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The Best 5 Reasons To Visit Nkasa Rupara Park in Namibia

The best 5 reasons to visit Nkasa Rupara park in Namibia include; Natural features and the true wilderness experience, Wildlife viewing, The vast wet wonderlands, Vegetation, Bird watching.


Nkasa Rupara National park which was formally known as Mamili national park is located in Namibia in the Zambezi region, It hold the distinction of being the largest wetland in the conservation status of Namibia and is also a n habitant for a number of wetland species, when flood waters from Kwando river are high the national park becomes like a mini Okavango delta. The annual floodwaters of Kwando reach the area in August and September flooding the entire wetland.

Nkasa national park lies in the center of Nkasa and Rupara islands which are found on Kwando/ Linyanti river in south western corner of east caprivi with the beautiful Kwando river on its western boarder and as the river approaches the parks southern most point it spreads its channels. It covers about 280000 square kilometers with 22 protected areas that have the potential of being transformed into a transfrontier conservation area it is characterized by a complex network of channels, reed beds tree covered islands and Ox-bow lakes.

It was officially proclaimed as a national park on 1 march1990  shortly before Namibia’s independence and renamed Nkasa Rupara in 2003

The best 5 reasons to visit Nkasa Rupara national park include;

  1. Natural features and the true wilderness experience in Nkasa Rupara park

The best thing about Nkasa Rupara national park are its natural features which include the river Kwando and its channels, islands and flood plains, people mostly describe it as Namibia’s answer to the Okavango delta

Nkasa Rupala national park provides an incredible wilderness experience to its visitors and this is mainly because the entire vastness is free from facilities therefore wild is the best word to describe Nkasa Rupara national park


2. Wildlife viewing in Nkasa Rupara park

The national park has a number of wild animals which can be spotted by visitors during their visit to the national park, these wild animals include Elephants and Bufallos which can usually be spotted wallowing in the marshes, Lions, Hyenas and wild dogs are some of the predators that can be sported and even Hypos and Nile crocodiles are more abundant in the reed lined channels there are also animals which are available but rare sighted at the park and these are spotted necked otters which have been recorded in the mashi river and the water loving antelope can also be spotted in the marshy areas of the national park

It is alleged that Nkasa Rupara national park is the one which has the last population of puku antelope in the entire country and it also has about 1000 bufallos residing over there and this is the largest concentration of bufallos in the entire Namibia .


3. The vast wet wonderlands in Nkasa Rupara park

Because the national park is dominated by wetlands this is the main attraction feature at Nkasa, the wetlands are flooded by water which comes from river Kwando which makes the park a mini Okavango delta, the wetland occupies 318 km² of Nkasa national park and this wetland protects a variety of wetland fauna and flora. The range of wetland occur in a complex system of channels, lakes, islands and reed beeds. A  recently constructed bridge has improved the access to the national park because in the rainy season 80% of the park can not be accessed by vehicals because it is very slippery

4. Vegetation in Nkasa Rupara park

Nkasa National park is one of the most well vegetated places in Namibia with Shrub savannah biome and broadleaved trees, Zambezi floodplains and woody vegetation is found in the higher islands which are rarely flooded. Papyrus, wild date palms and reed sedges and tall trees such as Jackal-berry and Mongosteen  are found along river edges and  around the wetlands and this is one of the best 5 reasons to visit Nkasa Rupara park.


5. Bird watching in Nkasa Rupara park

The national park is one of the interesting areas for birds in the Zambezi region with a verity of  over 450 bird species, along the flood plains collared pratincoles usually breed here and other notable bird species present in the national park include; Magpie Shrikes which are very common, melierax metabes, Goliath Herons, the great white pelicans, Denham’s bustard, slaty egret, Stanly’s bustard, wetland cranes, lesser jakana among many others and this is one of the best 5 reasons to visit Nkasa Rupara park



Animals found in Nkasa Rupara national park

Nkasa Rupara national park has a number of wild life and these are;

Puku Antelopes are abundant animals in the national park therefore can be seen at every game drive.

Wildebeest which can be seen occasionally in the park.

Elephant which is one of the most commonly seen animals found in Nkasa Rupara national park

Hippos which are also very many in the park and can be seen any time one feels like doing so.

Zebras are also there in the park but can be seen on an occasional basis.

Buffalos are also common animals which can be seen any time.

Giraffes are rarely seen animals in Nkasa national park.

When to Visit Nkasa Rupara national park

Nkasa Rupara national park experiences two seasons which are;

The dry season

Visiting Nkasa Rupali national park is highly recommended during the dry season which normally starts in July to September, in this season the islands such as Nkasa and Rupala can be easily accessed by a vehicle and this season is also best for wildlife viewing

The wet season

The wet season are usually from November to April, It is not advisable for a visitor to visit Nkasa Rupala national park in this season because most of the roads become impassable

How to access Nkasa Rupala national park

There are two most common ways to access Nkasa Rupala national park and the are;

By Plane

This is mainly used by international visitors who come to Namibia from other countries and Chartered flights are usually booked by tour operators because this is part of the tour package and domestic flights are usually by ways of Eros Airport ERS in Windhoek and provided by Air Namibia and those who want to fly to the park independently can fly to Katima Mulilo on a scheduled flight from Windhoek.

By road

Nkasa Rupala national park is a 120km drive from Windhoek in the Zambezi region and this is highly used by domestic visitors and even international visitors when being transferred. however roads in the wet season are bad and inaccessible therefore it is not so recommended to visit the park in wet season

Accommodation at Nkasa Rupara national park

Accommodation facilities at Nkasa Rupara national park  include;

Camp Chobe

It is set on the banks of the Chobe river and is located between Botswana and Namibia, at the comfort of the private lodge visitors can observe the activity of the immediate flood plains

Caprivi houseboat safari lodge

The facilities at Caprivi include a rose wood deck  with a lounge bar

Camp Kwando

It is located about 25km from south of the park and set on the banks of river Kwando and it is one of the ideal places where one can explore Nkasa Rupala national park. The place consists of large thatched Lapa which is decorated with African inspired decoration

Chobe savannah lodge

It is located on the banks of Chobe river in an area known as the puku flats, it consists of 12 air conditioned trustfully thatched and brick suites

Frequently asked questions about Nkasa Rupara national park.

Where is Nkasa Rupara national park located?

Nkasa Rupara national park is located in Namibia in the center of the Nkasa and Rupara islands on the Kwando/Linyanti River in the south-western corner of East Caprivi.

Which is the best time to Visit Nkasa Rupara national park ?

The best months for visiting the park are the dry season months which are from July to September. Because Nkasa Rupara national park  is a wetland reserve, the roads become impassable in the wet season which is from November to April.

Which is the best accommodation in Nkasa Rupara national park?

Jackal berry Tented Camp which is a sister lodge to Nkasa Rupala Tented Lodge is one of the best accommodation facility in Nkasa Rupara national park.

What is Nkasa Rupara national park most famous for?

Nkasa Rupara national park is most famous for being the home to Namibia’s largest herds of buffalo and the last remnant stronghold of puku antelope.


Nkasa Rupara national park which was formally known as Mamili national park is one of the first national parks to be proclaimed in Namibia  with its protected wetlands, wildlife, bird watching opportunities among many others, However Kubwa 5 safaris is a Uganda based  tour company which operates in both East and South Africa therefore plan your trip with us so as to get a memorable experience.