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Top 7 Best Reasons To Visit Kibira National Park


Top 7 Best Reasons To Visit Kibira National Park. Tourists have delved deep into the park to learn more about the secrets that lie within, including the bird and animal species that call it home. The park is the origin of many rivers and streams that supply water to the entire nation.

The great pastime of game viewing in the park involves visitors going outside to see some of the mammal species that call the park home. The wild animals the tourists are sure to detect include baboons, black and white colobus monkeys, chimpanzees and so many others. Kibira National Park is situated in the North West of Burundi. Kibira National Park is known as the one of the national parks that the tourists can visit while on a Burundi safari. The park overlaps four provinces covering an area of 400 square kilometers and is strategically located on the top of the beautiful Congo Nile range with an elevation range of 1100-2660 meters above sea level.

Reasons as to why you should visit Kibira National Park are as follows;

1. Guided nature walks

A great way to explore the park and learn of its most hidden treasures like small rivers and waterfalls is by participating in the guided nature walks. Guided nature walks help tourists to view more of the park that they might have missed during in the course of other activities.

2. Bird watching

Kibira National Park is named an important birding area in Burundi for it has about 200 species of birds that tourist can watch while on a bird watching activity within the park. The tourists are encouraged to have bird guides so that they can watch a huge number of bird species.

3. Game viewing

In Kibira National Park, game viewing is carried out in the company of armed guides who guide the tourists with knowledge of the park and the some wildlife spotted. Some of the wild animals that are commonly seen include; black and white colobus monkeys, chimpanzees, baboons and others.

4. Cultural encounters

Cultural encounters usually starts with a visit to the Pygmies’ village of Busekera. These local people show you how they locally prepare their local food as well as their dressing code. These are some of the great activities the tourist should not miss during the tour.

5. Chimpanzee Tracking

Chimpanzee tracking refers to an art of taking a stroll through the forest in order for one to be able to catch a glimpse of the fascinating primates the swing around the forest branches. This activity usually involves trekking around the national park until you get to see the chimpanzees and this can take 2 to 3 hours.

6. Water falls

There are three major falls and many candid ones and the two upper falls form two various tributes that is to say, Mwaro and also Karera stream

7. Boat cruise

Cultural encounters can also be carried out in Kibira National Park, where the tourists get to visit the pygmies’ village of Busekera where they get introduced to the way of life of the locals who gather there. The pygmies show the tourists how they locally prepare their food, as well as their dressing code.

How Kibira National Park can be accessed

Tourists who are willing to get access to Kibira National Park can get the park by transferring through pilgrims’ village which is known as Busekera, which is also well known as tourist attraction.

Birds in Kibira National Park

Some of mammal species in the park that are specifically of interest to many tourists are as follows; white and black colobus monkeys, chimpanzees as well as baboons.

Some of the birds that can be spotted by the tourists in Kibira National Park while on a bird watching are;  grey parrots, mountain buzzard,, white spotted fluff tail, black and white squeaked hornbill and also great blue turaco

Best time to visit Kibira National Park

The best and favorable time to visit Kibira National Park is during the times of dry season which runs through the months of June to August as well as December to February that is when the roads are less slippery


The average price for each person per night for a hotel in Kibira National Park is 266769. Tourists can get accommodation in areas near the park, with some of the best hotels to find including Niyimpi Hotel and Guest House la residence.


Kibira National Park is one and the best National Park that the tourists can visit while on Burundi safari. The vegetation of Kibira National Park is very thick and this makes it all the more necessary for the travelers to explore it and learn of its mysteries.