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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Ibanda-Kyerwa National Park

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Ibanda-Kyerwa National Park In Tanzania

Ibanda–Kyerwa national park is located in the Kagera region in Tanzania and has an area which is 200 square kilometers (77 sq. ml). This park was originally opened in 1974 and it was gazzated as a national park in 2019.The Park is rich in wildlife attraction and sunrise and sunset are easily seen with in the park. The animals that can be seen easily seen in the reserve include the hippos, antelopes, impalas, elands, baboons.  The Kagere River is the main source of water for the park and nitrifies its rich resources from the underground.

Ibanda-kyerwa park location.

The park location is on the Eastern bank of kagera River and the river is a natural boundary boarder between Tanzania and Rwanda. The beautiness of the park adds more joy and it makes you fulfill the Tanzania safari tours.

Ibanda-Kyerwa national park is the most hidden treasure in the western country of Tanzania and the park is recognized as the paradise with attractive rolling hills, valleys, plains of acacia savannah, the central basin dissected by seasonal rivers filling the scattered lakes and swamps this entire blow during your Tanzania tour.

Attractions in Ibanda-Kyerwa national park include;


The park has a wide variety of wildlife species for example the eland, impala, reedbuck, bushbuck are everywhere in the park, Roan the large dramatic antelope are present in large herds, buffalos and hippo can be found in River Kagera and in some lakes and swamps in the park, the main predators in the park includes the leopard, hyena and many others.

Kagera River.

The Kagera River is one of the largest rivers in Tanzania and it acts as a boundary between Tanzania and Rwanda, this river separates the two nations and also the two national parks, the Ibanda-Kyerwa national park in Tanzania and the Akagera National Park in Rwanda, the Kagera River to the north is a boundary with Uganda and this makes it easy to visit the park even from Uganda and Rwanda.

Savannah grassland.

Ibanda- Kyerwa national park experiences savannah grasslands with scattered individual trees, which is one of the cover of the park therefore it inhabits the park’s wildlife and the savannah grassland is the biggest attraction in the park by the tourists.

What to do in Ibanda kyerwa national park.

Park hunting safaris are the most common activities in this area and for adventure seekers will exactly enjoy the place. In this park there is a widerange of animals that you can find at the park for example leopards, hippos, buffalos and many more. The Ibanda-Kyerwa park which with its outstanding beauty and scenic views is the most promising  destination of the Tanzania  Safari tours and is highly recommended for  a must visit while to Tanzania.

Activities in Ibanda-Kyerwa national park include

1. Game viewing.

Park offers the mosTop 5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Ibanda-Kyerwa National Parkt reliable savannah grasslands with the scattered lakes, hills, valleys, the Kagera River and the basins, game viewing is done in the park which makes many tourists to see animal species like herds of buffalo, leopards, zebra, eland, impala, waterbuck, reedbuck, giraffe and almost every animal species is in the park.

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2. Nature walks.

Ibanda-Kyerwa national park offers amazing recreational opportunities and a sense of  feeling the nature that one can experienced during the nature walk  like the savannah grasslands, and also one can be able to sight various animals like the elephants, leopards, reedbuck, eland and other animal species you can get nearer  to them and take some photos from different animals.

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3. Wild animals

The park is gifted with various wild animals such as African Buffalo, Hippos, Leopards, Antelopes like reed buck and roan and birds you can also go and get nearer to them and take some photos.

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4. Bird watching.

Ibanda-Kyerwa national park is a home of birds, the park has bird species which are colorful including; the African fish eagle, African olive pigeon, Augur buzzard, Bar-tailed trogon, Beared vulture, Black saw-wing, Egyptian goose, Great creasted grebe, Hartlaub’s little grebe, Narina trogon, Peregrine and many more, these birds can be sighted during walking safari, others can be spotted around River Kagera frying around on the river.

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5. Camping.

Ibanda-Kyerwa national park offers camping sites to the tourists for both the public and special campsites where the tourists enjoy the nature of wildeness in the park.


Accommodation at Ibanda-Kyerwa national park.

The park is newly established and there are no lodges constructed around  yet, it only offers special camp sites and hence visitors  come with their own camp facilities. But they  can opt to stay outside the park in the nearby towns.

Ibanda-kyerwa national park has simple accommodations available in the nearest town of Murongo which is about 3 and a half kilometers from the park boundary, also simple accommodations are available in the nearest town Murongo which is about 3 and a half kilometers from the park boundary.

Best time to visit Ibanda-kyerwa national park.

The park experiences two rainy seasons in a year and that is the short rainy period which is from October to November and the wet season is from March to May,  the best time to visit the park is at the end of the short rainy season every year.

Entrance fee to Ibanda-kyerwa National park

The fancy attractions of wild animals and beautiful landscapes of hills, rivers, savannah and swamps of  Ibanda kyerwa national park, entrance fees are still cheap, low, and affordable for everyone willing to visit. This is to make the guests feel comfortable when visiting the place.

  • Above the age of 16 years for East African citizens is about 5000TSH while for non-East African citizen, it is about 30US and for residents living in Tanzania it is only 15US.
  • Between age of 5 and 15 years, for East Africa n citizens is 2000TSH. And for non-East African citizens it is 10US and for residents living in Tanzania is 5US dollars.
  • For children below the age of 5 it is free for both East African and non-East African citizens

How to get to Ibanda-Kyerwa national park.

By air

Ibanda-Kyerwa national park can be reached by flight from Dar-es-salaam Airport or Kirimanjaro International airport. Arusha and Mwanza to chato kgoma airport and the to the park, which is only a few kilometers from there to the park.

By road

Road transport, from bukoba to Murongo it is about 220 km, while from Chato to Murongo is 327 km. And also road access is possible from Uganda to Tanzania via Murongo, which is about 3.5km from Murongo to reach the park.

Ibanda-Kyerwa national park is rich in wildlife attractions, sunrise and sunset are easily seen which gives you a precious moment in the park, with a variety of attractions ranging from savannah, lakes, rivers and swamps inhabited with different kinds of wildlife also the park is gifted with various wild animals such as African buffalos, hippos, leopards, antelopes like the reed buck, roan and birds which makes your best safari destination in Tanzania.