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10 Top Reasons why you should visit Mahale National park in Tanzania

10 Top Best Reasons why you should visit Mahale National park in Tanzania.

Here are the 10 top reasons why you visit  Mahale  National park in Tanzania and they are as follows

The Mahale Mountain National Park is located on the eastern shores of Lake Tanganyika in remote western Tanzania.

Mountain Mahale national park is dominated geographically by the Mahale range and its famous for chimpanzee tracking  and  these chimpanzee are categorized into a dozen of communities and these include the habituated mimikere  group of around 60 individuals and this park is one of the top chimpanzee tracking destinations in Africa

It’s spectacularly beautiful, with the backdrop of the Mahale Mountains and lush, tropical flora. The main attraction is walking safaris to observe the chimpanzees who live here. They share their forest paradise with a range of other primates, mammals and beautiful birds.

1.Bird watching.

There are 350  bird species that are found in mountain Mahale and these include hornbills ,giant Kingfisher ,guineafowl,African fisher eagles and ross’s turaco and these birds usually migrate from northern Africa and Europe and during November and april you can see the resident birds in their breeding places and among these places are kabezi area in the northern sector of Tanzania

Therefore from march and April,the heavy rainfall can make birding difficult due to mountain trails becoming muddy

So this has influenced many visitors to mounatain Mahale in Tanzania

2. Chimpanzee trekking in mahale national park.

Most people/visitors came to mahale national park in Tanzania to view the chimpanzees and not only in Tanzania ,Mahale national park is regarded as one of the world’s best places to  See different chimpanzees.

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3. Cultural activities around mountain mahale national park

Many visitors are interested in visiting the villages around mahale national park forexample Holoholo and Batongwe people from Ujiji and kigoma District and these villages have inspired many visitors to

ujiiji is remembered during the days of colonial rule of the Germans in Tanganyika and in the some town there was slave trade and it was stopped from there by Dr David livingstone.

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4. Boat cruise at Mahale Mountain national park   

Many tourists are interested in moving from one place to another for adventure using water vessels such as ships , speed boats and among others with in lake Tanganyika  in Tanzania.

5. Nature guided walks on mountain mahale national park

Many Visitors   have much desire in walking around mountain mahale national park and in process these visitors are able to intract with the chimpanzees trekking activities, different bird species, wild life animals  and among others in the national parks.

6. Hiking on Mountain Mahale in Tanzania

Tourists have much desire on this spectacular activity of hiking mountain mahale national park and this is done through arranging two days up and day down accompanied with armed tour guide .As they hike they normally camp on the mid of mountain and also near the highest  peak of mountain Mahale.

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7. Sport fishing

This is also an other tourism activity that is done at mahale national park at l Tanganyika therefore tourists do carry their  fishing  equipments  plus the fishing permits that they are supposed to use before their tour to mahale national park and this activity is carried between 7a.m and 5p.m when the lake Weather is calm or when its cool and this activity is normally done for adventure by tourists.

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8. Snorkeling

Here also visitors are interested in enjoying snorkeling  at stunning lake Tanganyika where by they usually swim or dive in a body of water called snorkel,and this activity takes only 3 hours due to existence of many crocodiles in L. Tanganyika and in process tourists are able to view different aquatic animals in the lake forexample crocodiles hippos in l. Tanganyika.

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9. Kayaking in Mahale national park in Tanzania

This usually a small narrow boat used in crossing of water so many tourists are attracted by the so called double –bladed paddle and this also done when the weather of L. Tanganyika is ok or calm.

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10.Accommodation in Mahale mountains

Mahale National Park Accommodation Tanzania | Mahale National Park

The park has many different  self contained   tourists accommodation facilities  and there is self service during meal time.


  • luxury

So there is three categories of luxury tents

Greystoke  mahale camp

This is agrass thatched bandas with upstairs for viewing easily the mountain ,this camp has bathroms ,toilets, and strong shower

Greystoke Mahale Camp in Mahale Mountains National Park, Tanzania


  • Midrange

Mbali mbali Mahale loddge

This was formed by dramatic mahale mountain in  the heart of the African interior so there are 10 tents,forest conopyof mountain mahale national park and this also have provided platfforms for viewing lake Tanganyika  and these lodges/tents have been constructed near the beach shores provide self-contained  mosquito rooms and also bathrooms.

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Best time to visit

Mahale Mountains National Park can be visited throughout the year. The best time to visit is in the long dry season from July to October when the chimpanzees tend to gather in bigger groups, closer to shore. You should still be able to see them in the wet season, it may just require a little more walking.

Getting there

Mahale is remote which makes it uncrowded. The easiest and quickest way to get there is by air.

By air

During peak season from June to October, regular scheduled flights from Arusha and Dar es Salaam (three to five hours) to the Mahale Airstrip are available. Out of season, flights are less regular. Charter flights can also be arranged.

By road

The roads are rough and can be inaccessible, especially during rains. From Arusha to Kigoma (from where you’ll need to take a boat or plane), it takes about two to three days by car.

By boat

From Kigoma, there are speedboats (four to six hours) and timber boats (up to 15 hours) to Mahale. Twice a week, the MV Liemba, a large steamship, travels from Kigoma (10 hours