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Best Weather And Climate In Serengeti National Park In Tanzania

The best weather and climate in Serengeti National Park is categorized by two seasons which are; Dry winter ( June, July, August & September) and the Wet season(November, December, January, February, March, April & May)

The climate in Serengeti is usually moderate and pleasant. It never gets very hot, but it is consistently cool to cold at night and in the early mornings.

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Serengeti’s Dry season is from June to October. There are two Wet seasons. The ‘short rains’ are from November to December, and the ‘long rains’ are from March to May. During the Wet season, it rarely rains all day, but afternoon thundershowers can be expected.

Winter – The Dry Season in Serengeti National Park

Afternoon temperatures are usually around 25°C/77°F. Most days have a fine, clear sky. It gets cold at night with minimum temperatures around 14°C/57°F.

  • June, July, August & September Occasional cold fronts are possible, with temperatures close to freezing. It’s usually cold early in the morning.
  • October  The short rains might start at the end of October if they are early

Summer – The Wet Season in Serengeti National Park

The wet season or the summer in Serengeti National Park happens from November all the way up to May. Although there is ample rain received during this season.

As in the Dry season, temperatures are moderate during the Wet season. Afternoon temperatures are usually around 26°C/79°F, and night temperatures are around 15°C/59°F.

  • November & December ‘Short rains’  An unpredictable period of about a month of rains occurs sometime between October and December. The rains will be unlikely to interfere with your safari.
  • January & February  There tends to be a dry spell between the short and long rains. The exact timing is unpredictable.
  • March, April & May  ‘Long rains’  These are the wettest months. It tends to rain most days, although seldom for the whole day. It is often cloudy. In April and May, cold fronts might bring colder peak temperatures.

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My conlusion about the best weather and climate in Serengeti National Park

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