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Best 10 Reasons To Visit Lower Zambezi National Park In Zambia

The best 10 reasons to visit Lower Zambezi National Park in Zambia include; boating, sightseeing, guided nature walks, birding, game drives, hiking and wildlife.

Lower Zambezi is located in the western part of Zambia, and the Zambian river is well known for its abundant wildlife including, buffalo, fish eagles and herds of elephants, and canoes ply river is the home for hippos and crocodiles.

It was founded in 1983 and covers an area of 4092sq km along northwestern part of the river, over 400 bird species gather around the mesmerizing wilderness, the park is isolated with no road access most people use boats or planes to reach the is really amazing to come  a place where animals roam the unfenced safari camps, where Africa’s most unspoiled nature and its hard to find there people. The 10 best reasons to visit lower Zambezi national park are discussed as follows

  1. Game Drives In Lower Zambezi National Park

Game driving is carried out in the early morning and evening in order to be able to see various animals at the park. The clients are escorted by the experienced guides and armed scouts as they are seeing various animal life like elephants, waterbuck, zebra, impala and kudu. There various carnivores like lion, leopard, hyena and are considered as the main predators there and the park has four of the big five

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2. Wildlife In Lower Zambezi National Park

There is plenty of wildlife at lower Zambezi national which include elephant and buffalo are abundant in the dry season when the predators are very relaxed, which allows special sighting, large packs of wild dog roam in the lower Zambezi valley including variety of other animals like lion, crocodile, hippos which are common on the river banks and good number of antelopes, the chacma baboon can be found sitting in the palm trees next to the river

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3. Boating In Lower Zambezi National Park

This activity is best done on river Zambezi and is explored by boat using custom man-made boats which are stable and secure providing stable platform for photography, fishing as well as observing Africa’s natural generosity, cruising is also carried out while viewing various wildlife like hippos, crocodiles, elephants which wade from island to island through the river, fish eagles while water tun crimson. Zambezi is an aquatic wonderland for exploration and appreciation of Africa’s nature

4. Guided Nature Walks In Lower Zambezi National Park

The park is an astonishing oasis of wilderness and wildlife, the walking safari is a unique opportunity to appreciate the beauty of African landscape and walking excursions are accompanied by experienced guides and wildlife officers, the tourists get to experience fresh awareness about the African bush from guides who teach them about the medical uses of indigenous trees, herbs and plants as well as sighting the small animals in the park thus the nature can be deeply appreciated.

5. Sight Seeing In Lower Zambezi National Park

There is something peaceful about river Zambezi with the surrounding meanders through the floodplains beneath the wonderful African sun. the park has very nice view where the clients sit to view various features at the park which are interesting like the floodplains, rivers banks where the hippos and crocodiles are seen in the waters as other animals wade along the park, the flow of the river thus attracting tourists.

6. Birdlife In Lower Zambezi National Park

Lower Zambezi boasts over 500 species, bird spotting is great during dry season and one can experience the array of birdlife with their binoculars and escorted by the experienced guides ensuring the safety of the visitors while offering knowledge about various bird species  and they include; lovebirds, hawks, buzzards, parrots, the ospreys and yellow billed kites keep an open eye on the boats headed out fishing.

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7. Fishing In lower Zambezi National Park

This is one of the activities is carried out on river Zambezi where some of the fish caught include; tigerfish, tilapia, vundu can weigh up to 40kg, African pike. Both the locals and visitors engage in the activity fishing gears are provided like the fishing gears, the visitors who want to engage in the fishing safari come along with sunglasses and strong sunscreen. And swimming is also carried out for those who wish to because the water is clean.

8. Hiking In Lower Zambezi National Park

This park has hiking activity takes place where tourist hike up to the top of the hills to view features and the place is good for photography and other activities the tourists hire the hiking shoes to ensure their safety during walking till the final point and those who can’t manage are advised to stay

9. Lodges Camping Sites In Power Zambezi National Park

There are various lodges and few camping sites at lower Zambezi national park. And their styles vary from traditional thatched to permanent structures with something of a hotel feel. Anabezi luxury camp offers a high degree quiet and lovely wildlife, special services are offered to the clients to ensure their comfortability at the destination.

10. Remoteness iIn Lower Zambezi National Park

Lower Zambezi national park is located in remote area where there is limited accessibility thus the nature and wildlife are easily conserved. the visitors are able to experience to true meaning of African wildlife.

The area receives few visitors and are manageable by the tour operators in the park and the services are easily provided to them in full package like entertainment, lunch, accommodation, swimming and cruising and there are few lodges and camps since the visitors are few in number so there is appropriate time for them to enjoy the variety of the products at the park.

When to visit lower Zambezi national park

Are you aware that most areas in the park become inaccessible during the rainy season? and the appropriate time to visit the park is between April and November that time the park is fully open for business people are able to enjoy fishing, bird watching and those interested in wildlife.

During  the month of October it is extremely hot and the wildlife is left with no choice but to gather around the river to get water thus viewed by the visitors and fewer mosquitoes thus the visitors are able make camps as they gather around the camp fire for entertainment as they share their stories

How access Lower Zambezi national park

On arrival to Zambia through Lusaka, Livingstone visas are required by nationals of foreign countries, you can reach by using self-drive vehicle from Chirundu the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe and it takes two hours to reach the park gate.

You can also use domestic flights that fly in and out of the international airport and it takes 30 minutes to Jake airstrip or kulefu airstrip thus reaching lower Zambezi national park.

Accommodation in Lower Zambezi national park

Most of the accommodation is situated along the green lush river banks with in lower Zambezi national park. Some of the lodges include; Old Mondoro Camp, Anabezi Camp is great for those looking luxury and untouched wilderness and it is located to the east of lower Zambezi, Chiawa Camp with fantastic reputation in its services, food and management. The rates include the activities such bush walk, game drives and park viewing.


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