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The top 10 best reasons to visit Lake Nakuru National Park.  Lake Nakuru is known to be a home to pink flamingos as well as many other birds over 400 species and these are plovers, Cape pigeon duck, slender billed greenbul, African fish eagle and shinning sunbird.  The park is well liked for bird watching as well as game viewing but is also provide with amazingly scenic view points that add to the remarkable beauty of the park.

Location of Lake Nakuru National Park

Lake Nakuru National Park is situated in West central of Kenya in Nakuru town and is the one of the rift valley lakes at an elevation of 1754m above sea level. It is well known for its many species of birds, as well as number of flamingos, Lake Nakuru also has waterbucks, hippopotamus and impalas. It is one of the many game parks in Kenya and one of the three outstanding game parks in the country.

The reasons as to why you should visit Lake Nakuru National Park are as follows;

1. Rhinos In Lake Nakuru National Park

150 rhinos are currently housed in the rhino sanctuary in Lake Nakuru National Park , with 80% of them being white rhinos and 20% being black rhinos. When visiting Lake Nakuru National Park, you will definitely witness all of these rhinos as well as many other creatures and birds that call this top-notch park home, including the rare Rothchild’s giraffe that calls the Lake Nakuru National Park home.

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Rhinos are enormous mammals that are only second in size to elephants. They are also one of the “big five” wild animals because of their violent behavior when threatened by predators or poachers; otherwise, rhinos are relatively peaceful and gregarious creatures on most days. Both white and black rhino species require water to survive, thus they must constantly be near a body of water. Black rhinos like to forage in bushy areas whereas white rhinos prefer to forage in grassland areas.

What is Lake Nakuru famous for?

2. Pink Flamingos In Lake Nakuru National Park

One of the most popular tourist destinations in Africa is the Lake Nakuru National Park, where lesser and greater flamingos congregate to feed on the cyanobacteria that inhabit its alkaline waters. It has been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site and serves as a crucial stopover and breeding ground for many species of birds.

There are two types of flamingos in Africa, and Lake Nakuru National Park is home to both;

The Phoenicopteridae family of brightly colored wading birds includes a large number of species that live in alkaline and saline lakes and lagoons. Except for in the Andes, where they can be found on icy alkaline lakes at a height of 14,000 feet, they prefer to live in hot, dry places and avoid cool, moist, forested areas (4250m). swim, turn, and fly with their necks extended on a regular basis.

These pink flamingos usually do eat insect larvae and a algae that gives them the pink hue. High waters of Lake Nakuru shrink the birds’ ideal breeding and feeding ground. Due  to the decreased water from Lake Nakuru, flamingos left to the nearby lakes that is to say lake Baringo and lake Bogoria whose water were shallower than that of Lake of Nakuru.

IMG 5974 lake nakuru Flamingoes in Lake Nakuru national park


3.  Baboon Cliff

The baboon cliff is situated in North Western side of Lake Nakuru National Park. The park is renowned for friendly baboon families that you will be able to see. Apart from the baboons and all associated with them, it is the great point to view Lake Nakuru from a high point.


4. Makalia Falls

Lake Nakuru National Park is bestowed with amazing rocky ridges that are raised high above the park’s ground level to give the inimitable views of the Lake Nakuru, the birds, animals as well as the park’s surroundings.

Makalia falls is a small water fall besides river Makalia which is known to be seasonal rivers that flows into Lake Nakuru. The Malakia River is a seasonal river but it is the main source of water for Lake Nakuru conjoined with other two rivers that is to say Enderit and Njoro rivers.

Activities In Lake Nakuru National Park | Things To Do In Lake Nakuru National Park


5. Bird Watching

The perfect time to visit the park for birders is from November to April. This is because it is a breeding season and many birds are in full plumage. Most impressive species are present throughout the year and therefore bird watching is good at any time. In spite of the fact that Its good for birding, April tends to be very wet, and is a less productive time for general wildlife viewing.


6. Game Viewing in Lake Nakuru national Park

Lake Nakuru national Park is a favorable place for animal viewing since because many animals come to the lake for water and others that is to say waterbucks

Game viewing in Lake Nakuru National Park can be done by safari vehicle with a well trained tour guide.

NB; No one is allowed to see animals on foot or bike; all the travelers must be in the car. A well trained tour guide helps the traveler to navigate the different routs of the national park so as to increase on their time of viewing in the park.

b) Night Game

A night game drive refers to the special safari where the tourist will be able view an animal that is to say; leopards, hippos, lions and alike .Animal’s presence in Nakuru National Park is good for the visitors to enjoy safari game drives to explore the best of the National Park and its surroundings.

At the moment you go to Nakuru National Park, you will enjoy and see several safari activities and also see the wildlife species. In the park, there are no chances of animals to move outside the ungazatted area and thus they can be viewed within one place.


7. Hiking

The hike to the falls is strenuous but it can provide with the required physical exercises and experience of hiking.  TheMalakia falls in the park is undisclosed treasure of Nakuru National Park which you can exploit whenever you call for Lake Nakuru. They situated on river malakia in the North part of the park.

You will be able to see the scenic views of the place and the beautiful cool breezes from the waters that falls on the cliff for up to 10m.  For the best enjoyment of hiking and to have the experience of the adventure, visitors can also have a picnic at the water falls.


8. Horse Riding

Horse riding at Lake Nakuru National lodge is carried out outside the park at the 3rd party site. Horse riding excursion done at flamingo stables and it is situated on the perimeter of the Lake Nakuru National Park. Flamingos has been in existence for more than 35 years and offers residents of Nakuru  as well as our visitors , are very best of horse riding services in the entire region. Experience a variety of wildlife as you meander through the outside the national park.

9. Boat Safaris

This refers to the process of travelling on a lake or river in a small boat. Lake Nakuru boat safaris gave on departure times all over the year with no more than eight passengers accompanied by a lake Nakuru resident naturalist. The boat safari is provided by well trained Lake Nakuru resident Naturalists and the boats range from 7 to 8 people capacities.


10. Camping

Lake Nakuru come out with the best opportunities for camping and the bushy vegetation provides you with the best experience as you place your tent beneath the tent. In Lake Nakuru National Park, the weather is not so cold and not so hot which makes the camping experience so marvelous as you enjoy the fresh lake breeze as good times to view animals that come nearer towards the tent.


Weather And Climate of Lake Nakuru National Park

The mild climate of Lake Nakuru has year-round consistency in temperature. Although it is much colder at night, daytime temperatures in the mid to upper twenties are pleasant. Early morning game drives require warm clothing. It rains the most in April and May. The rest of the year is generally dry with scattered showers.

June to February is the dry season.

The pleasant days are typically sunny but not overly warm. Although it rarely rains, don’t be shocked if there is a brief shower at any time. For early morning game drives, warm clothing is advised.

  • The months of June, July, August, September, October, November, and December are sunny with the sporadic shower. In the afternoon, temperatures rise to about 25°C (77°F), but the morning and evening are chilly, with the mercury circling around 9°C (48°F).
  • Before the rains stop, January and February are the driest and warmest months of the year. The rises to 28°C/82°F and continues higher. When the temperature only creeps up to 9°C/48°F in the early morning, be mindful of the chill factor.


March to May is the wet season.

In the Wet season, there are a lot of cloudy, overcast days, but it rarely rains continuously. Around 27°C/81°F is the pleasant afternoon temperature. At 11°C/52°F, the mornings are a little kinder. The wettest month is April.

  • March – Although it is unusual for much rain to fall in March, March or April mark the beginning of the rainy season. The afternoon high will likely be around 27°C/81°F.
  • The wettest month is April, but it doesn’t rain for extended periods of time very frequently.
  • May – Although the rains are already waning, afternoon showers are still frequent.

Accommodations In Lake Nakuru National Park

The best 5 accommodation facilities in Lake Nakuru National Park are based on three categories; luxury accommodations, mid range accommodations, and budget accommodation


Sarova lion hill game lodge

Sarova Lion Hill Game Lodge is located in the Rift Valley Province, 160 kilometers from Nairobi, in Lake Nakuru National Park, with views of Lake Nakuru. It has a restaurant as well as an outdoor pool.

The chalet-style accommodations have a balcony, minibar, and tea/coffee making amenities. The bathrooms are all en-suite and have a shower.

Sarova Lion Hill Game Lodge features a lawn, a bar, and a games area with indoor games.

The park’s private airport is a 30-minute drive from the resort.

Vienna woods hotel Nakuru

Vienna Woods Hotel Nakuru includes a lawn and a bar in Nakuru. The motel with free Wi-Fi is around 16 kilometers from Egerton Castle and 2 kilometers from Westside Mall. The property is located 10 kilometers from Lake Nakuru National Park.

A garden is accessible at the hotel, and each room has a patio. Each room has its own private bathroom.

Breakfast is served every day and includes both continental and American selections. There is also a well-stocked bar.

The receptionist can give information about the neighborhood to assist tourists organize their day.

Kabarak University is within a few minutes’ walk from Vienna Woods Hotel Nakuru.

Hotel wagon wheel

Hotel Wagon Wheel is located in Nakuru, 12 kilometers from Westside Mall. It has a restaurant, free private parking, a bar, and a communal lounge. This 5-star hotel has free Wi-Fi, a 24-hour front desk, and room service. There are family rooms available at the hotel.

The hotel’s rooms include a seating area, a flat-screen TV with cable channels, and a private bathroom with slippers and a shower. Certain accommodations have a kitchenette with a refrigerator.

Breakfast is served either continentally or buffet-style at Hotel Wagon Wheel.

There is a patio on the property.

Sarova woodlands hotel and spa

Sarova Woodlands Hotel and Spa is located in Nakuru, 2.9 kilometers from Westside Mall. The property is around 10 kilometers from Lake Nakuru National Park, 13 kilometers from Egerton Castle, and 10 kilometers from Menengai Crater. There is free Wi-Fi, and Naivas Supermarket (coffee shop) is 100 meters away. Sarova Woodlands is located 4.1 kilometers from the Nakuru Golf Club.

Every room at the hotel has a television. With a private bathroom. Every room has a desk.

Every morning, a breakfast buffet is given at the resort. Guests may dine in the on-site restaurant, which serves African and Indian food.The receptionist at the hotel can provide you information about the neighborhood.

Sarova Woodlands Hotel and Spa is a 5-minute walk from Naivas Supermarket.

Sarova Woodlands Hotel and Spa provides tours for visitors to nearby sites of interest. Lake Bogoria, Lake Baringo, Lake Nakuru National Park, and Menengai Crater are among them.



Hotel Luna resort

The Luna Hotel is one of the greatest places to spend your time and enjoy your holiday in a lovely and tranquil setting. It is located in a calm area away from the busy Nakuru Town, with a touch of stylish design and upgraded amenities, as well as sufficient children’s play facilities and activities, making it an appealing spot for both travelers and families.

White guest house

White Guest House Nakuru is located in Nakuru, 2.6 kilometers from Westside Mall. It has a restaurant, free private parking, and an outdoor swimming pool.

Legacy hotel and suites

Legacy Hotel and Suites, located in the heart of Nakuru town, exudes nothing but utmost tranquility. Our flawlessly and tastefully built rooms are big and come in deluxe, superior, ordinary, and executive suite configurations.

Sandalwood suites Nakuru

provides homestay services in a safe gated neighborhood in Nakuru town, only minutes from from the city center. One and two bedrooms are nicely done. Kitchen is well equipped. There is plenty of parking and a gate that is guarded 24 hours a day. Within minutes, you may see Lake Nakuru and the magnificent Menengai Crater. Among other excellent services. For both short-term and long-term stays

Claire de lune moonlight hotel

The Claire De Lune Moonlight Hotel offers a range of accommodation categories, from standard to executive. Our bathrooms are all en suite and equipped with modern conveniences.


Homebase gardens

Homebase Gardens is located in Nakuru, 2.8 kilometers from Westside Mall, and has a garden, a patio, and free Wi-Fi. This vacation rental has a communal lounge.

The vacation house has 7 bedrooms, a communal living area with a flat screen TV, a fully supplied kitchen, and a fireplace. Each room has its own private bathroom.

This resort offers a bicycle rental service.

Lake Nakuru National Park is 12 kilometers distant, while Egerton Castle is 22 kilometers away.

Parkview apartments

Parkview flats are located in Nakuru, 600 meters from Westside Mall and 9 kilometers from Lake Nakuru National Park. This accommodation has a balcony, as well as free private parking and Wi-Fi.

This air-conditioned apartment features two bedrooms, a flat-screen television, and a kitchen.

Egerton Castle is 11 kilometers distant, while Rift Valley Sports Club is 700 meters away.

Noorah Nakuru CBD homes

Noorah Nakuru CBD Homes One Bedroom – Home 2 is located in Nakuru, 11 km from Egerton Castle and 500 m from Rift Valley Sports Club. The apartment has free private parking and is 600 meters from Westside Mall and 9 kilometers from Lake Nakuru National Park.

This apartment contains one bedroom, one bathroom, and a kitchen.

Lake Nakuru is 9 kilometers away, while Menengai Crater is 10 kilometers away.

Little hometown studio Nakuru CBD

Little Hometown Studio Nakuru CBD is located in Nakuru, 700 meters from Westside Mall. It has free Wi-Fi and private parking. The Rift Valley Sports Club is 500 meters away, while Lake Nakuru is 9 kilometers away.

The apartment has one bedroom, one living area, a fully furnished kitchen with a microwave and a kettle, and one bathroom with a bidet and slippers. Towels and bed linen are provided.

Lake Nakuru National Park is 9 kilometers away, while Egerton Castle is 11 kilometers away.

Great rift heights

Great Rift Heights offers garden views and rooms with a patio and a balcony, around 2.7 kilometers from Westside Mall. This house has a private pool as well as free private parking.

This apartment has two bedrooms, a flat-screen television, and a kitchen.

Lake Nakuru National Park is 8 kilometers distant, while Egerton Castle is 13 kilometers away

In conclusion,

Lake Nakuru National Park is noted for its number of flamingos that turn the lake into pink color. The lake contains an abundance of flora and fauna with the papyrus swamp, the green valley and also geographical beauty.