in the even years in the months of august and December. As a tourist it will be a refreshing feeling for you to participate in this activity though taking pictures is not allowed but this will be the best experience you will enjoy and talk about the strong gishu men for your whole life. And the sabinyi people used to practice circumcision of girls to prove one as a grown woman. But this activity was debated about and stopped by female activists.


When to visit Mountain Elgon National Park

Mountain Elgon national park can be visited all year round though its best to visit during the dry season from June to August and December to March for the best experience, adventure and nice photos

How to get to Mountain Elgon National Park

The park can be accessed by both air and road transport, from Kampala via Kampala jinja high way by road transport it takes about 4-5 hours according to jam on the highway, during the drive the tourists gets a chance to spot Mabira forest, River Nile and Lake Victoria in Jinja. A visitor can use public transport but it’s better to book with Kubwa5 Safaris for the best experience, adventure, safety and quick replies.

By air, chartered flights can be organized from Entebbe Airport to Soroti airfield which is about one-hour drive from Mountain Elgon National Park

Accommodation in Mountain Elgon National Park


Mbale resort Hotel

Sipi Valley resort

Moutain Elgon Hotel and Spa

Rafiki lodge Sipi


Midrange accomodation

Crown suites hotel


Budget accommodation

Wagagai Hotel

Masha hotel

Mbale resort