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Business Partnership Visit Africa Big Five

Business Partnership Visit Africa Big Five Company

Business Partnership Visit Africa BIG FIVE: We are thrilled to know that you are interested in a business partnership with us in order to have your travelers to travel to Africa. Kubwa Five Safaris provides a safe environment while at the same time exposing you to interactions with wide varieties of our land animals in their natural habitats within a safe distance or close proximity with strict regards to your safety.

How Does It Work?

  • Promote our tourism package/event/itinerary via social media, blogs, forums, events, person to person, person to many or any other convenient method. It is your role to find clients and potential clients for Kubwa Five Safaris. Your territory is unlimited.
  • Engage a potential client about a specific tourism package.
  • Contact us about the specific client and introduce us to the client.
  • You create and put up displays at trade shows happening in your country.
  • Clients can contact you through your website (with a message, inquiry or reservation) or social media platform where tourism packages are promoted.
  • When the client makes 45% bank payment, immediately you receive your commission (10-12)% from the total tourism package/event/itinerary pricing. Your commission will be sent either via Bank or Western Union, etc. We shall ask for your preferred method to receive your commission via email.
  • Note; we pay you commission only for client who book with us for a safari/trip.

How To Be Effective?

  • You will need to maximize social media i.e. Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, Google+ etc.
  • You will need to share/publish the itineraries on your website and social media platforms e.g Facebook (on your wall, your friends’ timelines, Facebook page, and Facebook groups), or LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or Google+, etc. Feel free to share our itineraries directly from our website to your social media platform.
  • You will come up with marketing strategies such as adverts, brochures, posters, etc having your phone number, and mention that your African head office is in Kampala, Uganda,  feel free to put our address. In other words, on those marketing strategies/materials indicate the details of two offices i.e. your contact details and our address details.
  • Create a Facebook page (Give it a name which has “Africa” as one of the words), and a Facebook group page. On both the page and group or social media platforms, only promote our African itineraries i.e. feel free to edit and put information that people in your country understand.
  • Invite your friends to like to your page, group, and also request them to invite their friends to do that same. Also, invite people to follow you on other social media platforms.
  • You can as well have your brochures in Malls, restaurants, supermarkets, hotels, airports, schools, markets, government offices, etc.
  • Write proposals to media houses (TV stations, Radio stations, Newspapers, etc) in your country, suggest to them to write about us or talk about you and since they have bigger coverage, we can get bookings as a result of that.

The media houses staff are given DISCOUNTED safari trips, trips that are guaranteed to be a lifetime experience.

What Are The Results?

  • Just one post on social media has the potential to reach over 1 million people. In other words, the more post the more people will pick interest to book with you for a safari.

Therefore, you can still make money without a website though with a website you make more money.

N.B: It is our responsibility to ensure that all clients of the tour have the appropriate passports, visas, travel permits, health certificates and other documentation required for the safari.

Our Responsibilities

  • To provide you with high quality tour itineraries with net prices, then you are expected to add your own mark-up.
  • Kubwa Five Safaris takes care of materials, photos, and all the necessary information concerning the travel services.
  • To tailor-make itineraries that are custom-designed to suit the client’s requirements so that the client (s) is able to explore at his/her own pace, choose his/her own style of accommodation, and include his/her own choice of sightseeing and activities.
  • Kubwa Five Safaris will make alternative arrangements for customers who have had their trips interrupted by unforeseen issues.
  • To avail you with general and specific advice about different travel destinations.
  • Kubwa Five Safaris makes arrangements for transport, accommodation, tours, and activities.

How Do You Get Paid? (One of the highest paid jobs in the world)

  • When the client makes bank payment, immediately you receive your commission (10-12)% from the total tourism package/event/itinerary pricing. Your commission will be sent either via Bank or Western Union, etc. We shall ask for your preferred method to receive your commission via email.

If you choose to have tour itineraries (tourism packages) with net prices, then you will add your own mark-up thus that will be your pay.

If you choose to have tour itineraries with commission included, then your commission is 12% and this is applicable for all the successful bookings of a tourist group (over 15 persons) and/or the commission which is set on 10% for offers directed for individual tourists (up to 14 persons) that are generated through your website or network, at the moment the non-refundable deposit is sent by the client.

This could include, but is not limited to, clients for whom we have received the deposit required to secure or book their place, clients that decided to book a portion or an extended stay, or who decided to book through inquiry spots for their friends and/or family, groups, etc.

For clients that contacted us directly first, and have never used your website (network) to contact you, your service is free of charge.

The commission does not apply DISCOUNTED offers.

  • We expect you to immediately send us an invoice for 12% of the total package price booked by the tourist group (over 15 persons) and 10% of the total package price booked by the individual tourists (up to 14 persons). The invoice shall be due in 7 days. In terms of cancellation, please note that if the company (Kubwa Five Safaris) keeps the non-refundable deposit from the client (s), you will also keep your commission of the non-refundable deposit, and if we fully refund the clients, you will also fully refund your commission.

N.B:  Think of being the number one person in your country who sells African itineraries and once you become the travel influencer, some business people will come to you for partnerships, then those people will become your Tour Agents and Ambassadors

To be honest with you, we can’t make it (be successful) without connections through tour agents or ambassadors that is why we need you. This is one of the highest paid jobs in the world, so become our travel agent and get such as a job.

If you would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are more than available for a phone call, WhatsApp call (+256774313798), or Facebook call or Zoom call, in other words, we can have a virtual meeting using any of the platforms which is okay with you.

We look forward to working with you not only to increase tour and travel sales but also, introduce the travelers from all corners of the globe to the best wonders of the World and giving a lifetime experience where the beauty of Africa and its natural majestic animals roaming freely as nature intends to awe you.