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Best 8 Reasons To Visit Nxai Pans National Park In Botswana

The Best 8 reasons to visit Nxai Pans national park in Botswana include; Baine’s baobao, Cheetah sighting, Wild Life viewing, The Unique Landscape, Walking along with Bushmen, Bird Watching, Game Drive, Quad biking

Did you know that actually Nxai pans are part of the largest Salt pans in the all world offering unique game viewing due to its vastness

Nxai pans is a fossilized salt lakebed one of the  national parks that make up the Makgadikgadi Pan salt flats and located in north-eastern side in Botswana,  Nxai Pans lies just north of the Maun-Nata main road, The  National Park on the northern border of Makgadikgadi. The Nxai pans  covers about 2100 square kilometer

Nxai Pans surrounds a water hole where this fossil’s water is at its deepest and it is also a muddy Basin which remains the source of water which attract all kinds of animals and birds during the dry season

The two main components of Nxai salt pans are the open stretches covered in grass and they are studded with baobao, mopane and acacia trees and this all area was once part of an ancient super lake and the shimmering salt sands which are more appealing to the eye in the dry season.

It is a fossilized salt lake which floods only during the rainy season

The Best 10 reasons to visit Nxai Pans include;

 1.Trip to Baines Baobao in Nxai Pans national park

These monumental trees with big bellies where in Botswana they are only found in Nxai Pans thus being a significant attraction over there because there presence is striking and these trees provide much relief from the sunshine heat making the experience at Nxai pans really worth it and this is one of the best 10 reasons to visit Nxai pans who doesn’t want to see a big bellied tree and it is one of the main attraction in the park.


 2.Cheetah sighting at Nxai Pans national park

Nxai park is one of the places in the world with the best cheetah sighting opportunities because of its flat landscape is most suitable for cheetahs because of there swift nature which can outrun any prey in these conditions therefore they are always regular for sighting all year however these cheetah’s activity also reaches its peak during the green season which is also one of the best 8 reasons to visit Nxai Pans


 3.Wild Life viewing at Nxai Pans national park

One of the best 8 reasons to visit Nxai Pans is wild life viewing which is seasonal where during the rainy season there is the largest migration of animals in south Africa where thousands of zebras and wild beasts move into the area to feed on new grasses and even give birth increasing the number of wild animals in Nxai park and in this season Zebras Wildebeests, impala, Giraffe, springbok, Gemsbok hartebeest are the ones mostly seen but these huge herds of  animals also attract many predators which include cheetahs, lions, hyenas among many others

The Nxai pan  is one among the many areas in Botswana that during the rainy season is more interesting to visit because it is when huge herds hit Nxai’s grassy pans and during the dry season it is the shimmering sand salts that attract visitors

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4.The Unique Landscape of Nxai Pans national park

In the rainy season the unique landscape mainly depends on the good rains which lead to the growth of different grasses which attract different hungry animals to feed and also the presence of groups of umbrella acacia and mopane woodland in the north making the landscape more appealing to human eyes

In the dry season the Nxai Pans are mainly characterized by the ivory landscape which basically encircles the northern region and it is vast and endless to human eyes, in this  season the landscape consists of sand dunes ,rocky islands and dessert terrains with not a single vegetation growing there because of the too much sun shine, and Nxai pan’s landscape according to me is the ranked number one of the best 8 reasons to visit Nxai pans


5.Walking along with Bushmen in Nxai Pans national park

There are interpreted walks guided by the Bushmen called the San Bushmen who provide insights into the san traditional and cultural behavior along with their nomadic ways of life which is a eye opener to the captivating and energetic world to the visitors and this guided walk along with the bushmen no doubt brings the visitors closer to the real nature of life thus appreciating the simplicity of life and according to me this ranks as the second of the best 8 reasons to visit Nxai Pans

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 6.Bird Watching at Nxai Pans national park

The rainy season is the most suitable season for the bird watchers because the collected waters attract a number of birds to the pans

More than 200 species of  native birds have been recorded to exist in Nxai Pans and have different habitants ranging from grassland, Mopane woodland and acacia scrub therefore they can be viewed and they include Korhaans ,red necked Falcons, ostriches, black bustards, pale chanting goshawks and there is a huge influx of flamingos and other migrant birds which usually come in the wetter season.

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7.Game Drive at Nxai Pans national park

The fossil pans of Nxai pan offer a number of spectacular game viewing but this depends on what the visitor is more interested in.

During the dry season is when game drive is more suitable and it is when it is mostly done because the land during this time is dry making game drive more enjoyable as the way is not slippery and game viewing mainly rotates around the water hole which is the source of water for the hungry animals such as lions, Elephants, Cheetahs and many others

Visitors can also expect game viewing  through the salt pans and also exploring the unique flat landscape

During the wetter seasons game viewing mainly rotates on the Zebra-Wild beest migration which usually start in November or early December where these animals start to slowly migrate

8.Quad biking at Nxai Pans national Park

This is a must do activity in Nxai pans which only takes place only during the dry season because the land is properly dried and not slippery to cause accidents, In this season the visitors can race across the salt pans but arriving to no where due to the vast amount of space where the pans stretch miles  making for a perfect white track

Animals found in Nxai pans national park

Nxai pans has a number of animals which include; lion, giraffe, kudu, ostrich and jackal can usually be found  around the large waterhole. Unusually both springbok, which are abundant, and impala live here together, despite having differences in preferred habitat.

Large herds of zebra, wildebeest, gemsbok and eland can also be spotted, as well as more unusual animals, such as bat-eared fox, hartebeest, brown hyena and even cheetah.

Activities to do at Nxai Pans national park


  When to visit Nxai Pans National Park

The best time to visit Nxai pans entirely depends on what exactly the visitors are interested to see so they choose seasons according to there preferences and below are the seasons and what takes place at Nxai pans

Rainy/Wetter season

It usually begins in March and ends either in march or April so the pans retain water till  may then the area becomes transformed grasses and the salt pans fill with algae soup.

This season is most suitable for bird watchers because the Habitual birds combine with the migrant birds and even there are a number of flamingos which breed during that time which is an incredible view to behold and also those who are interested in zebra-beast migration should also come during this season in November to December when rain starts to fall because it is when the zebras and wild bests start to migrate.

Sunny /Dry season

This is the season which is most suitable and attracts majority of the visitors who come to Nxai pans, this season normally starts in April-October though the most pleasant temperatures are between June and July.

In this season is where one can witness the uniqueness of this magical land because it is in this season where the land and it is only in this season where one can witness the Ivory landscape and it is also only when quad biking can take place.

How to get to the Nxai Pan National Park

There are a number of ways to get to Nxai Pans and they include;

By Plane

Entry into Botswana by international visitors is normally through Maun Airport (MUB),Kasane Airport (BBK) and Gaborone airport (GAB),this is the simplest way for international visitors to come and visit Nxai Pans

By Road

Nxai Pans boarders the north of the Makgadikgadi Pans National Park in north-eastern Botswana 110 miles from Maun and 155 miles from the Okavango Delta.

Car renting in Botswana is the best way to reach these stunning salt pan and see the incredibly diverse range of Botswana animals and scenery


Nxai Pans has camps and a lodge which the visitors can choose from and they are;

Kwando Nxai Pan Lodge

This is one of the lodges in Nxai pans which will have visitors stunned upon arrival into the place and that is because of the candlelit table setting for visitors with full course meals and friendly services.

The bedrooms are just as comfortable with full size King beds with all the necessary amenities which are to bring more comfort to the visitor and make there experience at Nxai Pans exciting and memorable

There is an outdoor fire pit which faces the watering hole where guests can find springboks, giraffe, and zebras.

There are also two small camping sites with incredible facilities and these are the Nxai Pan Camp, situated on the edge of Nxai Pans and South camp

Nxai Pan

This camp borrows its name from the national park its self and it accommodates a maximum of eighteen guests in thatched units properly designed to provide comfortable temperature to the visitors and even game viewing is possible from the comfort of your room

The minimalist white-washed design of the camp is in keeping with the surrounding white salt pans.

The main areas of the camp include an expansive open-air lounge and dining area, with a bar, pool and curio shop

South Camp Nxai Pan

Nxai Pans South Camp campsite is located close to the second entrance gate in an area which is well shaded.

The camp consists of 10 sites in a tree covered area and well facilitated amenities.

Priced fees range from  $38.00 for international guests per night

Frequently asked questions about Nxai pans national park

  • How much does it cost to go to Nxai Pan park?

Nxai pans charges daily park fees of $10 per person and an extra $4.20 for each vehicle. but even carrying a small amount of Botswana currency, the Pula (BWP) is useful when paying for smaller things such as food or ticket.

  • Where is Nxai Pan National Park?

Nxai pans are situated just north of the Maun-Nata main road and adjoins Makgadikgadi Pans National Park on its northern border.

  • What is the climate in Nxai Pan?

Nxai pans has two climate seasons which are the Dry season which is  (April to October) and the Wet season which is (November to March), as well as a hot, desert climate


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