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Best 12 Activities In Lake Bunyonyi In Uganda

The 12 best activities in Lake Bunyonyi In Uganda include; Bird watching, Boat cruises, Wildlife, Swimming, Community walks and Zip lining. I am beyond excited to have the opportunity to tell you about one of the greatest wonders of nature in Uganda and Africa at large. Known for her abundant birdlife and 29 island family, Lake Bunyonyi is situated in the part of Uganda.

It is the deepest lake (over 900 meters deep) in the country and also happens to be among the top safest lakes in Africa. This is because it does not have any hippos or crocodiles and does not pose any risks of spreading bilharzia which is common for some lakes with parasitic bilharzia causing worms.

Lake Bunyonyi is estimated to be 25 kilometers long and about 7 kilometers wide and it lies between two districts (Kabale and Kisoro) in the Kigezi highlands near Uganda’s border with Rwanda.

Lake Bunyonyi


Here are the best 6 things to do in Lake Bunyonyi;

1. Bird watching / Birding in Lake Bunyonyi

The name Bunyonyi means a place of many small birds, therefore it is to no surprise that bird watching is one of the most loved activities when visiting Lake Bunyonyi.

Birding is mostly done on Bushera island and it is home to over 200 different bird species. You will surely love the unique looks and sounds made by the birds. Please remember to move with your camera to take some awesome pictures.

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2. Boat cruises in Lake Bunyonyi

Lake Bunyonyi boat cruises will allow you to take in the entire beauty of the lake. Water transport is the most common mode of transportation because it is a lake. There are professional-operated automated boats with motors.

You get to board and tour the entire lake, visiting most of its islands and seeing water dwellers such as Cray fish and Mud fish, among others.

Why go to a lake if you’re not going to ride a boat there?
You can hire any number of boats from the shores of the lake to take you deeper into the surrounding countryside for the day. Since the waters are not dangerous in any way, you are free to explore the entire island at your own pace while taking in the sights.

You can gain a great deal of knowledge about the 29 islands, both those that are inhabited and those that are not, as well as the tribes of people who live in the region around the lake if you hire a local guide.


3. Canoe rides in Lake Bunyonyi

Just like boat cruises, canoe rides are also available at Lake Bunyonyi. These are a lot slower that the boat cruises but they are just as fun. These are operated by local canoe experts with whom you will sail the smooth waters of Lake Bunyonyi to whichever spot you would love to go.

You can actually participate in the rowing, the kind canoe operators will show you how to do so.

That’s how most people get around Lake Bunyonyi. It’s not uncommon for locals to travel across the lake from one island to another or from one side of the hills to the other to take care of business.

Taking a canoe out on the lake and stopping in the middle for some peace and a panoramic view is a great way to experience what it must be like to live the way they do. You can opt to be paddled or paddle yourself as long as a guide is present.

This service is offered at all hours of the day and night, perfect for couples who want to glide across the lake as the sun goes down. This evening, and possibly romantic experience, will be unforgettable because the lake is free of dangerous water animals like hippos and crocodiles.


4. Wildlife in Lake Bunyonyi

Kyahugye island on Lake Bunyonyi is home to several animals like the Zebras, antelopes, waterbucks, impala and mostly the hyper and lively Debrasa Monkeys who are. These can be spotted high up in the tree branches or just moving about in the shrubs and are called the presidents of Kyahugye island.

You can spot the wild animals through game viewing activities as you sail across the lake.


5. Having an encounter with the Batwa pygmies

They are believed to have originated in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, but the Batwa pygmies are a very small group of people who live in the “Echuya Forest Reserve” on the border of Kabale and Kisoro. This reserve is located in Uganda. It is a hunter tribe that was formerly indigenous to the rain forests of the Democratic Republic of the Congo but has since relocated to western Uganda because industrialization forced them off their land. There are close to 4,000 Batwa people living in this region.

The Batwa have a fascinating history that includes their own creation story, in addition to having a one-of-a-kind relationship with the forest that has been ignored for a considerable amount of time. This aspect of their culture has been marginalized for quite some time. They tend to keep to themselves and live in secluded little houses made of grass and sticks. The Kellerman Foundation is responsible for creating the Batwa experience, and participation in it confers a great many positive outcomes on this vulnerable population.


6. Lake Bunyonyi Community visits

You can take part in lake bunyonyi community walks and hikes.
It’s a beautiful way to stretch your legs.
You will be able to interact with the locals, particularly the friendly Bakiga people, through community walks.
You will get to see them up close, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy the stories they tell you.

Taking it easy at one of the incredible resorts is great, but if you want to get a feel for Africa’s Switzerland, nothing beats a hike through the scenic hills. Tracks through the terraces, banana plantations, and verdant vegetation provide excellent views of the 29 islands.

It’s a great spot for pictures from any vantage point. If you take a stroll through the neighborhoods, you’ll learn about the locals’ age-old customs, religious practices, historical milestones, and fabled tales, all of which have been passed down from generation to generation.

The natives are some of the friendliest people you’ll ever meet.


7. Zip lining  in Lake Bunyonyi

The Lake offers Zip lining and Ninja warrior activities. These adrenaline-rushing activities will have you sweating and enjoying the rush of fresh air in your face. You will also love the elevation, it will give you a lovely view of the lake.
Kubwa Five Safaris 32lake Bunyonyi zip lining
Other than the best 6 activities in Lake Bunyonyi, there are so many other amazing things which you can participate in to make your tour of the lake more fun. You can enjoy sight seeing, game viewing and also take in the unique landscape on which the lake lies among so many other activities.


8. Ninja Warrior Challenge Ln Lake Bunyonyi

There is no better way to stretch your muscles and work up a sweat than by participating in the Ninja warrior challenge at Lake Bunyonyi.

You will need to triumph over a number of obstacles in order to finish a loop.

Kubwa Five Safaris 18  Zip lining in Lake Bunyonyi  lake Bunyonyi ninja warriorninja warrior in lake bunyonyi


9. Swimming in lake bunyonyi

There is no bilharzia in the lake, and the water is safe to drink. In places where there is no land to be found, safe structures have been constructed to make deep dives into the open seas a breeze.

Lake Bunyoyi is available all day, providing the perfect opportunity for a refreshing break from the resort’s swimming pools. You can swim, sunbathe, and scuba dive in the lake at your leisure.

Swimming activities are extremely enjoyable because there is no strong or visible wave action on the lake. Despite its depth (900m), the lake is very easy to float on and is ideal for swimming and diving. The lake is crocodile and hippo-free, making it ideal for swimming.


10. Visit the local market

You shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to experience the African Market.
Near Lake Bunyonyi, there are a number of different markets that sell almost anything imaginable, such as African handicrafts, vegetables, shoes, clothing, and electronic goods.
People move quickly as they negotiate for lower prices, while others stand around catching up with one another and others ride in with additional merchandise to sell.


11. Mountain biking

There are a number of roads and tracks that can be taken to travel around the lake and up the hills that are located nearby.

The entire ride gives you an ever-better view of the enchanted islands and gives you the opportunity to engage in conversation with a good number of the natives.

Bike rentals are available at some of the lodging properties.
Your tour guide will be able to make the necessary arrangements for this so that everything will be well prepared in advance.


12. Discover the various islands

There are 29 islands, and each one is more interesting than the one before it. You can use whatever mode of transportation you like best to travel to each of the islands on the lake and explore them. The following places receive the most guests:

  • The most notable feature of the lake is the tiny island known as Akampene, also known as “Punishment island.” On the island of Akampene, there is a macabre history associated with a custom that has been practiced there for a very long time. Young women who had children before they were married were taken to this island and made to hang from the lone tree there as a form of penance for their transgressions. As more time passed, this tradition was eventually disregarded as an archaic and outdated practice.
  • Bushara Island: If you want to get a better look at the local avian life, you should head over to Bushara Island. To get the most out of your experience, be sure to bring along some binoculars and cameras with long lenses.
  • Kyahugye Island is widely regarded as one of the most fascinating islands because it is home to a diverse population of animals. On the island, there are many different kinds of animals, including zebras, waterbucks, and impalas. An hour’s ride is going to be the perfect addition for a mini-version of a game drive, with a view of the glittering sun-kissed waters in the distance and fresh breezes. These animals have been released into the wild in this region.
  • The largest of the islands is Bwama Island, which is also the only one that is inhabited. Dr. Leonard Sharp, a Scottish missionary, arrived in Uganda in the 1920s and, in 1931, established a sanctuary for people suffering from leprosy there. He founded a leprosy treatment center in which patients could receive treatment without the fear of being ignored or mistreated in any way.

This is something that has been around for a very long time on the island. These structures that once served as hospitals are now being utilized as educational institutions for the inhabitants of the island.

  • Bacuranuka Island: The tales that surround this island’s legendary past are very intriguing. Back in the day, twenty men were busy brewing a traditional beverage called obushera when they were approached by an elderly woman who requested a taste. The men were so unmanly that they wouldn’t even offer her a taste of the beverage they were drinking.

The elderly woman politely requested that they provide her with transportation to the mainland, which they gladly agreed to do because they required her to be moved out of the way. The elderly woman placed a curse on the island because one of the men was taken with her to the mainland. As a result, the island flipped on its side and swallowed the men who were making “bushera” on the island.

With only 29 small islands, you can be sure that each one has its own interesting history and cultural beliefs due to the fact that they are all separate entities.


My conclusion about the best 6 activities in Lake Bunyonyi

This lake has some of the best accommodation facilities which offer some of the most delicious meals. Lake Bunyonyi can never run out of beautiful things for you to enjoy. For a more meaningful and fun tour, plan your trip with Kubwa Five Safaris. They are a commendable and organized group of tour guides who will ensure that you have a thrilling adventure.

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