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Top 8 Best Activities To Do In Kruger National Park In South Africa

The top 8 best activities to do in Kruger National Park are; Game drives, Bird watching, Nature walks, Canyoning, Tubing, Caving, Mountain biking and Golfing.

Kruger National Park is the oldest park in all of Africa. It is very large and can be found in the Northern part of South Africa. The park lies on two provinces namely; Limpopo and Mpumalanga.

This beautiful park is home to a variety of wildlife species like birds, reptiles, mammals, fish, insects and several trees and plants species. You will be pleasantly surprised to spot the Big Five (Lion, Elephant, Rhino, Leopard and Buffalo).

Here are the top 8 best things to do in Kruger  National Park;

1. Game Drives in Kruger National Park

At a total surface area of 19.623 square kilometers, Kruger National Park is pretty huge. In fact it is the largest national park in South Africa and the 6th largest national park in Africa. This means that it is close to impossible for you to tour every area of this park on foot.

Therefore, the park has a well trained group of tour guides together with experienced drivers who are available to take you around the park in 4×4 wheel drive safari vans. The game drives can either happen very early in the morning or during evening hours.

The advanced and well maintained gravel and tarmac roads in the park will simplify the tour. Be ready to see the Big Five, and lots of other animals like Giraffes, Bush buck, spotted hyenas, impala, African wild dog packs and so many more animals.

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Please remember to carry your camera non-flash so that you can take pictures of the amazing animals without scaring them off with the flash. You will share the pictures with your friends and family when you go back home after the tour.


Game Viewing in Kruger National Park

With over 147 different animal species recorded in Kruger National Park, you can be apart of game viewing safaris. This is simply looking at different animal types like mammas, reptiles, insects and several others while your experiencing the game drives.

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2. Bird Watching in Kruger National Park

This can also be called birding. With more than 500 recorded bird species in Kruger National Park, bird watching safari enthusiasts can call this park a dream come true. More than 40% of these bird species are migratory birds from Europe and Asia. They usually fly into the park in November and they leave in April.

The remaining 60% of the bird species comprises of the traditional South African birds. Bird watching is ideal between December to February which is the Summer season.

Some of the beautiful birds you will be able to see and take pictures of include; The African openbill, trumpeter hornbill, hooded vultures, Narina trogon, Senegal coucal, crested guinea fowl among so many other bird species.

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3. Nature Walks in Kruger National Park

The park also offers guided nature walking safaris (Nature walks) to its guests and tourists. These will require you to walk on foot in the presence and guidance of trained game rangers who have enough experience and knowledge to take you around the park following known trails as you observe and see different animals, plant, insect and bird species from a close range.

You will be accompanied by armed rangers to see to it that no surprise encounters with wild animals are fatal. Remember non of the animals in Kruger National Park are caged, so at all times your security should be prioritized.

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4. Canyoning in Kruger National park

Due to the humongous size of the park, a lot of people from all over the world have very high expectations when it comes to the fun activities to do at the park. Canyoning activities take place at Mac-Mac Falls just near Kruger National Park.

These falls are found in Mpumalanga on the Mac-Mac River. Canyoning is an adrenaline-rushing and thrilling activity which involves jumping into the rushing water and flowing along with it. It is enjoyable for both the spectators and the ones participating.


5. Tubing at Kruger National Park

Tubing activities in Kruger National Park take place on Sabie River which is also near the park. It involves floating on an air-filled tube across the river. The speed you move at when tubing is by choice. You are advised to wear a life jacket as a safety measure.


6. Caving at Kruger National Park

You can also go caving in the Sabie caves for fun. The virgin caves can be explored using candles. The candle light will enable you to see through the dark caves. Be ready to get your shoes and clothes dirty because there is a lot of walking, crawling and squeezing as you walk through the caves. It is fun.


7. Mountain Biking at Kruger National Park

The park is full of several biking trails which you can follow together with biking rangers. The park has morning and afternoon biking trips and these can last for 3 to 4 hours which entirely depends on the speed and route taken.

After lots of sitting, it will be very refreshing to cycle your way around the park for a change. This exercise is good for your legs and back, there is no harm in breaking a little sweat for such a great cause. You will spot several animals on your way.

There are also full day trails but these require you to make reservations. The maximum number of people to participate in mountain biking is 6 people per a group.


8. Golfing at Kruger National Park

There is a golf course on the far end of Skukuza rest camp which is within the park itself. This makes the park unique and a must-see place for everyone who visits South Africa. Skukuza golf course has a golf club. It can be found along the road towards the Paul Kruger Gate.

Playing golf at the park is a great way to relax, you can participate with your friends and also get a chance to interact with other people in case you want to.

Other than the top 8 best activities to do at Kruger National Park, there is so much more to see, enjoy and be apart of at this amazing park.


My Conclusion about the top 8 best activities to do at Kruger National Park

For a thrilling adventure while participating in the top 8 best activities to do at Kruger National Park, book your safari with Kubwa Five Safaris, you will not regret it.