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The Best Time To Visit Lake Naivasha

The Best Time To Visit Lake Naivasha

Here is a detailed blog determining the best time to visit Lake Naivasha national park that is what to expecting the dry and wet seasons.

The name Lake Naivasha, literally refers to “rough water” in Maasai, comes from the area’s natural tendency for abrupt storms. The lake is a rejuvenating day trip or weekend getaway from Kenya’s busy metropolis and is easily reachable from Nairobi.

Lake Naivasha is a sizable freshwater lake located outside of Naivasha, is situated in Nakuru County. The largest lake in the Great Rift Valley is Lake Naivasha, which is located at a height of 1,884 meters.

Lake Naivasha dominates the natural landscape with a surface size of 139 km2, and a 64 km2 swamp surrounds it on all sides. The lake is surrounded by forests of the fever tree beyond the swampland.

The presence or absence of rainfall in equatorial Kenya determines how the seasons change. Lake Naivasha has two dry seasons and two rainy seasons each year so among these asks The Best Time To Visit Lake Naivasha?

Between July through October, there is a lengthy, chilly dry season, which is followed by a brief wet season in November and December. While the lengthy rainy season runs from April through June and the short hot and dry season runs from January through February, the arrival and departure of the rains begin at the end of March and the beginning of July, respectively. This could be The Best Time To Visit Lake Naivasha.

Planning your ideal Kenyan safari requires an understanding of these seasons because rain or shine influences wildlife behavior, grazing availability, water levels, and foliage growth for visibility.

The following are the seasons that determine the best time to visit Lake Naivasha national park;

Dry Season in Lake Naivasha National Park

The dry season is the best time to visit Lake Naivasha national park. During the dry season, there is a lack of both water and vegetation, and the animals gather around the few remaining waterholes. This behavior has an impact on your wildlife-seeking journey with African Mecca to Lake Naivasha since fauna is either harder to find or more accessible, and you will either witness animals dispersed over a broader region or variety of species concentrated in one place.

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The animals gather around the few remaining waterholes during the dry season, though, when there is a lack of both foliage and water. This behavior has an impact on your wildlife-seeking vacation to Lake Naivasha with African Mecca since fauna is either more difficult to spot or is more accessible, and you will either witness animals distributed over a broader region or diversity of species concentrated in one location.

However, there are benefits and drawbacks to both the lengthy dry season and long wet season. The lengthy, cool-dry season is the best time to see wildlife, and because there hasn’t been much rain, the roads and trails are in fantastic shape for your Lake Naivasha exploration tour activities. However, the vegetation might not be as colorful and lush as when it’s raining.

Therefore, The Best Time To visit Lake Naivasha is the dry season where minimal number of difficulties can happen than it would be in the rainy season.

Wet Season In Lake Naivasha National Park

The low or green season typically lasts from April to May, but it can even extend to the majority of June. These may be the finest months to schedule your trip if you want a quiet vacation at Lake Naivasha in East Africa with a freshness of nature at its best. For birds and low budget tourists, the wet period is the best time to visit Lake Naivasha national park.

However, this season consists of a number of challenges that can be faced while on your trip such as Muddy roads especially those in the park which become slippery and may delay your travel itinerary, Accidents during your trip, this can be due to rains especially when you come across some hilly and muddy roads in the terrains of Kenya, Dispersal of wild animals.

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This comes due to the fact that most of the area’s pastures are grown and available which makes these animals being able to access water and pasture whenever they are and hence interrupting some activities like game drive, Flooding of the lake, this is due to the rains that increases the amount of water in the lake and the rivers that pour water in Lake Naivasha.

Accommodation prices are also decreased, while logistical charges, conservation fees, activities, guide services, and so on remain consistent throughout the year.

However, there are benefits and draw backs to both the lengthy dry season and long wet season. The lengthy, cool-dry season is the best time to see wildlife, and because there hasn’t been much rain, the roads and trails are in fantastic shape for your Lake Naivasha exploration tour activities. However, the vegetation might not be as colorful and lush as when it’s raining.

Major Animals Found In Lake Naivasha National Park

The best time to visit lake Naivasha national park for game drive is during the dry season as most of the animals are close to the water source incase of water and food. There are  a number of animals found in lake Naivasha national park and they include;

Hippos: These are the second largest land mammals after elephants. Hippos are aggressive and unpredictable animals that spend most of their lives in water. Hippos are the most common mammals in Lake Naivasha national park with over 400 found in lake Naivasha. These can be spotted during the boat ride.

Buffaloes: These are one of the big five animals, cow like large animals that are herbivorous in nature. Buffaloes are usually seen with mud allover their bodies as a way of getting rid of ticks. You will see these all over the park and during the game drive.

Giraffes: These are the largest ruminants on earth and are characterized by extremely long legs and necks. Giraffes are one of the many animals you will see when you visit Lake Naivasha national park.

Zebras: These are predators distinguished by black-and-white striped coats. Zebras are a must see while at Lake Naivasha national park.

Flamingos In Lake Naivasha national park

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Birding is on of the activities to do in Lake Naivasha National park and flamingos are a must see. These are the most common birds in Lake Naivasha national park. these are found at the shores of the lake and the best time to spot them is in the wet season. Others bird inhabitants of Lake Naivasha include kingfisher, African Jacania, ducks, Mourning collared Dove among others.

Activities  To Do In Lake Naivasha National Park

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1. Boat Cruise: One of the most well-liked activities at Lake Naivasha is boat safaris. The easiest way to get up close to the hippos and flamingos in the lake is to jet out into it. Zebras, wildebeest, and giraffes might be visible if you look toward the beach. The average boat safari on Lake Naivasha lasts for about an hour, and because of the lake’s immense expanse, you won’t be disturbed by the rumble of other boats.

2.Bird watching: This is one of the must do things in Lake Naivasha national park. Lake Naivasha is one of the leading birding site in Kenya with over 400 species. Birding in Lake Naivasha can be done in throughout the entire year but the best time to do birding is during the best time is during the wet season. The park has different bird species like  Flamingos, African Jacania, King fisher among others. It also receives migratory bids from Europe during winter.

3. Admire the amazing Crater Lake Game Sanctuary. The Crater Lake Game Sanctuary is on the opposite side of the lake. This little sanctuary is a wonderful place to go hiking and is home to giraffes, zebras, and more than 150 different kinds of birds. Walking paths within the refuge follow the crater’s rim and provide breathtaking views. At Crater Lake, night game drives are an excellent way to spot elusive animals like leopards, aardvarks, caracals, and many others.

4. Climbing Longnot National Park. Lake Naivasha is about 20 kilometers away from Longonot National Park, and the drive there by car takes around 45 minutes. The stratovolcano Mount Longonot, which towers over the park at a height of 2,776 meters, is where the park gets its name. The dormant volcano may be climbed in 4-5 hours, and the summit offers breathtaking views. The walk is not particularly physically challenging despite its length. If you finish the hike in the morning, you can take a pleasant boat ride or game drive in the afternoon.

5. Visiting Crescent Island: On the east side of the lake, close to the town of Naivasha, is Crescent Island, which is fittingly named due to its crescent-shaped shape. This region has the majority of the lake’s lodging choices. A game refuge is located on Crescent Island. Highlights of the 1.5–3-hour tours include getting up close to the giraffes and zebras that live there. One of the most visited destinations in the Lake Naivasha region is Crescent Island, which served as the main shooting location for the 1985 romance movie “Out of Africa.”

How To Access Lake Naivasha National Park

Lake Naivasha national park is located in the north part of Nairobi and it takes 60 miles to get there. You can use different routes according to the means of transport.

1. By road: Use the old Naivasha road and it will take you 2 hours and twenty minutes to get their.

2. By air: You will take a flight from Nairobi Wilson airstrip to Naivasha and it  will take you about 15 minutes to get there. The air craft always departs every afternoon.

Accommodations Facilities Of Lake Naivasha National Park

Lake Naivasha has one of the best accommodation facilities ranging from the budgeted(economical), mid-range dulex and high-end premiere accommodation that will offer you a glimpse spectacular stay in luxurious rooms.

Based on the standard of the housing, the guiding standards, the service, the food, the availability of ground and air transportation, and the location’s closeness to the best natural, cultural, and historical attractions in Lake Naivasha.

I suggest accommodation for your journey through the jungle to Lake Naivasha from all the three kinds depending on your wallet.

Incase you have a low budget, the best time to visit Lake Naivasha is during the wet season as its considered a low season which means low hotel costs.

Lake Naivasha Resort - 2023 Rates / Prices - Contacts for Bookings 16 Best Hotels in Naivasha. Hotels from $8/night - KAYAK
  • Loldia House and Chui Lodge offer our visitors the highest level of refinement and customized services. Located on the banks of Lake Naivasha, Loldia Lodge is surrounded by 6500 acres of magnificent farmland. Nine en-suite rooms in the main home preserve the style of the first settlers. For newlyweds, couples, and families that desire more seclusion and extras like fireplaces, extra bedrooms, and breath-taking views of the lake and Mount Longonot, guest cottages are also available.
  • At Chui Lodge, which is close to Lake Naivasha, you are surrounded by an 18,000-acre wildlife conservancy. Eight uniquely created cottages provide views of the sanctuary and the Great Rift Valley while enveloping you in a tranquil environment furnished with locally made furniture and artwork. A unique Tier 1 alternative, Hippo Point & Dodo’s Tower provides a warm feel of an Elizabethan country residence.
  • Kiangazi House and Kiboko Luxury Camp. In the game corridor that runs between Lake Naivasha and Hell’s Gate National Park, Kiangazi House is located within the Oserian Wildlife Sanctuary.
  • Kiboko Luxury Camp. For a traditional camping vacation at Lake Naivasha, allow me to recommend you this. The camp offers an authentic wilderness experience with only eight tents that accommodate lone travelers, couples, and small families.
  • The basic and comfortable guest rooms at Lake Naivasha Simba Lodge and Elsamere are popular with budget-conscious customers. The former lodge contains 70 guest rooms, some with lake views, outdoor bathrooms, private courtyards, and other unique features.
  • The cosy Olerai House. The pastoral atmosphere of both hotels quickly relaxes you, and the pleasant staff makes you feel perfectly at home.
Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Best Activity to do at Lake Naivasha?

This depends on the tourist’s desire, however there a number of activities that are good and can be done at Lake Naivasha such as Boat Cruise, Cycling at Hell’s Gate, Nature walks along with Zebras, Warthogs and Antelopes among others.

2. What is the climate at Lake Naivasha?

The district’s average annual temperature is 20.09oC (68.16oF), which is -2.41% lower than Kenya’s national norms. Naivasha experiences about 237.34 wet days (65.02% of the time) and 127.08 millimeters (5.0 inches) of precipitation annually. Precipitation on an annual average.

3. How much is entry fee to Lake Naivasha?

For access to Lake Naivasha, there are no entrance fees. Access to Lake Naivasha is available every day from 7 am to 6 pm. The drive to Lake Naivasha, 60 miles north of Nairobi, takes about two hours and twenty minutes along the A104 and Old Naivasha Road.


Lake Naivasha is one outstanding National Park that can be visited all year around the world. Due to to the fact that i receives a double maximum of rainfall, and experiences two seasons the wet and dry season, one can visit it at any time he/she may want. However, I would recommend visiting during the dry season for the best of activities like Game drive. Visit our website today for a thrilling vacation and best affordable trips with Kubwa Five Safaris(