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Best 5 Reasons To Visit Kazuma Pan

Best 5 Reasons To Visit Kazuma Pan National Park In Zimbabwe

The best 5 reasons to visit Kazuma Pan National Park in Zimbabwe are animal species, bird watching, beautiful scenery, nature walks and game drives.

The park is located in Zimbabwe in the north western part, lying on the Botswana border covering a short distance between Kazungula and Hwange National Park south west of Victoria falls, covering an area of 313sq km and 77345 acres.

The park was established in 1949 with un spoilt wilderness known for the large numbers of elephants and buffalo plus the bird species, Kazuma was developed to be a refuge of animals in the area during the hunting season.

The beautiful landscapes of the grasslands, natural pans and Mopane tree forests are home for wildlife like lion, giraffe, antelope, zebra, leopard among others. The best 5 reasons to visit Kazuma Pan National Park include; Animal species, Bird Watching, Beautiful Scenery, Nature Walks and Game Drives.

1. Animal Species in Kazuma Pan National Park

Did you know that Kazuma Pan National Park which is located in Zimbabwe has variety of wildlife like lions, elephants, leopards, giraffe and antelopes. These animals attract a lot of people to the park, since most people are eager to see them thus the park has it all.

These animals are spotted mostly during dry season when they have gathered around the floodplains to drink water, this gives a greater opportunity to visitors to view the wildlife in their true form thus experiencing African wilderness.

The African elephants and the cape buffaloes are present in large numbers towards the end of dry season when the water is scarce in most areas, the park also has white rhino, wild dogs and cheetah.

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2. Bird Watching in Kazuma  Pan National Park

Honestly, Kazuma Pan National Park has a variety of bird species which include; storks, crowned cranes, stilts, cormorants, ducks and kingfishers the birders are encouraged to carry their binoculars in order to view the far and tiny birds in the park. The activity is carried out in the early morning or the evening with the experienced bird guide and you will be able to view different bird species

This is normally done during the dry season because of the limited rainfall in the park therefore, you will be able to view colorful and migratory birds, and the pass ways are easily accessed during this period.

You are able to experience African nature as you view the wonderful vegetation, and the fresh air in the park, it is really amazing to carry out this activity in this park.


3. Beautiful Scenery in Kazuma Pan National Park

The park is located in the remote area of Zimbabwe with its un spoilt wilderness of open grasslands, floodplains, natural pans, beautiful small mopane trees, which are habitats to various wildlife in the park.

Being remotely located, that means the park receives few tourists at a time so they are able to carry outsight seeing, photo shots for the memorable experience about the beauty of Kazuma national park.

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4. Nature Walks in Kazuma Pan National Park

Have you ever wondered why most tourists go to Kazuma Pan National Park in Zimbabwe?, there are various activities that take place in the park and among them is nature walks.

Visitors who are interested in walking and hiking with in the park are advised to carry or hire boots or closed shoes to avoid injuries during the activity. Walking Safaris are guided by Kazuma park guides with great experience of encountering wildlife on foot while viewing different natural resources at the park.

The visitors pass through the trails within the park to reach at a certain point, while walking you are able to see various animals like giraffe, elephants among others and different bird species and enjoying the fresh air from the vegetation as well.

Mostly walking safaris are done in the morning and evening hours conducted by the experienced guided who well equipped with the about the park and they know where to find certain species of animals and birds at a time thus experiencing African wilderness.

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5. Game Drives in Kazuma Pan National Park

Nevertheless, Kazuma Pan National Park is located in Zimbabwe and one of the largest in Africa, attracting high concentration breeding herds of elephant, buffalo, lion, giraffe among others during dry season. Most of the wildlife traffic move between Botswana and Zimbabwe during the migratory season which is from September to mid January.

The activity is conducted by experienced and armed guides who are well trained and well vast with the area, they answer questions asked by the clients while telling them the brief history about the park and the different types animals and birds at the park.

During safari driving, different animals are spotted on the way like; lion, buffalo, elephant, wild dog, zebra, roan among others and birds like stork, crowned cranes, stilts, ducks and kingfishers. the visit are able to see most of the animals.

Game driving is carried out during the early morning and evening when they are returning to their habitats, the visitors use a 4WD vehicle because it is strong and the roads are not in good condition most especially during the rainy season. thus making the visitors enjoy game viewing, sighting and experiencing African wilderness.


How to access the Kazuma Pan National Park

Take the Robins camp turn off from the main Bulawayo- Victoria falls road and proceed for approximately 25km along gravel road to the wildlife offices in Matetsi for check in. The journey continues along the Pandamatenga road for 39km to the border post.

Kazuma national park is 25km further along north west of  Pandamatenga via Kazungula and the visitors should use 4WD and water and the roads are rough and sandy.


When to visit Kazuma Pan National Park

The best time to visit Kazuma is during dry season from the months of April to October . During this period most animals gather around the water sources thus giving an opportunity to see them.

There is limited spread of malaria, most animals and birds are spotted, it is very hot in the afternoon and cold in the early morning. In the wet season the place is inaccessible due to rough roads and growing number of mosquitoes.


Safari Lodges In Kazuma Pan National Park

There are two old camps where visitors can stay for a night. They provide basic facilities and are far from glamping spots and the visitors should be self sufficient incase the camp run short of the materials.



the park has a variety of attractions are good to view and see while at the destination for example the strategic location, camping sites. for more information you can plan with kubwa five safaris