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Best 7 Reasons To Visit Rusizi National Park

Best 7 Reasons To Visit Rusizi National Park

Best 7 Reasons To Visit Rusizi National Park in Burundi

The best 7 reasons to visit Rusizi National Park in Burundi. The larger part of the park lies on the eastern bank of Rusizi River. This flood plain consists of acacia trees, shrubs and grasslands dominating the wild vegetation. South of the highway is the delta of Rusizi river which drains into Lake Tanganyika. The river delta is dotted with small islands, water streams, channels and papyrus beds.

Rusizi national park in Burundi is located in the north west of Bujumbura city next to Rusizi River bordering DR Congo. The park is the most famous of all Burundi National parks and since Burundi’s official language is French, the park is referred to as is the Parc National de la Rusizi. The park is sectioned into two significant areas which are separated by the Bujumbura-Uvira road.

The park was formerly gazetted to protect the Hippos that live on the river delta and other wild animals such as include antelopes, Nile crocodiles, monkeys among others. The park has over 200 bird species which include cisticola, sharpe’s pied babbler, red-chested sunbird, Angola weaver, Baglafecht weaver, the yellow browed cistril among others, Some of the migrant birds to the wetland include the white winged tern and the African skimmer among others.

Suitably located near the prominent Rusizi River at 15 kms North of Bujumbura City with various beautiful Flora and Fauna inhabiting the park, the park is one of Burundi’s main safari destinations every traveler from all over the world should experience. The park comprises of wildlife animals like hippos, Sitatungas, antelopes, Monkeys as well as numerous species of birds which fly from one place to another. There are various Flamingos that flood along the banks of River Rusizi.

Accessing the park requires you to travel for a period of 20 minutes from down town of Bujumbura then alter you will enter and drive around the park where you will spot hippos in the River. Take on a boat cruise along the River to enjoy exceptional encounters around the beautiful National park as you watch crocodiles.

Hippo tracking

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Rusizi national park is a home to hippos, hippo is one of the most sought after animal during a safari for any tourist  visiting Africa, here a tourist will need to have a permit to track or film hippos, and un necessary recording, filming and photography is not accepted in Burundi


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There are about 200 species of birds in Rusizi National Park that travelers can take time to see while on a bird-watching activity. Bird watching has travelers going through different trails in the park while in search of various bird species. Having a bird guide with you as well as a pair of good binoculars helps visitors in spotting more colorful species of birds even those that are quite far off. Among the birds you will see in the park include Sharpe’s pied babbler, red-chested sunbird and baglafetch weaver, as well as migrant birds like the white winged tern.

Wild safaris

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Walking safaris in Rusizi Park are a great way to explore the park and see a number of flora and fauna like Sitatunga, antelopes, various bird species, monkey species among others, a tourist is guided by armed ranger guide for protection from wildlife and guidance  through different trails. The guides will share their knowledge about the part greatly and answer all your questions that you may have at all times.

Sport Fishing

Sport fishing is done on Rusizi River and one needs to be with a licence to be able to take part in this activity, here travelers can let go of their catch or decide to have it cooked for them, or better yet cook it yourself or roast it. Make sure to have your tour operator get you a license to be able to take part in the activity while in the park.

Bee and honey harvesting

Honey harvesting is a tourist activity that attract visitors interested to observe and enjoy bee-keeping and honey harvesting safaris through the natural forests.

Game drive and Rusizi river

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Game drive in rusizi  national park are done along the river banks and its oxbows and sand bank, and a visitor is guided by a knowledgeable tour guide providing information about the animals you spot on the drive, with a professional driver in a safari vehicle here tourist get an opportunity to see different animals especially when they come together near the banks of the river and this is commonly during the dry season when animals like, lions, elephants, buffalos, giraffes, warthogs, impalas, zebras, hyenas and others gather to drink from the river.

Boat cruize

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Boat safaris can be done on Rusizi River in Rusizi Park. Boat safaris are a great way to spot more animals like serried ranges of hippos as well as the Nile crocodiles. Aquatic birds can also be seen, as well as other park animals at the shores as they come for a dip or drink to quench their thirst.


Burundi there are various Safari Lodges, Hotels, Accommodations facilities where you may seek overnight stay before or after the Burundi Safari once booked with a trusted local Safari Company. Find the complete of Hotels in Burundi near Rusizi National Park & River Rusizi lodges.

There are a number of accommodation facilities in and around Rusizi National Park that travelers can stay in. Booking in advance is advised, luxury accommodation include, Kiriri garden hotel,  midrange include, Royal palm resort, budget include, house well equiped path.

How to access

Rusizi National Park has a number of routes and roads that travelers can use to get to the park basing from DR Congo Bukavu, Rwanda or via Airlines to Bujumbura National Airport. The best way to get to Rusizi Park however is by a 4WD for it gives travellers an opportunity to explore the countryside extensively.

When to visit

Planning the safari holiday to Rusizi National Park, visitors are advised to visit during the dry season from June to September to spot out various  attractions  because the rainy season takes on for the rest of the year since Burundi lies in the equatorial belt of Africa. Irrespective of the time you choose to go visit Rusizi National Park, be sure to that you will enjoy your stay as you book your safari with KubwaFive Safaris