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Here are the Top 10 reasons to visit lake manyara np.  Did you know that it is only in Lake Manyara National Park where you can see tree climbing lions in Tanzania. The park is a great home for a huge number of wild animals which grow in the savannah dominated regions of the park due to the animals seen in a big crowd. The park was termed after the soda lake which is unearthed at the park which was also termed after the common sited tree at the park. The tree species is called Euphorbia Tirucalli which is called Emanyara in the Maasai language.

Lake Manyara National Park is located in the Northern Tourist circuit that covers the premium parks such as Tarangire National Park, Serengeti National Park and Ngorongoro Crater. The park can be accessed either by the northern or southern gates. The northern gate is more frequently used since most accommodation is situated in its vicinity. The reasons as to why you should visit Lake Manyara are as follows;

Game drives

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Despite the fact that Lake Manyara National Park is bigger in size compared to the other known wildlife destinations in Northern Tanzania, a game drive in this national park is uniformly satisfying as different wildlife species can be sighted grazing in the savannah plains


This refers to the activity of taking a long walk mostly for pleasure or exercise. Hiking is adventurous safari experience in Lake Manyara National Park perfect for hikers and nature lovers, this experience require no vehicle so they are done on foot allowing the travelers to visit most parts on the park not acquired by vehicle.

Bird watching

2 Days Tanzania Safari Lake Manyara National Park, 2 Day Lake Manyara Safari in Tanzania Lake Manyara National Park – Dramatic Park To Find Tanzania Birding

Lake Manyara National Park is a perfect place for bird watching within Tanzania, the park is known for hosting a flock thousands of flamingos clustered the shorelines of Lake Manyara. These flamingos are found of migrating from Lake Natron to Lake Manyara mostly in the wet season.


This is the play where one gets into a little boat made for the sport called a canoe and using a single-bladed paddle to steer the canoe. Canoeing in Lake Manyara National Park, is amazing experience which is done on the salty waters of the lake in a two man canoe.

Masai Bombas

Lake Manyara National Park provides cultural experience through a visit in the villages of the Masai people who were the early in the habitants of Lake Manyara National Park area and after issuing of the area as a national park the Masai people live on the boundaries of the park.

Lake Manyara tree walkway

A walk on the tree walkway starts from a short board walk raising in the altitude as walk to a series of dubious bridges. For the sake of security purposes of the travelers, the suspicion bridges have secure netting on both sides.

Community visits.

Throughout the time of community visits, traveler participates in activities like visiting the Manyattas and the Kraals of the Maasai where livestock like goats and sheep is kept. The Maasai people do their traditional dances for the travelers during these community visits and they can as well join in on the fun as traditional songs are chanted and the Maasai warriors jump around in rhythm.

Maji Moto Springs

Lake Manyara Hot Springs | Lake Manyara National park | Tanzania tour home more search maji

Maji Moto Springs are some of attractions in Lake Manyara National Park that tourists get to visit while on a lake safari. Maji Moto Springs are natural springs and a magnificent attraction in the park.

Ground water forest.

Ground water forest is an astounding site to visit for scenic experience within Lake Manyara National Park; the forest is densely dominated by evergreen forest of Mahogany trees and wild date palms which are supported by a permanent supply of ground water.

Flood plains

Flood plains of Lake Manyara National Park are a unique habitat for wildlife and a best site for viewing animals while on a Tanzania wildlife safari. During dry season, saline-tolerant grasses spring up and the area becomes a habitat for grazing herbivores due to the fresh nature-rich grasses many animals are attracted to the area like zebras and wildebeest

How to access Lake Manyara National Park

Lake Manyara National can be obtained by the tourists by both road and air means. By air, tourists to this park can use Manyara airstrip and by road, there is an option of driving from Arusha to the national park

By flight or air, Lake Manyara National Park  can also be obtained through charter and domestic flights available to the airstrip within the national park.


The visitors visiting Lake Manyara National Park can stay at the accommodation facilities that is to say; hotels and lodges which are situated both in and outside the park which makes it easier for the travelers to make decision from different options of lodges and hotels to stay at during their safaris.

At Manyara National Park there are different types of rooms and these are; single rooms, double rooms, twin rooms and also family cottages.

Manyara National Park provides different kinds of accommodation and they are as follows;

Luxury accommodation

This is the up end accommodations and they are; Lake Manyara tree lodge, Acacia farm lodge, Lake Manyara Sopa Lodge and Lake Manyara Serena Lodge

Mid range

Lodges and camps in mid range accommodation are as follows; Twiga lodge, Escarpment lodge, Lake Manyara Wildlife Lodge, Kirurumu tented lodge and many others.

Budget accommodation. This refers to as elementally accommodations and they include; Haven nature camp, Eco bama camp Jambo rooms and many others.

In conclusion

Lake Manyara National Park is among the top ranked bird destinations within Tanzania which is good for birders on Tanzania bird safari and is a home to over 400 bird species and because of its huge number of bird inhabitation in the park makes the destination one of the best destination for birding.

The park is one of the special smaller parks that the tourist would want to visit while on safari. It is a gorgeous park centered on its eponymous lake which is a magnet to wildlife from all around throughout the time of season.