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These are the best 5 animals found within the Zambezi National Park, including buffalo, elephant, lion, , leopard and crocodile.

Zambezi National Park is located upstream from Victoria Falls on the Zambezi River. It was split off from Victoria Falls National Park.

Buffalo at Zambezi National Park in Zimbabwe

Buffalo are common on the banks of the Zambezi River. Their wide-splayed hoofed feet prevent them from sinking too deeply in the mud and allow them to move about in wetlands and swamps. These marshes provide good cover and rich aquatic plants to forage on, although water buffalo actually prefer to feed in grasslands on grass and herbs.

Elephants at Zambezi National Park in Zimbabwe

The Zambezi National Park is a home to 1,000 elephants and is contiguous with Mana Pools in Zimbabwe (separated only by the Zambezi river), where there is an even larger elephant population. The elephant’s tusks are modified teeth that help them tear the tree’s bark for food. Their large ears help them pick up even soft sounds to be beware of danger. The large size of the ear also helps them stay cool in the humid climate of the rainforests.

Lions at Zambezi  National Park in Zimbabwe

A lion’s roar is the loudest of any big cat and can be heard up to 8 km away. Lions have terrific night vision. They are 6 times more sensitive to light than humans. This gives them a distinct advantage over some prey species when hunting at night.  Lions have  retractable claws, rough tongues, nocturnal hunting in groups, and heightened senses that help them survive in their habitat. Lions are designed to be strong predators. They hunt at night in prides, giving them an advantage over unsuspecting prey.

Leopards at Zambezi National Park in Zimbabwe

The leopard is one of the five extant species in the genus Panthera, a member of the cat family, Leopards are skilled climbers, and like to rest in the branches of trees during the day. They are strong beasts, too, and can carry their heavy prey up into the trees so that pesky scavengers, such as hyenas, don’t steal their meal Leopards’ bodies have many adaptations that make them powerful hunters. They’re muscular, sleek, fast, and strong, with enormous heads and jaws, sharp and strong canine teeth, and sharp claws for attacking their prey. 

Crocodiles at Zambezi National Park in Zimbabwe

The crocodile seen in the Zambezi is the Nile crocodile  one of four species found in Africa. It can easily weigh up to a ton and may live up to 100 years. Crocodiles inhabit the Zambezi above the Falls, feeding mostly on fish, but also on game coming to drink. With the most highly developed and complex brains of all reptiles, crocodiles possess keen awareness and a strong learning ability. Their heightened auditory and olfactory senses forewarn them of dangers and guide them toward prey. To enhance their underwater visual capacity, a protective membrane covers their eye.

Conclusion of the best 5 animals at Zambezi National Park in Zimbabwe

A wide variety of animals  including giraffe, lion and leopard  have access to the park from surrounding areas. Elephant and buffalo are common on the banks.