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Kenya is famously known as one of the world’s premium safari locations with great room and chance of wildlife viewing all year around. Kenya is also commonly known for its birdlife in the rift valley lakes, its magnificent array of wildlife including the (big five) which you have a very good opportunity of spotting. The known National Parks and game reserves in Kenya include; Kora National Park, Lake Nakuru National Park, Lake Bogoria National reserve, Laikipia Plateau, Lake Turkana,Kora National Park, Hell’s Gate National Park, Aberdare National Park, Amboseli National Park, Tsavo East and West National Park, Meru National Park, Buffalo Springs National Reserve, Kakamega Forest National Reserve and very much more.

5 Days Pentagon Amboseli National Park and Maasai Mara National Reserve Safari in Kenya

1.Amboseli National Park in Kenya

The park is known for its great elephant herds and the chaperones are experienced at teaching their tourists about the animals. The guest will get the opportunity to meet and visit Maasai village.

Best time to visit Amboseli National Park

The great time to visit Amboseli National Park is during the dry season which is from June to October and the travelers will be able to watch wildlife in Amboseli.

Animals in Amboseli National Park

Amboseli National Park is a habitat to a huge number of wildlife estimated to be 80 different species including; Impalas, lions, African buffaloes, zebras, elephants, wildebeest, Amboseli National Park is situated in the southern part of Kenya.

2. Hell’s Gate National Park in Kenya

Hell’s Gate National Park will give the tourist many options of activities like; bike riding hiking, game driving. The park is a habitat to fewer dangerous wild animals making a fantastic place for hiking. The Park is situated in the Southern part of Kenya in the Northwest of Nairobi City.

Best time to visit Hell’s Gate National Park

June to March is best for wildlife viewing as well as outdoor activities. March to May may affect tourist’s camping and cycling experience but still she or he can still pay a visit.

Animals in Hell’s Gate National Park

There is a large number of wildlife in Hell’s Gate National Park which includes; cheetahs, hyenas, leopards, lions, baboons, African Buffaloes, hartebeest, as well as baboons.

3. Lake Turkana National Park

Lake Turkana National Park, Loyangalani, Kenya, Africa, Stock Photo, Picture And Rights Managed Image. Pic. PNA-KINA80886 | agefotostock Lake Turkana – Best Time to Visit, Wildlife & More!

Lake Turkana National Park is famously known for its greenish-blue colors. It is the largest alkaline lake in the world and besides that it is the largest lake in Kenya though Lake Victoria is the larger but is shared with Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.

Best time to visit Lake Turkana National Park

When visiting Lake Turkana National Park, the wetter months should be evaded when you are driving up from Nairobi, as some tracks might become difficult to move. The park can be visited at any time but the scenery is most stunning after the rains, which peak in April and November

Animals in Lake Turkana National Park

The endangered mammals within Lake Turkana National Park include lion, cheetah, hippo, wild dog, Lelwel hartebeest and Grevy’s zebra. The lake sustains 60 species of fish which include; Nile perch, tiger, tilapia, and puffer fish.

4. Kora National Park

Kora National Park is sizeable park that connects to other parks and reserves like Tsavo West National Park and Meru National Park. The tourists who visit the park get amused to diverse bird life, rock climbing, fishing in Tana River and visiting George Adamson’s grave hence making it an amazing African Safari

Best time to visit Kora National Park

Kora National Park can be visited during the dry seasons that is to say from the month of June to September in that the animals can be easily spotted. During the wet seasons, roads can become very difficult to move since the roads are usually slippery and grass is long.

Animals in Kora National Park

In Kora National Park there is a variety of animals’ species including hippopotamus, African bush elephant, genet, Tanzanian cheetah, caracal, stripped hyena, lion, serval, antelope and wildcat.

5. Lake Bogoria National Reserve

The major and commonly known attraction in Lake Bogoria National Reserve is the flamingoes. It is a habitat to a variety of wildlife.

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Best time to visit Lake Bogoria National Reserve

Lake Bogoria National Reserve turns a shade of pink between the month of August and October. The tourists will be able to notice an expansive sea of pink.

Animals in Lake Bogoria National Reserve

The popular mammals in Lake Bogoria National Reserve are as follows; cheetah, zebra, greater kudu, warthog, baboon, dik dik, spotted hyena, impala, caracal and much more.

6. Buffalo Springs National Game Reserve

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The great tourist attraction of Buffalo Spring Game Reserve is a variety of animals. Due to its large concentration of animals, this game reserve has become to be positioned among the best destinations for wildlife safari.

Best time to visit Buffalo Springs National Game Reserve

In the dry months that is to say; from the month of June to October and December to March, the travelers will observe wildlife in Buffalo Springs. April is the wettest month and wildlife can be more difficult at this time.

Animals in Buffalo Springs National Game Reserve

Buffalo Springs National Game Reserve offers sights of many animals like elephants, eland, buffaloes, elands, giraffes, and much more mostly at the banks of Ewaso Ngiro River.

7. Kakamega Forest National Reserve

Kakamega Forest National Reserve is the only tropical rain forest in Kenya of the Guineo-congolian. It is also famously known as the habitat to over 300 species of birds, reptiles, amphibians

Best time to visit Kakamega Forest National Reserve

At Kakamega Forest National Park, the month of June to August is a favorable time for bird watching as many birds breed and display after the rains of April and May.

Animals in Kakamega Forest National Reserve

This delightful forest is a habitat to various mammals including Debrazzar and colobus monkeys, hedgehogs, bush pigs, pottos and giant forest.

8. Meru National Park

Meru National Park is known as the best National Park in Kenya. The travelers have the chance to see both forest, swamp and open savanna species including fish eagle, palm weaver, Maasai Ostrich, martial eagle, African Finfoot, wattled starling, palm weaver

Best time to visit Meru National Park

Rainfall during the months of November and December is limited to short afternoon and evening showers. During this time, the traveler levels are lower than the dry season in Mere National Park.

Animals in Meru National Park

Meru National Park holds a variety of critters including; hippopotamus, cheetah, African leopard, leopard, southern white rhinoceros, Grevy’s zebra and eastern black.

9. Tsavo National Park

This is the oldest national park in Kenya and it is divided into two that is to say; Tsavo East National Park and Tsavo West National Park which are separated by a railway line.

Best time to visit Tsavo National Park

The best and favorable time of the year to watch wildlife is during the month of June to September. The lack of water (rainfall) from July to October means that few water and food sources are available to the animals.

Animals in Tsavo National Park

The tourist will be able to encounter variety of animals in Tsavo National Park and these include; Giraffe, cheetah, Elephant, Mangoose, Lesser Kuddu, Nocturnal Porcupine, zebra, Crocodile, Lion, Leopard, Buffalo, wild dogs and Rhinos.

10. Shaba National Reserve

Shaba National Reserve is famously known for its prides of lions which can be seen under thickets during the day as they go for rest. During a game viewing activity in the Shaba National reserve, many other animals can be seen by the tourists.

Best time to visit Shaba National Reserve

From the month of June to October and December to March are always the best seasons to watch wildlife in Shaba National Reserve.

Animals in Shaba National Reserve

Shaba National Reserve is a habitat to a very huge number of animals such as; Gerenuk, Somali Ostrich, Grevy Zebra, Beisa Oryx and Reticulated Giraffe.

In conclusion

Kenyan National Parks are the most visited national parks because of the great wildebeest migration, which occurs during the month of July and August. Kenya strategically known as the most popular destination which offers awesome Indian Ocean Beaches