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The Top Best 10 Camp Sites In Namibia

The Top Best 10 Camp Sites In Namibia

Looking at camping in Namibia. Here are The Top Best 10 Camp Sites In Namibia. Most of them are found within and or close to beautiful tourism destinations and attractions.

Namibia is really a beautiful country with wonderful wildlife and natural resources. It harbors the world’s second-largest canyon, the highest sand dunes, the oldest desert, the largest existing meteorite, the smallest antelope, some of the most strange and bizarre plants, and many other truly strange attractions. 


The following are the Top 10 Camp Sites In Namibia:

1. Desert Ouiver Camp

Looking for a camp site? The Desert Ouiver Camp is one of the top 10 camp sites in Namibia. Located 5km from the entrance of Sossusvlei, the Desert Ouiver Camp is a go-to place for camping due to its stunning scenery characterized by granite outcrops and dense wildlife roaming throughout your stay.

The place is best for travelers looking for a spacious camping experience and honeymooners. A sparkling swimming pool with 2 communal boma areas, fully stocked bar with screens fitted together for a perfect ambiance. Sossusvlei Lodge Restaurant is one of the nearby places you can enjoy a meal during your stay at the Desert Ouiver Camp.

The best part about this place is the desert games. You can engage in as many desert activities as possible, like quad biking, among others.


2.Etosha Village

Etosha Village is still among the top 10 camp sites in Namibia, situated across Etosha National Park near Okaukuenjo, known for its affordable yet spacious campsites. The Etosha Village campsite is positioned in the dazzling green and gold Mopane Forest surrounding Etosha National Park.

The incredible destination is the real deal for nature lovers looking for a camp experience with a touch of stunning service and cuisine.

The Etosha area has a lot of activities that you can do as a single traveler, a couple, or as a group. Activities include guided game drives in Etosha National Park, guided nature walks, sundowner drives, stargazing services, and the Boma dinner experience.

Okaukuejo - Wikipedia

3. Onguma Tamboti Campsite

Honeymooners and lovers of luxury lifestyles are sorted in Namibia. The Onguma Safari Camp Site is also one of the top 10 camp sites in Namibia and is located on the eastern edge of Namibia’s renowned Etosha National Park. It includes around 34,000 hectares of private wildness within the Onguma Reserve and is a home for various plains game, including over 300 bird species and four of the majestic “Big 5.”

The camp has five lodges, two campsites, and a variety of activities to offer an experience adapted to individual preferences.

Interpretive bush walks provide a more intimate relationship with nature by allowing you to dwell in the primordial ambiance of the African bushveld while keeping a respectful distance from the wild creatures.

4. Kronenhof Camp Ground

Kronenhof is a stunning destination among the landscape formed by ancient volcanic activity and red sands crossing the spergebred and Namib Nauklift Park, which is  located in southern Namibia between Luderitz and Sossuslvei.

The Kronenhof Camp Ground is a privately owned reserve that offers self-catering units and private camping with self contained units. The place has a number of restaurants for those who need that kind of service.  This kind of campsite is suitable for adventurous people who want to try out new things.

You will enjoy farm scenic drives; this takes about 3 hours to explore the private reserve. Using a 4×4 vehicle, drive through the landscape, where you will encounter wildlife such as giraffes, zebras, ostriches, and black wildebeests, among others. The sundowner drive will also be waiting for you. See animals in the evening African sunlight. You will end your drive on the top of the mountain with a stunning panoramic view and watch the sun go down as you enjoy some drinks and snacks.

Other activities you can do during your stay include, for instance, clay pigeon shooting and an e-bike drive. You will surely enjoy every minute spent at this reserve.

5. Sasa Safari Camp

Sasa Safari Camp is nestled in beautiful flora and features a refreshing swimming pool. It offers a delightful escape with rustic huts made of native stone. Located just outside Outjo, this retreat offers a restaurant and bar to match its peaceful surroundings.

The bungalows are furnished with modern hardwood furniture and feature a private terrace with beautiful views, as well as an en-suite bathroom with a shower. Wi-Fi is accessible upon request.

The camp provides a variety of activities, including day tours to popular places like Etosha National Park, the Petrified Forest, and the Vingerklip Formation, which is only an 8-minute drive from central Outjo and 14 kilometers from the local airstrip.

Sasa Safari Camp gives you a great sense of tranquility while you stay and stands out among the top 10 camp sites in Namibia.

Safari lodge - Wikipedia

6. Hoada Campsite

Hoada is a Damaar-Nama word to mean everybody. Indeed, Hoada Camp is what everyone should experience for a get away vacation. Hoada Campsite is a serene home in the wilderness, hidden among grey granite boulders and mopane trees, located 75 kilometers west of Kamanjab. This is the best place for those looking to get away from the real world.

Staying at Hoada Campsite guarantees not only a peaceful getaway, but also a cultural excursion as you join a guided trip to experience the authenticity of local life by visiting Damara homesteads. You will be immersed in the Damara people’s rich cultural history, which is notable for its distinctive attire and jewelry.

The beauty of this place makes it one of the top 10 camp sites in Namibia.

File:Thamewali near Mianwali.jpg

7. Sossus Oasis Campsite

The Sossus Oasis Campsite is among the top 10 camp sites in Namibia, offering exclusive camping right at the entrance gate to Namib Naukluft National Park and Sossusvlei, known for the magnificent red sands of the Namibian Desert.

It is nestled under the star-studded Namibian sky and features 12 individual sites with paved patches shaded by wooden canopies, private toilet and shower facilities, kitchen wash-up areas, barbecues, and electricity points.

Magnificent views of the desert landscape, Elim Dune, and unforgettable sunsets enrich the camping experience, making it ideal for larger groups.

It also offers exciting desert activities like guided excursions to Sossusvlei and scenic flights that can be arranged through the Sossusvlei Lodge Adventure Centre.


8. Desert Camp

Desert Camp is yet another great campsite and stands as one of the top 10 camp sites in Namibia. Positioned under centuries-old Carmel thorn trees, it offers magnificent views over the desert landscape and surrounding mountains. The desert camp is 5 km from the entrance gate to Sossusvlei and Sesriem Canyon in the Namib Naukluft Park.

This is an exquisite place for photographers and nature lovers. The camp features 28 affordable self-catering units with en-suite bathrooms, shaded verandas, fitted kitchenettes, barbecues, and stunning views of the desert landscapes. Air-conditioned rooms with twin beds and fold-out sleeper couches make them ideal for families.

The neighboring Sossus Oasis Service Station offers a shop, fuel, and Internet café. The huge swimming pool provides a relaxing refuge with sun loungers and views of wildlife at the adjoining waterhole. The fully supplied bar close to the pool is an ideal place to unwind while admiring the stunning sunset colors over the desert surroundings.

Desert Camp is a comfortable retreat for people exploring the beauties of Sossusvlei, with Wi-Fi, a large-screen television, and courteous reception personnel. Guests can also order fresh food, firewood, and firelighters from reception, guaranteeing a convenient and comfortable stay in the middle of Namib Naukluft Park.



9. Chobe River Camp

Chobe River Camp, also known as Camp Chobe, is situated northwest of the Ngoma border post on the bank of the Chobe River. The vast plains expand in a beautiful panorama, offering a true immersion into Africa’s unique beauty.

Experience everyday African life during your stay at the premises. The campsite is only a short walk away and welcomes guests with a refreshing pool and tasty feasts, wrapping up the warmth of Namibia.

This place has many activities laid out for you. Enjoy a boat cruise through the Chobe River, where you will encounter water mammals and also go birding. Activities are seasonal and highly dependent on the water levels, and if the river’s water level is low, the boat cruise activity won’t be enjoyable.

Other activities include guided hikes in the Zambezi region, canoeing, and birdwatching tours led by an experienced  guide. If you are open to more adventure, you can also visit the Victoria Falls.

The Chobe National Park day trip features both a morning boat cruise and an afternoon game drive. Encounter massive wildlife during the game drive, like the big five and other mammal species.


10. Zambezi Mubala Camp

Zambezi Mubala Camp, also known as Island View, is situated under a canopy of green set against the scenic backdrop of the Zambezi River. putting safari camping on an entirely new level. The camp also has enormous gardens and lodgings set in a lush woodland, making it an ideal location for exploring Namibia’s lush north-eastern region or visiting Chobe National Park and Victoria Falls.

During your stay, there are different activities you can engage in. For instance, you can enjoy a boat excursion down the Zambezi, where the thrill of catching the rare tiger fish is equaled only by the spectacular colors of a red sunset reflecting off the calm waters.

Soft whispers of the river and the singing birds will keep you company. At nightfall, the camp transforms into a refuge for astronomy, with the bright stars presenting a heavenly spectacle over the terrain.
For those who relish the outdoors, safari camping along the riverbank offers a unique experience, with eight safari tents providing comfortable Zambezi homes, while traditional campers can enjoy the adjacent leafy campsite with private facilities.

File:Zambezi Mubala Lodge (2018).jpg

Major Attractions In Namibia

SossusvleiSossusvlei, home to some of the largest sand dunes in the world, is a must-see for those traveling to Namibia. The area is dotted with gigantic orange and red hills, some of which are over 1,200 feet high.

Waterberg: The Waterberg Plateau is an outdoor lover’s paradise. Elevated high in the Kalahari Plains, this table mountain is one of the most ecologically diverse places in the country.

Namib Desert: One of the oldest deserts in the world, famous for its towering red sand dunes, particularly in Sossusvlei and Deadvlei. The dunes at sunrise and sunset offer spectacular photographic opportunities.

Etosha National Park: One of Africa’s premier wildlife reserves, renowned for its vast salt pan and diverse wildlife including elephants, lions, giraffes, and rhinos. The park offers excellent game viewing opportunities, particularly around the waterholes.

Skeleton Coast: A rugged and desolate coastline characterized by shipwrecks, towering sand dunes, and colonies of seals. It’s a unique and hauntingly beautiful landscape that offers opportunities for coastal safaris and exploration.

Fish River Canyon: The second largest canyon in the world, offering breathtaking panoramic views and excellent hiking opportunities along the Fish River Hiking Trail.

Swakopmund: A charming coastal town known for its German colonial architecture, adventure activities such as sandboarding, quad biking, and skydiving, as well as its proximity to the Namib Desert and Skeleton Coast.

Damaraland: A remote and rugged region known for its dramatic landscapes, ancient rock engravings at Twyfelfontein (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), and desert-adapted wildlife such as desert elephants and black rhinos.

Cape Cross Seal Reserve: Home to one of the largest colonies of Cape fur seals in the world, providing visitors with an opportunity to observe these fascinating marine mammals up close.


Kaokoland: A wilderness area in the northwest known for its remote and untouched beauty, inhabited by traditional Himba communities and offering scenic drives, rugged terrain, and unique wildlife.

Caprivi Strip: A narrow protrusion of land in the northeast of Namibia, characterized by lush vegetation, rivers, and wetlands, offering excellent birdwatching and opportunities for water-based activities such as boating and fishing.

Windhoek: The capital and largest city of Namibia, offering a blend of modern and colonial architecture, vibrant markets, museums, and cultural attractions such as the Independence Memorial Museum and the National Gallery of Namibia.

Not only is Namibia home to 200 different types of birds and mammals, but it’s also known as a protected ground for rare and extinct creatures like the black rhinoceros.

Activities that take place in some of these camps in Namibia

While in Namibia, you can embark on a Namibian adventure is an odyssey through a landscape that oscillates between rugged aridity and mesmerizing beauty. The country, untouched in many areas, presents a myriad of unique experiences for intrepid travelers.

Here’s an alternative take on the top 10 activities to savor in Namibia

Conquer the Giants of Sossusvlei

Ascend the world’s tallest sand dunes in Sossusvlei, where colossal formations stand at a staggering 300 meters. For the bold, challenge yourself with the climb up Big Daddy, a towering dune reaching 325 meters, offering an exhilarating descent.

Soar Above the Vast Desolation

Unveil Namibia’s breathtaking landscapes from an aerial perspective for a scenic plane ride or a hot air balloon adventure, allowing you to witness the expansive beauty and capture awe-inspiring holiday snapshots.

 Selfies at Spitzkoppe’s Peaks

Pose against the dramatic backdrop of Spitzkoppe, a 1728-meter-high mountain with uniquely shaped peaks. Just 500 km from Sossusvlei, this is a selfie haven amidst a flat landscape, offering a captivating scramble through crags and boulders.


 Desert Secrets Unveiled

Embark on a desert tour to discover the hidden life within Namibia’s seemingly barren landscapes. Join Living Desert Tours for a day of encounters with peculiar desert-adapted creatures, from cartwheeling spiders to other fascinating adaptations.

Sleeping Under Namibian Stars

Embrace the celestial wonders of Namibia’s night sky. Experience unparalleled stargazing on your private sleep-out deck at Kulala Desert Lodge, allowing the Milky Way to unfold its beauty overhead.

Trek the Grandeur of Fish River Canyon

Head south to explore Fish River Canyon, the continent’s largest canyon. Whether you’re an avid hiker or prefer breathtaking views, this gigantic ravine, stretching 160 km, is a spectacle not to be missed.

Marine Marvels Along the Skeleton Coast

Challenge the perception of Namibia as just a desert. Along the Skeleton Coast, witness the world’s largest fur seal colony, embark on a whale and dolphin cruise, and catch a glimpse of the peculiar “mola” fish.

 Step Back in Time at Kolmanskop

Explore the eerie remnants of Kolmanskop, a ghost town born from diamond mining success in the 1920s. Absorb the history and desolation of this abandoned town, featured in Vogue and documentaries.

Cultural Odyssey with the Tribe

Immerse yourself in Namibian culture with a guided tour of Himba Village, which is located in the north. The Himba people offer a special glimpse into traditional African life, creating an enriching cultural experience.

Adrenaline-Pumping Sandboarding in Swakopmund

Indulge yourself on the thrill-seeking side with sandboarding on Namibia’s iconic dunes. Whether on a lie-down or stand-up board, the rush is real as you descend the 100-meter dunes near Swakopmund.