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Top 5 Reasons To Visit Rumanyika Karagwe National Park

Top 5 Reasons To Visit Rumanyika Karagwe National Park In Tanzania

Top 5 Reasons To Visit Rumanyika Karagwe National Park, it is a new converted park which was started in 2019 and is one of the most important destinations of the Tanzania Safari Tours. The park boasts of natural forest that awards the beauty it deserves. The park also has large groups of diverse wild animals for example carnivores, herbivores, Omnivores and birds and the temperature ranges is between 130 C to 410 C depending on the area elevation. And monsoon seasons start from January to April. This time is ideal for birdlife viewingn although accessibility through most of roads becomes impossible because of heavy rains.

RumanyikaKaragwe National Park Location

It is located in the Kagera region, the Park Location is close to the Lake Victoria zone in Kagera Region, North West of Tanzania. The Karagwe region is a land of much wonders, holding an unparalleled diversity of fauna and flora with many more natural features. The wonders include rocks, scenery and topography that harbor the growth of good cultural tourism, game hunting, historical buildings and archaeological ventures as well as wildlife photographic safaris.

What To Do In RumanyikaKaragwe National Park

Hunting is the most popular activity of the Rumanyika-Karagwe National Park. People from all over the world come for this amazing luxury  Tanzania Safari Tours in this park. Bird watching is also another amazing activity in the park, Between, June and August is the best time for visiting and enjoying Wild flowers and Butterflies, after this from December to February is the time for birds’ migration. And you must definitely try the Rumanyika Karagwe National Park Safari as it is the most fulfilling tour of your experience.

Attractions in Rumanyika-karagwe


The park has the highest animal species which include the following;

  • Lions
  • Leopards
  • Elephants
  • Hippopotamus
  • Impala
  • Waterbuck
  • Giraffes
  • Antelopes and many others

Wild life is the great attraction at Rumanyika-Karagwe national park.

Bird species.

The park has the diminutive slopes of the valley which are heavily covered by forest and bush making the area a pleasing place of bird’s home and during your visit to the park, it is difficult not to see and impressed by the number of birds you come across, due to beautiful vegetation type and altitudes which helps to contribute towards the attraction with in the park, bird species in the park includes African Wattled Lawpwing, Grey Headed and King fisher.


The park has a rich beautiful vegetation to enjoy that is the lower slopes of the valley are heavily covered by the forest and thick bush, the high slopes of the valley have Acacia tall grass woodlands which are spacious and attractive and are clearly kept relatively open by seasonal fires.

Activities in Rumanyika-kagera National Park.

  1. Game viewing 

Rumanyika-karagwe national park has various animal species like lions, hippopotamus, elephants, antelopes buffalos giraffes and many more, during the game drive activity tourists are able to spot animals in the park, they can be in their 4WD vehicle and they can be moved closer to the park animals which can give the best moment of experience.

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  1. Bird watching

The park provides the bird watching activity to the tourists, it is usually done especially from December to February and that’s the best time for birds migration, the park has a variety of bird species like the migratory species and the resident species like the African Wattled Lapwing, Grey Headed, King fisher and many more, the tourists who are more bird admirers during the bird watching can spot a variety of bird species along the way in the park.

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  1. Walking safari

For the guests that are slender and wish to see nature in close proximity will enjoy walking in this beautiful park, this activity is normally accompanied by an armed ranger and this gives an opportunity for the tourists to see wild life in a close encounter area.

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  1. Camping

Rumanyika-Karagwe National park offers the most aspiration camping site  to its clients who are interested in camping, the guests who enjoy  the out side environment nature in the park, there is a space provided in the park for camping and there you come and pitch your own tent and enjoy the wildness in that is the camp fire  and late in the night, stars in the sky and sound of various animals and birds can be experienced.

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  1. Wildlife Of Rumanyika-Karagwe National Park

The wildlife available in this national park includes lions, leopards, elephants, hippopotamus, giraffes, buffalos and antelopes, and among others. These are the best tourist attractions to provide Rumanyika-Karagwe National Park Safari in a great way. The new developments in this region including infrastructural and tourist activities has made this national park a thriving place and a great destination for wildlife lovers. For the bird watching enthusiasts and also those who love exploring new destinations, we highly recommend adding Rumanyika-KaragweNational Park into your Tanzania Safari Tours to make the best out of it.

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The Best time of your safaris at Rumanyika – Karagwe National Park

The Rumanyika – Karagwe National Park can be accessed by road through various public transport services running from upcountry regions to Karagwe town in Kagera region. The park can be reached by road from Kaisho 18.4km, Kyerwa 26.6km or Kaitambuzi 27.1km. By making a different road route, the park can be accessed from Bukoba to Murongo at a distance of 220 km and or from Chato to Murongo  at a distance of 327 km. There are airports at Chato and Bukoba from which light aircraft can fly to Ithanda Village. The park can also be easily accessed by scheduled flight via Ibanda to Murongo at a distance of 110 Kms. Rumanyika –Karagwe  National Park experiencing two rainy seasons in a year, a short rainy period is from October to November and the wet season is from March to May. The best time to visit a park is at the end of the short rainy season every year.

The best time to visit the park is between June to August because visitors will enjoy Wild flowers and Butterflies.  From December to February is the time for birds’ migration. With these big events you will accept that the Rumanyika-Karagwe National Park Safari is the most rewarding tour.


Currently, you can stay in the Park by arranging your own camp. Moves are underway to encourage seasonal camping and permanent camps and lodges. The nearest town with accommodation is Morongo, Kayanga Bukoba.

How to get there

By Air

There are airports at Chato and Bukoba from which light aircraft can fly to Ibanda-Kyerwa airstrip.

By Road

The distance from From Bukoba Town to Murongo is 220 km and from Chato Town to Murongo is 327 km.

Road access is possible from Uganda and Rwanda through the Kikagati border to Murongo or from Rwanda through Rusumo border via Karagwe to Murongo.