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Best Time To Visit Lake Bunyonyi In Uganda

The best time to visit Lake Bunyonyi in Uganda is based on when you decide to make your visit and the activities at the park you would love to participate in.

Lake Bunyonyi is an amazing wonder of nature found in the South western part of Uganda. Known as the deepest lake (900 meters) in the country and the 2nd deepest in Africa, Lake Bunyonyi is nothing short of surprises.

This unbelievable depth should not frighten you about having fun in Lake Bunyonyi, it is so easy to swim in it and in fact this lake has no dangerous animals in it such as crocodiles and hippos which makes it very safe for humans. There are several sections on the lake which were enclosed for swimming activities.

Lake Bunyonyi is home to more than 200 different bird species hence the unique name, “Bunyonyi” which means place of many small birds. Birders from all over the world swam the lake to enjoy the amazing birds.

You will have your breath blown away by the spectacular 29 islands which majestically sit on the waters of Lake Bunyonyi. You should not miss out on visiting this beauty.

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The best time to visit Lake Bunyonyi is discussed as follows;


The weather in Lake Bunyonyi

The lake experiences two main seasons and these include;

  • The wet/ tropical season

This season consists of 9 whole months, these start from March all the way up to November. Around this whole season, the lake receives ample rainfall.

This season favors activities such as bird watching and a bit of game viewing.

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Since the tropical season is the major season at the lake, some months like January to August are the best for you to visit. This is because the temperature is nice and warm with minimal precipitation.


  • The dry/hot season in Lake Bunyonyi

The dry/hot season in Lake Bunyonyi consists of just 3 months and they range from December to February. It is really hot around this time of the year with high temperatures and hot dry air.

January has mild temperatures which significantly increase during day time with fairly enough rainfall received half of the time.

February has the highest temperature of over 84 degrees Fahrenheit while May has the lowest temperature of about 78 degrees Fahrenheit.

Activities like; boat cruising, canoe rides, community walks and game drives are ideal around this time.

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My conclusion about the best time to visit Lake Bunyonyi

The Lake is accessible all year round just feel free to visit whenever you want. As I told you earlier on, for you to get the very best experience at Lake Bunyonyi, please visit anytime between January to August.

The tropical weather at this awesome lake is ideal for tours and many other fun activities for you to participate in at the lake.

For an even more exciting touring experience in Lake Bunyonyi please plan your trip with Kubwa Five Safaris, you will love every single bit of it.