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Top 10 Best Waterfalls In Uganda

Top 10 Best Waterfalls In Uganda

Top 10 Best Waterfalls In Uganda, The country is gifted with several waterfalls located in different destinations with spectacular views. A visit to any of these falls can be made on your Uganda safari trip. And some of these falls include the following; Itanda falls, Murchison falls, Sipi falls, karuma falls, Sezzibwa falls, Kisizi falls

Here are the top best wterfalls in uganda

  1. Murchison Falls

Murchison falls is surprisingly with the most powerful waterfall in the whole world,it is situated in Murchison Falls National Park in Masindi district. The roaring waterfalls have vigorous power that forces large volumes of water to go through a very narrow path that makes a thunderous sound and this forms a permanent rainbow. The activities in the park include; sport fishing, game drives, boat launch, nature walks and many more.

You can be able to take pictures of the fall and share beautiful memories with your friends back home. The mighty River Nile flows through the park creating a powerful phenomenon at the kabalega falls.

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  1. Bujagali Falls

Bujagali falls are said by the local residents to be the site of spirit, called Bujagali who protects the community by performing rituals at the fall, the falls are some of the great water falls on the river nile course and are located in jinja district about 8 kilometers from the main town

It’s a one-stop place to catch first-time fun store memories and also all meet new friends who have come on the same cause of having fun.

  1. Sipi Falls

Sipi Falls is a series of three waterfalls found at the foothills of Mountain Elgon just at the edge of Mount Elgon National Park near the Kenyan border.

The Sipi falls are located in Kapchorwa in Eastern Uganda.  Visiting all the three falls takes approximately three hours depending on the ability and speed of the individuals.  The hike involves climbing steep terrains while passing through local farms with the guides explaining the historical and geographical background of the area.

Abseiling can be done at the main waterfall and it involves climbing down the rocks or steep slopes with a firm device fastened to your harness. The abseiling experience cannot be missed out while visiting the Sipi falls.

  1. Itanda falls.

Itanda falls is located in Jinja on River Nile. The falls are a series of rapids and are mostly visited by tourist for kayaking, white water rafting and other activities. While at Itanda falls, you are also able to get an opportunity to enjoy a cultural performance of the local communities.

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  1. Kisizi Waterfall

This is a just 30m high waterfall which is situated in Rukungiri district lying on the Kyabambe River. The waterfalls are characterized by fascinating scenery and you are able to spot several bird species while at the kisizi fall. Some of the activities at kisizi water fall include; zip lining, nature walks, bird watching and many more.

  1. Karuma Falls

The Karuma falls is situated on the Victoria Nile along the Kampala – Gulu highway and its one of the most magnificent waterfalls in Uganda. At Karuma falls, its where the Karuma power station was built by the Ugandan government to provide hydro electricity to the country and even neighboring countries. These falls are also part of Murchison Falls National park which has a diversity of bird and animal species.

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  1. Amabere Falls.

The beauty of these falls can be only seen in Kabarole, Fortportal next to Amabere ga Nyina Mwiru caves where they are located. These falls are uniquely an epitome of nature’s beauty. Amabere ga NyinaMwiru is a cultural site with remarkable history located in western Uganda in Fort portal town. Futher more, this destination has a beautiful story told explaining its formation.

  1. Ssezibwa Falls

Ssezibwa falls are located in the Buikwe district the route to Jinja and are culturally affiliated to Buganda kingdom norms and traditions. The Sezibwa falls get water from the river Sezibwa which is 35km east of Kampala.

The waterfall has its water drop from colorful quartzite rocks before creating two channels of flow at the bottom. Although its a cultural attraction now its being run as an ecotourism project. There are several activities that can be carried out and some of these include; nature walks, bird watching and many more. Other activities here include; bird watching, rock climbing, tea plantations tour, forestry study, and many more

  1. Mpanga falls

Mpanga falls is a location on River Mpanga in Kitagwenda County, Kitagwenda District in Western region of Uganda. The Mpanga falls also have a Power Station which is situated at the location of Mpanga Falls, on Mpanga River. The 18.0 MW power stations were developed by Africa Energy Management Systems.

The activities at Mpanga falls include; Birding: Mpanga Forest Reserve is one of Uganda birders paradise sites that you can easily reach even when you are within the city, other activities include Forest Walk, Walk Trail, Night camping and Guided tours.

  1. Muhoma waterfall

Muhoma falls is located in western Uganda in fort portal kamwenge road. The falls are set up in a very beautiful scenic area of Ruteete, blessed with cool temperatures. These falls are within a walkable distance from Ndali Lodge neibouring to Lake Mwamba

Mahoma falls have become tourism attraction in fort portal where travelers have found it much more interesting, and a sight not to miss once you arein fort portal

You may also choose to spend some time in fort portal town as you enjoy grilled chicken,cream of mushroom sauce with mashed potatoes.

Murchison Falls – the most Powerful Waterfall in the World, is Uganda’s spectacular, scenic wonder. It is one of the Most Powerful Waterfall in the World.
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Murchison Falls, also known as Kabalega Falls, is a waterfall between Lake Kyoga and Lake Albert on the Victoria Nile in Uganda. At the top of Murchison Falls, the Nile forces its way through a gap in the rocks, only 7 m (23 ft) wide, and tumbles 43 m (141 ft), before flowing westward into Lake Albert.