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Best 5 Reasons To Visit Lavushi Manda National Park In Zambia

The best 5 reasons to visit Lavushi Manda national park in Zambia are; Hiking, Nature Walks, Birding, Kayaking and Fishing.

Lavushi Manda national park is located in the Muchinga Province in Zambia with an area of 1,500 square kilometers. The national park was at first a game reserve then it was then declared a national park in 1972. Lavushi Manda national park is the 11th largest park in Zambia with a variety of beautiful sceneries such as holds vast stretches of pristine hill miombo woodlands, large dambo wet grasslands, gallery forests along the headwaters of the Lukulu and Lulimala rivers, the long dramatic rocky massif runs through the center, the park covers a large part of the Lukulu and Lulimala river catchments immediately above the ecologically richest part of the Bangweulu floodplains.

There are numerous seasonal and perennial streams. Perennial rivers which drain the park are from southwest to northeast respectively and they include; the Lulimala, Lukulu, Lumbatwa and Mufubushi. All of these streams form part of the boundaries. With the exception of the River Lukulu, the other rivers  have their sources on the boundaries of the park. These rivers all flow into Lake Bangweulu.

Kapanda Lupili and Mumba Tuta are two waterfalls on the river Lukulu as it enters and exits the park, the Kanyanga waterfalls are also in the park on this river. The Lukulu is normally a small river, but in December heavy rains begin which raise the level of the water, and increase flows.

There are numerous rocky pans and flat plains throughout the park which form seasonal lakes. Although there are no truly permanent lakes in the park, the Chibembe plain and Lake Mikonko keep a substantial surface of standing water well into the dry season in Lavushi Manda national park in Zambia.


 1. Hiking In Lavushi Manda National Park

Lavushi Manda national park is a great home for hiking with undulating landscapes of the peak of the Lavushi Hills that reaches upto 1800 m above sea level. The Lavushi hills being this tall and around 40 km wide is really a perfect choice for tourists who love hiking as an activity.

Hiking is where a visitors get involved in climbing raised pieces of land most especially the hills for example the Lavushi hill in zambia. Hiking as an activity in tourism involves many other activities in it, whereby the tourists can watch the birds as they do the hiking as well. The activity is best done during the dry season because the ground is good for movement rather than when its wet and slippery which may cause accidents like visitors sliding off the hill.


2. Nature Walks In Lavushi Manda National Park

Nature walking is an activity that involves visitors to walk on foot while in a game park. They move in any direction of the park they wish to take but under the direction of the tour guide to explain more on the things in the park and a game ranger with a gun to protect the tourists from any attacks. Nature walks is an opportunity to visitors to relax while exploring the national park creating extreme best experiences.

Lavushi manda is such a great destination for many tourists as they have a lot to watch while in the national park. Nature walking is one of the activities a tourist can get involved in while at the park and here the tourists have chance to view several activities and beautiful sceneries that are attractive to them.


3. Birding In Lavushi Manda National Park


4. Kayaking In Lavushi Manda National Park

Kayaking is an activity like boat cruising but they have differences in terms of boat and sitting styles and paddles used. Kayaking is best done with the paddle in hands you can now start paddling and hitting strokes to enable the kayaking boat to move and have direction. There are four essential kayaking paddling techniques you should know before getting involved in the activity.

First is the forward stroke that enables you move to the in front direction, then the backward stroke to move behind, sweep strokes here give the boat direction in which you would love to take and lastly draw stroke to stop the boat. These strokes shall enable the person to move the boat.


5. Fishing In Lavushi Manda National Park

Fishing is another best done activity in Lavushi manda national park. The park has a swampy river where several tourists visit and do the fishing as a tourism activity. Tourists involved in fishing consider doing fishing as a hobby to them. And this gives them pleasure.

The fish caught depends on the visitors wish, they may take it to the camp and roast it or deep fry it or even release it back in the waters after fishing. This activity is participated majorly by the elderly and some young generation. This gives them joy doing it.


When to visit Lavushi Manda National Park

Lavushi Manda National Park in Zambia is open all thought the year  for 24 hours each day with a variety of activities provided to tourists thought the year. Birding is especially good in the wet season and Nature walking is best in the dry season. Fishing is also best done in the wet season though it can be done at anytime of the year. Depending on the tourists interested days to travel, the park welcomes all tourists at any hour, day, season, and year.


How to reach Lavushi Manda National Park

Lavushi Manda National Park is located Zambia. The park can be accessed by road transport, using the tourists vehicle. Unfortunately, there are no direct flights to Lavushi Manda national park, but provisions for domestic flights are available and most strictly in the dry seasons.

Accommodation Lavushi Manda National Park

Lavushi Manda national park is one of the largest parks in Zambia and still booms in terms of beautiful and luxurious accommodation and the major ones within the park being guest houses, dormitories and camping sites with well built tents to accommodate tourists. The accommodation prices at the park are relatively affordable by all tourists. 


In Conclusion

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