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These are the best 5  animals at Nyika National Park in Zambia they include; Elephants, Lions, Leopards, Zebras and Antelopes.

Nyika National Park is a national park situated in the northern part of Malawi, with a small part in Zambia and a total square of 3200 km2 (1250 mile2).

Elephants at Nyika National Park in Zambia

Elephants are the largest land mammals, they adapt to their habitat by having a large body size, regulating their temperature in the hot sun, digging up water with their tusks, and grasping branches and other things with their trunks and they communicate through vibration.

Elephants eat grasses, leaves, shrubs, fruits and roots depending on the season and their habitat. When it’s particularly dry, elephants will eat more woody. Now, only approximately 100 elephants can still be found roaming the 3,200 km2 Nyika National Park.

 Lions at Nyika National Park in Zambia

Lions have a broad and sharp paws, they use their sharp teeth to capture their prey and rip the flesh off the prey’s body. For the protection and to show strength to other species, sharp claws are often used. 

Lions are absent, but leopard is regularly seen both at night and during the day. Spotted hyena and other nocturnal creatures can sometimes be spotted on night drives. Lions have retractable claws, rough tongues, nocturnal hunting in groups, and heightened senses that help them survive in their habitat. Lions are designed to be strong predators. They hunt at night in prides, giving them an advantage over unsuspecting prey.

Leopards at Nyika National Park in Zambia

Nyika has the highest density of leopards in Malawi, they can often be spotted on night drives. Leopards bodies have many adaptations that make them powerful hunters. They’re muscular, sleek, fast, and strong, with enormous heads and jaws, sharp and strong canine teeth, and sharp claws for attacking their prey. Many of the foods that leopards eat can run fast, but nowhere near as fast as the leopard.

Zebras at Nyika National Park in Zambia
 The zebra (Equus burchelli Gray) is one of Malawi’s most interesting native animals. Crawshay’s zebra, a localized sub-species of Burchell’s zebra, is common around Chelinda. Zebras have long, slender legs and hoofed feet that allow them to run quickly in an effort to avoid fast-moving predators. Grevy’s zebras also have very keen eyesight. Their large eyes are set far back on their heads, which provides a wide field of vision and the ability to spot movement at great distances.
Antelopes at Nyika National Park in Zambia

Antelope’s that lives in flat areas have hooves , horns and legs  , while antelopes that live in rocky or mountainous areas have hooves that are adapted for climbing. Self-Defense. While both sexes of sable antelope have horns, the male’s can grow well over five feet in length, giving him two powerful weapons for defending himself and his herd. These curved and sharply-pointed horns make him an imposing-looking threat, and he isn’t afraid to use them.

Inconclusion of Best 5 Animals at Nyika National Park in ZambiaNyika National Park is a home to many antelope notably large herds of Eland, Roan and also the rare Red Duiker & Bush Pigs. Leopards, Hyena and Jackal are the main predators, Lions, Elephants, Antelopes and Zebras