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Best Time To Visit Kruger National Park In South Africa

The best time to visit Kruger National Park in South Africa entirely depends on the activities you would like to be apart of at the park. Kruger National Park is the 6th largest national park in Africa. and it lies between Mpumalanga and Limpopo provinces in the Northern part of South Africa.

The park is home to Africa’s Big Five alongside 142 other mammal species, over 500 bird species and lots of plant species. The park’s huge fields and plains are covered in savannah woodlands and grasslands. You will surely enjoy visiting it.

Here is the Kruger National Park best time to visit;


The weather and climate in Kruger National Park

The park experiences two major seasons (Winter and Summer) which are the exact opposite of the usual winter and summer experienced in Europe and Asia which are characterized by freezing temperatures and heat respectively.


Winter (Dry season) in Kruger National Park

The winter season in Kruger National Park takes place from May to September. It is dry with relatively sunny days and cold nights. There is zero to no rainfall received and it is perfect timing for most of the activities done at the park. Some of the activities include;

  • Game viewing
  • Game drives
  • Self drives
  • Nature Walks among others.

I encourage you to visit the park around this season because it is the best especially if you are interested in any of the mentioned activities.

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Summer (wet season) in Kruger National Park

The wet summer season in Kruger National Park takes place from October to April. It is characterized by rain storms. Game viewing is extremely difficult during this season because the grass, shrubs, woodlands and trees are really grown which limits how far you can see.

This season is however very ideal for bird watching especially between late November and early December. You will be able to see migratory birds. Game viewing is not entirely out of the picture too, around this time most animals show off their new born offspring.

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My conclusion about when to visit Kruger National Park

Since the park is open all year round, you are free to come through any time you want but remember to put the weather into consideration. You can as well book your tour of Kruger National Park with Kubwa Five Safaris. You will surely not regret having done so.

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