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Best Climate In Lake Bunyonyi In Uganda

The best climate in Lake Bunyonyi in Uganda consists of two major seasons and these include; the dry season and the wet season. Known as the 2nd deepest lake in Africa and one of the safest in the world, Lake Bunyonyi is located in the South Western part of a beautiful East African country called Uganda near her border with Rwanda.

Lake Bunyonyi is home to over 200 different residential bird species, this is great news for birders. The lake also harbors several wild animal species and some of them include; Zebras, waterbucks, kobs, De Brazza’s monkeys and several other animals.

Lake Bunyonyi Uganda Africa

With approximately 29 different islands, Lake Bunyonyi is a must-see for all lovers of the wild and nature at large. Here is a brief discussion about the best climate in Lake Bunyonyi;

The lake is characterized by the tropical savanna climate which simply means that the months are mostly warm and they receive both rainfall and  sunshine interchangeably.

It is dry for over 83 days in the year with a humidity of over 74%. The average temperature for the whole year in Lake Bunyonyi is 51 degrees Celsius with about 500 inches of rainfall.


The dry season (Hot season) in Lake Bunyonyi

The dry/hot season in Lake Bunyonyi happens from December to February, the temperatures are warmest around this time of the year. The air is usually dry with minimal precipitation taking place.

Temperatures in January are actually quite mild with daytime temperatures significantly higher and it rains about half of the time.

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The wet season (Tropical season) in Lake Bunyonyi

The wet season in Lake Bunyonyi takes place from March to November. For the whole year, there are roughly 253.4 rainfall days with about 1018mm of precipitation accumulated.

July receives the least amount of rainfall compared to other months in the wet season. It rains for just about 10 days and only 16mm of precipitation is collected through out July.
November happens to be the month with the most rainfall in Bunyonyi. Rain falls for 28.4 days and accumulates 159mm (6.26″) of precipitation. The lake gets 15 full rainy days and collects 311.34mm of the rainfall. Humidity is close to 81%.
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My conclusion about the best climate in Lake Bunyonyi

The weather in Lake Bunyonyi is always ideal for you and your loved ones to visit and tour. You can plan your trip with Kubwa Five Safaris so that everything goes perfectly well to meet your expectations.