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Top 25 Best Africa Travel Tips

Top 25 Best Africa travel Tips

Top 25 Best Africa Travel Tips

Please have a look at our top 25 best Africa travel tips. When people think of traveling to Africa, the first thing that comes to their minds “Is it safe?” We can assure you that the answer is always yes for the locations/destinations that our clients travel to as long as you follow the safety precautions.

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Your trip to Africa will go off without a hitch when you book your travel arrangements with Kubwa Five Safaris, a reputable tour operator.

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Please find below some helpful information and travel tips for staying safe while visiting in Africa and this can as well be the travel advice for first-time visitors to Africa.

Safety Tips For Travel In Africa | First Time Safari Tips

  1. Never walk alone at night, anywhere. Even if the distance is short, take a taxi.
    Always take a licensed taxi or one recommended by your hotel. Uber is frequently available in major African cities.
  2. During the day, travel. The roads are frequently poorly lit at night, and accidents have been reported as a result of potholes. Carjackings have also occurred in major South African cities, particularly at night, in Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Namibia, and South Africa.
  3. Drink in moderation and never leave your drinks unattended.
  4. Always listen to your guides, especially if you’re staying in a national park; wild animals are everywhere, and you must respect their territory.
  5. Do the dummy wallet trick in big cities: Keep a small amount of cash and canceled cards in your purse so that you can easily hand it over if someone asks, and keep the rest hidden in your bra, shoes, or locked in the hotel safe.
  6. Do not flaunt signs of wealth, such as pricey watches or jewelry.
  7. When looking at your phone in public, be aware that it will attract attention.
  8. In some places, such as Zanzibar, much of Tanzania, and most of northern Africa, including Morocco, it’s important to respect the local culture and dress appropriately, covering shoulders, cleavage, and legs.
  9. Food and drinks should never be left unattended in public, especially in local clubs.
  10. In public, stick with a group of friends.
  11. When walking or driving at night, exercise extreme caution.
  12. Maintain a low profile.
  13. Keep an eye on your surroundings.
  14. Do not engage in physical resistance to any robbery attempt.
  15. Do not open your hotel/residence door for strangers unless you know who they are.
  16. Maintain vigilance in areas frequented by foreign tourists.
  17. When visiting banks or ATMs, be extra cautious.
  18. Carry a duplicate of your passport and visa (if applicable), and keep the originals in the hotel safe.
  19. Give a family member or friend your itinerary.
  20. You may keep up with your country’s embassy in Uganda by following its social media accounts.
  21. Pickpockets exist here, as they do everywhere, so be extra cautious when visiting markets, bazaars, train or bus stations, or even walking the streets.
  22. If you are driving, leave enough space between yourself and the car in front of you to make an escape if necessary.
  23. If you are a passenger in a car that is going too fast, you have the right to say “slow down.” Reckless driving is common.
  24. Be cautious of beggars who appear to be elderly, children, or injured. This strategy is used throughout the world. They catch tourists by using children, the elderly, or seemingly injured beggars, knowing that you can’t say no to them. Those using the children will notice where you keep your wallet and will pickpocket you if you bring it out to assist.
  25. Have a checkup with your doctor before you leave. Malaria is still a threat in some parts of Africa, and you definitely don’t want to get sick on vacation. Health facilities in rural areas are not as well equipped as those in larger cities, so you should take all necessary precautions if you need medical attention.

Vaccinations against Hepatitis A, Rabies, Typhoid, and Meningococcal meningitis are fairly common, and proof of Yellow Fever vaccination is required for entry into nearly every African country. You should also bring the following items from a basic medical tool kit; Anti-malaria medication, Antibiotics, Painkillers, Antihistamine, Hydrocortisone cream, Insect repellent.

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However, this blog does answer questions such as best places to visit in Africa for first timers, what vaccinations do you need to travel to Africa, travelling Africa on a budget. Please write to us for more details.

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It is impossible to overestimate the splendor of Africa’s natural landscapes, and the vast majority of the continent’s countries contain a wealth of unexplored locations simply begging to be found. You should be aware of the safety concerns and conditions in your selected destination so that you are not surprised when something unexpected happens there. This not only keeps you one step ahead of the game but also makes the ride that much more exciting.

Africa isn’t perfect; no continent is; but it’s rich in culture and offers essentially endless possibilities for exploration. You can’t help but be impressed by a continent that radiates beauty and hospitality. The continent is home to nearly 3,000 national parks, marine preserves, biosphere reserves, and wetland sanctuaries.

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Travelers looking for an authentic safari experience should look no further than Africa. We encourage you to get in touch with us if an African safari is something you have always wanted to do, will gladly assist you in finding the ideal African adventure.