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Best 5 Reasons To Visit Dorob National Park In Namibia

The best 5 reasons to visit Dorob national park in Namibia are; Windsurfing, Skydiving, Kayaking, Quad Biking and Nature viewing.

Dorob national park is located in Erongo under a protected area at the Namibian coastline in Namibia. The park lies on a 107,540 sq km piece of land. Its headed in the north by the River Ugab and south of Kuiseb Delta. On the west, the park is boarded by Atlantic ocean. Dorob national park lies on a dry land area in Namibia desert.

Dorob national park was officially established as a national park in December in 2010. The park is a beautiful sea full of white sand and several activities can be done by tourists on the sand. The biggest requirement for a visitor on the Namibia desert in Dorob National park is “Water” because of the hyper arid climate and desert. One can also opt to visit etosha national park, sossusvlei and deadvlei.

1. Windsurfing In Dorob National Park

Windsurfing is one of the emotional experiences tourists get while at Dorob national park. The park is at Atlantic ocean and the waters are characterized of strong winds that enable wind surfing as a activity in Dorob national park. Windsurfing is best done on a small boat with no rudders for plaining. These boats are made to accommodate one single person.

Windsurfing is a water based sport activity in Dorob national park in Namibia. The activity is environmentally friendly and anyone can participate in the windsurfing. The activity involves both sailing on the waters of the Atlantic ocean and surfing as well. Windsurfing can be practiced by those training, where the winds are not so strong causing high speed surfing to the boat. For visitors interested in windsurfing as an activity in Dorob national park, one must be good at swimming as the first requirement and some other requirements are needed of them. Such as wetsuit, ability to rig and launching a windsurfer, buoyancy aid among others.

 Best 5 Reasons To Visit Dorob National Park In Namibia


2. Skydiving In Dorob National Park

Dorob National Park is also a place in Africa where tourists can do skydiving as a tourism activity. Skydiving involves flying from the air to the earth by the help of a parachute due to the forces of gravity that pull down the parachute. Tourists interested in skydiving must be above 18 years of age as recommended in the park.

Skydiving also as an activity has several regulations and requirements for a tourist going to do skydiving. One of the very first requirements counts on the age. One must be 18 years and above, the maximum weight to skydive is 260 Ibs and also one must be of good health to do skydiving.

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3. Kayaking In Dorob National Park

Kayaking is also such an amazing activity in Dorob national park where the activity is done on the water like other water activities such as the canoeing, rafting, windsurfing among others. The difference with kayaking is that the boats a constructed in a different format.

Kayaking is one of the best activities done at Dorob national park in Namibia. A canoe-like boat is used for kayaking although the boats differ in appearance and arrangement. A boat for kayaking, has a it’s paddles facing forward, the person going to kayak the boat sits the legs Infront, the boat also has double bladed paddles that help the person to direct the boat in a direction they wish to move.

Anyone interested in kayaking as an activity can do it. Training is also possible if the person needed some training to master the movements of the kayak boat and how to direct the paddles in the water. Knowing how to swim is one of the most best wanted requirement of a person going to kayak. Another important requirement is being sober while going for kayaking because the activity has some rules in it such as Blood Alcohol Content, BAC rule, the Personal Flotation Device, PFD rule among other rules.


4. Quad Biking In Dorob National Park

Quad biking is also another enjoyable activity in Dorob national park in Namibia. Quad bikes are traveling vehicles with low pressure tires, a handlebar control that acts as a steering and a straddled sit for the person riding the quad bike. This is best done in the Namibian desert and several spots are established for visitors to rest, have tea, ease and continue afterwards.

Quad biking needs a person with skill to ride the four tires bike in the desert. Although at a tourists can do the self drive if at all they posses a valid B driver’s license. The people to participate in the rides must have helmets on their heads as a recommendation by the park authorities. The bikes are of different capacities, there is a single carrier and a double where two people can have the ride on one quad bike.

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5.  Nature Viewing In Dorob National Park

Dorob national park with no doubt has a variety of nature extending from the ocean to the shores up to the land surface of Namibia. Several attractions can be spotted in the park and these include, Atlantic ocean coastline, Birds such as gray’s lark, Damara tern among other birds,  Gravel plain, Sandy beaches, Vegetation like the Namib desert Biome, wildlife such as oryx, zebras, brown hyena, springbok among other attractions in the park.

Dorob national park is a blessed desert area with several attractions for tourists to study. There also several activities that a tourist can opt for in Dorob national park in Namibia. Some of these activities include; Camping in the desert, Angling, Walking in the desert among other activities as they study more of the attractions found in the park.


When To Visit Dorob National Park

Dorob national park can be visited at any time of the year. The park experiences minimal annual rainfall in the Namibia. The park is all deserted situated and all attractions and activities are in the desert and on the coastline. Surely, there is no prohibited time in a year when a visitor can be stopped to visit Dorob national park. The climate here is semi-Arid favoring most of the activities in the park. Around the coast is where cooler weather can be experienced and so hot temperatures are experienced on the inlands.


How To Access Dorob National Park

Dorob national park in Namibia can be accessed by the tourists from the north by following the C34 from the skeleton coast national park and is 108 miles far away from each other. The visitors while on this journey shall go through several reserves watching the beautiful sceneries as a bonus which has no charge unless they opt to stop and visit the reserve too, then a charge shall be incurred.
From the East, Dorob national park can be accessed through different routes and these include the C35, C28, C14 and B2 roads that all lead the tourist to the park.

Accommodation In Dorob National Park

In Dorob national park, visitors got not to worry on where to stay because the park has a variety accommodation a visitor can have a choice at. These accommodations are designed to cater for both the luxurious visitors, moderate and also the simple life visitors. This is all possible if the visitor had booked earlier or the tour company to book for the visitors in advance.

Some of the accommodations a visitor can book include; House Siboldt 11.32km from the park, Paresis park 1 and 24 11.39km from the park, Sarah’s Palace No.5 11.49km from the park, Victoria Court 1, 4, 15 and 17 11.51km from the park, Victoria court 14 11.52km from the park and Victoria court 8 11.53km from the park among other accommodation facilities available in Namibia.

In Conclusion

Dorob national park being a desert situated park, there very many unique things visitors need to see with their naked eyes and also participate in the activities established in the park. Read our full blog post and all you need to do is to contact this trustworthy company, Kubwa Five Safaris to arrange for you the amazing trip to Dorob national park. Bookings can be done in their offices or online by through their Contacts for more information.