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The list of Tanzania national parks and game reserves in Tanzania are Serengeti National Park, Tarangire National Park, Lake Manyara National Park, Arusha National Park, Selous Game Reserve, , Ruaha National Park and many others.

Tanzania is a habitat to the ionic Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest peak though Uganda has Africa’s  highest mountain range.

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Ruaha National Park

Ruaha National Park is situated in Tanzania covering an area of 20226 square kilometers. Ruaha national Park is known as the largest National Park in Tanzania.  One of the main features in the park is River Ruaha and acts as a water source for wildlife in especially in the dry season

Wildlife in Ruaha National Park

The commonly viewed wildlife in Ruaha National Park include, lions, leopards, cheetahs, zebra, buffaloes, hippos, elephants and many others.

Best time to visit Ruaha National Park

Ruaha can be visited in the dry season in the month of Month May to October when the skies are bright and during the wet season in the month of November to April when the vegetation is green with a beautiful view and fewer crowds.

Rivers in Ruaha National Park

The rivers in Ruaha National Park include, River Mdonya, River Ruaha, River Mzambe, River Jongomero and also River Mwagusi.

Activities in Ruaha National Park

Bird watching

Ruaha National Park is a home for bird species which can be seen as the tourist move around the park. Some of the birds which can be watched include; long crested eagle, African fish eagle, and many others.

Game viewing

Both day and night game drives are done within Ruaha National Park. The animals which can be viewed by the tourists around and within the park include the following; wild dogs, elephants, lions, zebras, kudus, and so many others.

 Mikumi National Park

Mikumi National Park is situated near Morogoro in Tanzania. It is well known as the 4th largest national park within Tanzania and is near to Tanzania’s capital city that is to say Dar es Salaam.

Tourist attractions in Mikumi National Park

Most of different animal species which can be seen in Mikumi National Park include; elands, impalas, zebras, elephants, wildebeests, kudus, sable antelopes and buffaloes.

Mikumi National Park boasts of a huge number of attractions which includes the following; Tamarinds, the Savannah plains, Acacia trees, Baobab, palm and others.

Game viewing

In Mikumi National Park, game viewing can be carried out during the day and night. The tourist can get an opportunity to watch hippos swimming in the pools which are near to the park’s main gate. The plains attract large herds of buffaloes that gather to enjoy the fresh water at the Mkata River

Bird watching

Mikumi is a great home to more than 400 species of birds that is to say; yellow throated long claw, Lilac breasted eagle, African fish eagle, Bateleur eagle, saddle billed stork, cattle egrets, Malachite kingfisher, and so many others.


At Mikumi National Park, camping can be done during the times of dry season mostly in the months of June to October and November.

Tarangire National Park

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Tarangire National Park is situated in the Manyara region in Tanzania. The name Tarangire was got from the Tarangire River which passes through the park and it act as a source of fresh water for animals in Tarangire Park, mostly during the dry season.

Activities in Tarangire National Park

Nature walks

In Tarangire National Park, the tourists can use one of the trails for a walk to get an amazing scenic view of the natural environment.


Tarangire National Park is a great destination for the travelers to spot a huge number of bird species and these mostly occupy the savannah plains and the woodlands.

Cultural visits

A drop over to the Maasai village gives the travelers a chance to learn about their dressing code, traditional dance, and unique culture. The Maasai people are commonly known as the local indigenous tribes that live in Tanzania.

Rungwa Game Reserve

One of the important activities conducted at Rungwa game reserve I birding which offers a chance of spotting the violet crested turaco, plovers, pale billed horn bills and yellow collared.

Rungwa game reserve is located in Manyoni district in Singida region on the northern side of Ruaha National Park and it covers an area of 9000 square kilometers.

Best time to visit Rungwa Game Reserve

January, April, November and December is the best time for bird watching except that accessibility is difficulty due to the heavy rains which leads to muddy roads.

Activities at Rungwa Game Reserve

Game viewing

Rungwa Game Reserve offers travelers with access to one of the most amazing game viewing opportunities with great animals to look out for being Oribis, warthogs, bush pigs, greater kudus, buffaloes, zebras, nibbes, lions, bushbucks roan antelopes and so many others.


Rungwa Game Reserve offers you with the big game hunting grounds all over the world. It is well known as the number one in hunting with an award.

Kipengere Mpanga Game Reserve

Mpanga Kipengere Game Reserve — - Tanzania Tourism TAWA to promote tourist attractions in Mpanga-Kipengere Game Reserve

Kipengere Mpanga game reserve covers an area of 1,574 square kilometers. The reserve is a protected area in Njobe Region of the Southern Highlands of Tanzania, East Africa.  It is known for its unique plants and animals, cultural heritage, in Nyumba Nitu forest and kaimani waterfalls which are known to be amazing for nature tourism.

Animals found in Kipengere Mpanga game reserve

Most of the animals found in Kipengere Mpanga include; buffaloes, baboon, zebras, cheetah, giraffe, elephants, hyena, waterbucks and many others.

Popular destination around Kipengere Mpanga Game Reserve include; Lupembe, Mbeya, Tukuyu, Kyela and Makambako.

 Selous Game Reserve

Selous Game Reserve is well known as the largest protected game reserve on the African continent and covers an area of square kilometers. It offers the escape from the large tourist crowds in the northern safari destination such as Serengeti while you a remarkable wildlife experience.

Best time to visit Selous Game Reserve

The best time to visit Selous is June to October which also stands as the highest season.

Animals in Selous game reserve

The Selous game reserve is a habitant to several uncommon antelope species including the Puku and Sable. The number of lakes near the main circuit is a nicest place to view numerous giraffes as well as zebras, waterbucks, buffaloes, impalas and many more.

7. Arusha National Park

Arusha National Park is commonly known for its black and white colobus monkeys. It is strategically situated in the Northern part of Tanzania in the North eastern region of Arusha town. Arusha National Park is the most accessible national park of the north circuit in Tanzania and the wonderful place for a day trip.

Accommodation in Arusha National Park

Luxury hotels in Arusha include; Mount Meru Hotel, Onsea House, Arusha Crown Hotel

Budget Hotels include; Banana Farm Eco Hostel, Mambo hideaway, Culture home, Zion Care Home stay, Graceland Hotel

Tanzania provides visitors with extensive selection of choices when it comes to accommodation. For those guests looking for an authentic tented safari experience there  are camps like and beyond Serengeti under Canvas and Selous Serena camp for honeymooners.