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Top 15 Reasons Why You Should Visit Botswana

Top 15 Reasons Why You Should Visit Botswana In Africa.

Top 15 reason to visit botswana home of  elephants Botswana has become a famous country with some of its scenic landscape and wilderness experience in the world.

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A number of travel blogs written put it at the top of their travel hot-lists as the African must-go-to-destination. Due to its breathtaking landscapes, fascinating history and exciting capital of Gaborone have made it to be known by the travellers.

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Here are the top 15 reasons why you should visit Botswana

  1. Okavango Delta

The Okavango Delta is Botswana’s very own oasis and it is fed by the Okavango River, the Delta is home to a series of grasslands that rise and fall with seasonal flooding.  The nature is fantastic and is treated to the sights and sounds of an outdoor haven. Tour the region in a traditional style, guided by a professional oarsman in a “mokoro” – the local form of a canoe.

  1. The wildlife

Thousands of wildlife species grow vigorously in Botswana’s hot climate,the indigenous fauna includes the African buffalo, elephants, duikers, lions, gemsbok and 593 reported bird species. And this prolific wildlife has given rise to three national parks and seven game reserves- each with their own inimitable tourist offering in deferent region.

  1. The Bahurutshe Cultural Lodge

The Bahurutshe Cultural Lodge is a piece of lovingly preserved history and tradition – the perfect way to experience local culture. Visitors will be exposed to traditional living and stay in thatched rondavels crafted out of moulded bricks. The lodge itself is a recreated Hurutshe village. Visitors are treated to the traditional Botswana music and dance performances as well as an array of authentic cuisine. Typical dishes include wild chicken, seswaa (pounded beef), maize meal, flat cakes and beans.

  1. Traditional food

In Botswana, the main meal is usually eaten at lunchtime, so for an authentically traditional experience, head over to a restaurant at midday for a hearty meal. Seswaa is the national dish of Botswana. It consists of meat that is thoroughly boiled, pounded and shredded to make a stew and is then served with pap or polenta. This dish is often served with a leafy green called morogo

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  1. The annual Maitisong Festival

Every year coming up to the end of March, the Maitisong Festival takes place in Gaborone. If you are interested in experiencing the musical culture of Botswana, this is the most festival to attend. The event hosts theatre performances, marimba bands and choirs and also non-stop gospel, kwaito and afro-pop groups. For visitors who are in Botswana near the end of August, the Gaborone International Music and Culture Week is an event that’s not to be missed.

  1. Fusion Fashion

This is where traditional wear and globalised Euro-centric style meet in Botswana country, in a clash of colour and eclectic design. The young emerging designers are using their creativity to produce ranges that represent the infinite of African talent. In between more commercial brands there are shopping gems – boutique fashion stores where you’ll find one-of-a-kind pieces that will wow the crowds back home. Two of Botswana’s lauded fashion labels are Black Trash Clothing’ and MAKAY La DIVA. The traits of local fashion include German print, which is called Leteise in Tswana culture. The female design lines boast puffed sleeves, embroidery on the front of the garment and a circular wrap-around skirt shape. For the Motswana man it’s all about felt formal jackets and trench coats known as Mohlangoma.

  1. Sanctuary Chief’s Camp

This is Rated as one of the top safari camps in Botswana by Condé Nast, the Sanctuary Chief’s Camp is where a wellness retreat begins. The spa is located on an island in the heart of the Okavango Delta, on which is the former royal hunting reserve of Chief Moremi. Africology spa treatments, massages and specialist body rituals that include a tropical immunity-boosting body wrap, all these luxurious treatments are available. Keep fit while you travel at the spa’s onsite gym, equipped with all the basics including weights and yoga equipment at the camp.

  1. The Gcwihaba Caves

Gcwihaba Caves is one of Botswana’s wildest and most remote destinations, it is a labyrinth of caverns, passages and pits lined top to bottom with interesting stalactite and stalagmite formations also dazzling coloured flowstones that look like waterfalls of rock. Fossils and archaeological findings in the caves suggest that it was home to foraging people. You can choose how far you’re willing to go for a sense of discovery – duck into small caverns, squeeze through crevices or crawl through tunnels. This natural wonder is worth exploring and good to many travellers.

  1. Ecotourism

Strengthening the country’s biodiversity is the first priority for Botswana’s conservationists. The National Ecotourism Strategy, which was formalized in 2002 has positioned Botswana as one of the most prominent sustainable tourism destinations. All tourism service providers are assessed according to more than 240 performance standards and graded to support responsible travel.  And also check in at each wildlife reserve to learn more about their policies on eco-sustainability.

  1. Nightlife

Botswana has its fair night-time entertainment venues for where you can go for a good party and a night clubs showcase the sounds of emerging local DJs who get the crowds dancing to house and hip-hop. Another popular genre is kwaito-kwasa, which combines kwaito music with the African version of the rhumba – a style called kwasa kwasa. The popular clubs include Zoom in Gaborone and also United Lounge and DROS Upstairs. Gaborone pubs are known for their jovial atmosphere and friendly crowds. You can also go and experience a shebeen, where you can have a drink in Motswana style and sample home-brewed beer. The Shebeens are located at secret locations in residential areas.

11- Bird-watching Paradise

Botswana has 600 species of bird was recorded in Botswana’s wide range of habitats, making Botswana a paradise for any avid birdwatcher. Bird-watching in the open floodplains is generally easier and better than in rain-forest regions where thick vegetation and high forest canopies seriously limit sightings.The best time for bird watching in Botswana is from November to March, during the ‘green season’ since the birds congregate in high numbers at various birding hotspots across the country. Thunderstorms gather in the afternoons providing relief from the summer heat and help create mesmerizing sunsets.

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  1. Museums

Botswana’s National Museum is located in Gaborone, and  it is only the place to visit if the cultural and natural history of the country piques is of your interest. The museum serves as an effective showcase of the diversity of life in Botswana and also the talent of local artists. The museum displays an array of traditional arts, craftwork and paintings. There are also a number of smaller museums that are worth experiencing. These include the Phuthadikobo and Kgosi Sechele  Museums.

  1. Inspiring sceneries

A majestic sunset foregrounded by the waters of the Chobe River and the twisting tributaries of the Okavango River. The panoramic view of the expansive landscape of the Gaborone Game Reserve. There are a number of different ways to experience the scenic beauty that Botswana has to offer. Helicopter rides take off from Maun on a daily basis, giving tourists a bird’s eye view of the major attractions. This way you can make sure you don’t miss anything. Hot-air balloon rides are also a great way to capture Botswana from the air. If you are interested in a more “grounded option,” you can take a river boat cruise along the Chobe River.

  1. Traditional hand-woven baskets

Every August, The National Museum and Art Gallery hosts the national basket show, showcasing the handiwork of crafters as well as tapestries and pottery. Watching the process of basket making is interesting  and it involves hand weaving palm leaves that are stripped into strings. The bodywork of these baskets is designed to portray elements of nature and is augmented and are organically dyed using natural dyes.

  1. Luxury House Boats

Chobe River is an amazing African river in south-central Africa flowing through Angola and Namibia’s Caprivi Strip and into the Linyanti Swamp on the northern border of Botswana.

Staying on a houseboat enables you to experience nature’s wonderland in the Chobe River. Being on a house boat it means that you are permanently on safari. If you’re a photographer, a houseboat like Pangolin Voyager Houseboat is your best bet, as the staff understands your photography needs and they even have chairs with a built-in camera stand that lets you take those amazing animal and bird shots you always wanted and let the crew take care of the rest of your needs.


Finding hotels in most parts of Botswana is easy, especially in Gaborone and the northern national parks. Luxury lodges are also available to rent for safari trips, as well as remote tented camps with excellent facilities.

 How much does a hotel cost in Gaborone?

The price of a hotel in Gaborone depends on several factors such as star rating, location and demand. Generally speaking, the average cost of a hotel is around $80 per night.

Best time to visit Botswana

The best time for a safari in Botswana depends on which park you would like to visit. There are two main areas of interest for safaris in Botswana: Chobe National Park and the Okavango Delta. Both of these areas are incredible safari destinations, allowing travellers glimpses at members of the Big Five, cultural experiences, and amazing views of Botswana’s natural beauty. One of the best parts of visiting Botswana for an African safari is the fact that the country’s national parks are much less crowded than other African safari destinations.

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