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The Best 5 Reasons To Visit Blue Lagoon National Park In Zambia

The best 5 reasons to visit Blue lagoon national park are; Bird watching, Nature walks, Kayaking & Canoeing, Fishing and Wild camping.

Blue Lagoon national park is located in the central province of Zambia on the Kafue flats on an address of GC28+2MV, Kapanda, Zambia. Blue lagoon is a small wildlife area with several wildlife, lagoon water body, birds, nature among others that can be of interest to several tourists in Zambia.

Blue lagoon national park is one of Zambia’s lesser known parks and was established in 1976 and it is managed by the Zambia wildlife authority. The land was once a farm and the old farmhouse is now the Park reception. There are four chalets available for accommodation, and a campsite at the edge of the floodplain for tourists to have a stay while at Blue lagoon national park.


1. Bird Watching In Blue Lagoon National Park

Birding is one of the spectacular activities a tourist can have at the Blue lagoon national park. There are several beautiful birds to have a view at on the shores of the blue lagoon. Most of the birds there are aquatic birds and aquatic animals there would be a bonus to the bird viewing tourists in the park.

Canoeing is one of the best ways to do birding in Blue lagoon national park because of the presence of many aquatic birds on the shores of Blue lagoon. Canoeing as an activity helps the tourists to closely get to the aquatic life and have a clear view of the birds. These birds feed mostly on fish and fruits on other tress in the national park. Blue lagoon national park is a birder’s dream land where the tourists needs in terms of birds can be fulfilled.

The tour guides are always available to help the tourists to spot several birds and explain to them the life style of the bird, its name, its sound and songs if they are known, what it feeds on among other information that the tour guide may have. There is always a reference book for the tourists to refer to if they needed to know more about a specific bird or if the bird is a rare one to the tour guide, the reference book then is of much help to the tourists as they do the birding.


2. Nature Walks In Blue Lagoon National Park

Blue lagoon national park lies on a vast piece of land about 500 km sq with several features in it mostly natural features creating beautiful sceneries to the tourists. The park has the blue lagoon, wildlife, several bird species, floodplains, vegetation types among others. These tourism attractions re worthy exploring because of the unique feeling the tourist  develops while in Blue lagoon national park.

Blue lagoon national park is covered with acacia woodland vegetation as the major type of vegetation there. This type of vegetation favors some wildlife animals to live in such as the Zebras, some Buffaloes, Antelopes among others. Tourists can take a walk in Blue lagoon national park tracking the zebras or the Buffaloes or having a walk in the precious and unique acacia woodlands while in blue lagoon national park.

3. Kayaking and Canoeing In Blue Lagoon National Park

The blue lagoon national park is also another blessed area where the river Zambezi passes and hence forming the lagoons which are named Blue lagoons. The river with its running waters helps the kayaking tourists and the canoeing tourists in blue lagoon national park to carry out the activities.

Canoeing is far much different from kayaking right from the types of boats the tourists use to carry out the activities. The canoe boat has features like usually open deck boat, one-bladed paddle, and a seated or kneeling rowing position While a Kayak boat has  double-bladed paddle, closed deck boat and seated position with legs stretched out.

A canoe boat can be used for several purposes with tourists of different aims in the park. Tourists interested in birding can use the canoe, nature viewing tourists too can use the canoe to view the aquatic wildlife, aquatic birds, among other tourism attractions. The kayaking boat on the other hand is majorly for the kayaking challenge on river Zambezi. Training of tourists is done for those who wish to learn how to kayak.

Because these two activities of kayaking and canoeing are expressed and carried out in the waters, there several requirements needed of a tourist before engaging in the activity. A tourist is required to have a life jacket, tourist must also know where to canoe from to avoid aquatic wildlife that may attack tourists among others requirements.

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4. Fishing In Blue Lagoon National Park

Blue lagoon national park is found on river Zambezi floodplains where fishing as an activity can be done. Some tourists in the park love the fishing activity as their hobby and so they use several methods to catch the fish. Net dipping is one of the best methods where tourists use the hook with a trap on it to such as a snail attract the fish to eat it and the hook holds the fish, then the tourist pulls the stick with a hook holding the fish caught.

The tourist then here has choices on what to use the fish they catch. Some tourists take the fish to deep fry it and it, some smoke it and eat, some just catch the fish and again release it back to the waters. Tourists who fish and again release back the fish to the waters just do fishing as a hobby and have the love of seeing the fish live. Many say that they feel happy sparing it’s life and that they sustain fishing in that way. Most of them do it as a hobby.


5. Wild Camping In Blue Lagoon National Park

This involves the tourist to have a camp tent in the wilderness away from the accommodation they had booked or their homes. A tent is constructed in the wilderness mostly a place spared for camping for visitors who really want to camp and have an experience of staying in the wilderness. These tents are well built whereby even the crawling animals like snakes and insects on the surface cannot reach the tourists.

Tour rangers are also provided to keep the tourists tent from attacks from dangerous animals that could threaten the tourists life. The ranger shall shot to scare away animals such as lions, buffalo, rhino, elephants, leopards among others that could harm the tourists in the tent. A tourist is also told to follow some rules and regulations in the camp for the tourists safety. Like moving around without a game ranger is strongly prohibited and visiting restricted areas is also prohibited. Tourists are to live in the gazetted area to avoid encroaching in the wildlife territories.

Living in a tent in the wilderness as a tourist is a thrilling vacation experience i bet all tourists would love to have in one time of a trip. A tourist would really love to hear the birds singing in the night as he listens to them or hear a lion roar in the wilderness. Its scary in nature, but some thing a game park can sustain with the help of the game rangers.

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When To Visit Blue Lagoon National Park

Blue Lagoon National park in Zambia can be visited all year through out. Although i would recommend a tourist especially the birders to visit the national park between the months of November to April as its a wet season in the region. The temperatures of the region drop up to an average of 20 degrees Celsius. At these temperatures the birds number multiplies as many come because of the favoring temperatures for a bird life.

In Blue lagoon national park the River Zambezi also during the wet season of the months between November and April, the water levels increase and this also favors the aquatic wildlife and birds and so much concentration of aquatic life is found at the shores of the river. So the tourists who visit the national park in the wet season have a higher chance to view the birds and  wildlife as they aimed especially the aquatic life.

The wet season also encourages the other activities such as the canoeing and kayaking to take place as the water levels increased. These two activities are supported by the waters and the boat. So the more the water increase, the more fun for a better experience to the tourist. Waiting lines are also not crowded during the wet season as many tourists prefer having safaris in the dry season which is a different case in Blue Lagoon national park. A tourist can visit it at any time of the year and meets all his needs and wants.


How To Access Blue Lagoon National Park

Blue national park can be accessed by road or by air .The park is located 120km/74miles from Lusaka on a well tarmac-ed road to Blue Lagoon national park. It takes several hours around 2 hours from the Lusaka to the Blue lagoon national park. Visitors to visit the park should use a 4×4 Vehicle as recommended by the tourism regulations and guides.

Tourists who wish to visit the Blue lagoon national park by air is also another possible way to access the national park. Although there is no direct flight to the national park. The tourist is to first to book a flight to the Kenneth Kaunda international airport in Lusaka the capital city of Zambia. Then from there, the travel agents and tour operator will arrange a 4×4 open sided vehicle to move the tourist to the park and have the vacation started.

Accommodation In Blue Lagoon National Park

There are several types of accommodation a tourist who visits the Blue Lagoon national park can go to and have a stay for the night  such as budget, mid-range, luxury among other types of accommodation. An accommodation is an important aspect in the tourism industry because tourists get tired during the trips and need a rest, a bath, or even self catering services and much more other services. Bookings are done early for proper allocation and planning of the tourists and the services booked.

Some of the accommodations found around Blue Lagoon national park may include; Neelkanth sarovar premiere in Lusaka, Lilayi lodge, Radisson Blu hotel in Lusaka, Southern sun Ridge-way in Lusaka, Taj Pamodzi in Lusaka, among other accommodations in Lusaka in Zambia.

In Conclusion

Blue Lagoon national park is a lesser known park in Zambia with so many birds for visitors who love birding to engage in. Tourists can book for the services written above with a trustworthy Tour company Kubwa Five Safaris that has well trained tour guides to ensure the tourists get the best experiences as they thrill in the vacations they chose. Booking is best done one month before the commencement date of the trip to allow proper planning and arrangement of the trip by the tour company.

A tourist interested in having a thrilling vacation trip with Kubwa Five Safaris can book through their offices or online. Contact Kubwa Five safaris for more information and details and i wish you the best of Luck while in your vacation trip.