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  • Best 5 Reasons to Visit Gonarezhou National Park in Zimbabwe

The best 5 reasons to visit Gonarezhou National Park in Zimbabwe are; Birding, Booming number of Wildlife, Beautiful Sceneries, Remoteness and Game Drives.

Did u know that Gonarezhou National Park is the second largest park in Zimbabwe? Covering over 5000sq km, it has an altitude of 575m above sea level and the park offers wide range of meandering rivers, beautiful scenery like Chilojo cliffs and extensive woodlands, thousands of elephants, over 500 bird species unique landscape.

The park is located in the south eastern corner of Zimbabwe bordering Mozambique and it forms part of great Limpopo trans frontier. The following are the five reasons to visit Gonarezhou national park

1. Booming Number of wildlife In Gonarezhou National Park

The park is known for its growing number of elephants, the survey which was carried out in 2014 over 11000 elephants recorded thus there was an increase in the number of animals from that in 1994.the park has the largest densities of elephants in Africa.

The population for predators has increased for example the lions, spotted hyenas, cheetahs, wild dogs and the herbivore species have increased according to the statics that was carried out in 2014, there were over 500 hippos, 6000 cape buffaloes, 1700 kudus and 8000 impalas, 900 wildebeest among others.

These attract various tourists from various places to see them and have experience about the African wildlife and the nature of the beautiful sceneries like the vegetation and the flowing fivers thus diversity.

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2. The Beautiful Sceneries in Gonarezhou National Park

The park has rivers like Save and Runde that supply water to the wilderness, sandy floodplains creating beautiful spaces along the narrow waterway, they are sources of water to wildlife thus the animals have to cross the open plains to get to the water hence creating opportunities for game viewing to the visitors.

The park also has cliffs like Chilojo located near Runde river and the red sandstone cliff reflect thousand years of erosion and they stand above 200m above sea level thus the visitors are able to view the opposite side of park as they are taking pics and having a great experience about the park.

The park also has giant baobabs which are found near the river banks with baobab trees reflecting the feature of vegetation and landscape they a nice view of the park and act as habitats for wildlife like elephants which are the common wildlife at the park and others like kudu buffaloes, and are used for research purposes by the researchers’ etc.


3. Game Drives in Gonarezhou National Park

Honestly the landscape of the park is unique and the wildlife is amazing in nature if u didn’t know. The park has large herds of elephants that are dominant at the park with the rest of other animals like the impalas, kudus, wildebeest, zebras among others so the visitors go for self-game drives in early morning or evening to see various animals and the tourists are escorted by the experienced guides who know the park site very well.

The guides are well versed with the place and are able to tell where to find the animals and the time, the appropriate routes to follow and also how to deal with the animals thus the visitors are able to spot animals like elephants the guides take along their 4*4 vehicle to tour the wilderness. Thus, the visitors experience activities like nature viewing, photography

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4. Remoteness in Gonarezhou National Park

The park is located in the rural areas of Zimbabwe where there is difficulty in accessibility thus the park has vast land and space with appealing features like the un touched vegetation and the soils. The park receives few tourists per day thus the visitors have the great opportunity to explore the nature of the and have all the package of activities required.

There are some safari lodges that give international luxury seeking visitors a place to experience the beauty of African settings and nature thus encouraging safari walks which is done on foot as the experienced tour guides escort the visitors while telling them about the history of the park, the wildlife in the park as well as responding to the questions asked by the visitors thus engaging them in the conversation.


5. Birdlife In Gonarezhou National Park

Have you known it before that Gonarezhou national park is one of excellent birding destination in Zimbabwe? The park has the rivers like save and Runde which support the birdlife in the park, the migratory birds are normally sported during the month of November to April and they are over 450 bird species.

The park has a variety of bird species like saddle billed stork, purple crested Turaco, Egyptian Goose, crowned hornbill and mocking cliff chat.

These bird sing in their melodious voices that make the wilderness more appealing and fresher thus calls for birders who carry their binoculars to make a clear view for and tiny bird species, this makes the tourists gain experience about the African bird, nature and wilderness.

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When to visit Gonarezhou National park

The best time to visit this National park is during the dry season from June to October it is because during this time wildlife gather around the water sources to get water  thus it is easier to view wildlife and vegetation is thinner.

During wet season, access to some parts of the park is limited due to rising water and bad tracks, the vegetation also grows during this period and becomes thick making it difficult to view the wild animals in the national park.

How to access Gonarezhou National Park

the National Park is located in wild remote southeastern corner of Zimbabwe bordering Mozambique and town is Masvingo and it takes 300km depending on the road taken and one can use chipinda HQ which is located 550km south of Harare the roads are in bad conditions so it is better to use a 4WD which is very essential.

Some lodges have Airstrips you can contact them. for example; federal airlines in conjunction with Pamushana lodge run scheduled flights to Buffalo Range Internal Airport from Johannesburg, and from the airport to the lodge it takes 45 min using road.


Accommodation in Gonarezhou National Park

The park has some accommodation facilities like chilo Gorge safari lodge, mananga camp, swimuwini lodges which offer various to the tourists like; sight seeing, safari walks, entertainment. These accommodations offer, quality and luxurious camping sites to the tourist who enjoy camping, and they are of both international and African setting.

the charges are of all inclusive including other activities


The park has various activities that take while at the destination like sight seeing, nature walks, swimming, for more information you can make bookings with Kubwa five safaris you will never be disappointed because they are trustworthy and care about their clients