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Best 10 Reasons To Visit Central Kalahari Game Reserve In Botswana

The best 10 reasons to visit central Kalahari Game reserve in Botswana include; star gazing, game drives, wide barren landscape, birding, culture based dances, serene sunset, photography safari, true remoteness, nature walks with the Basarwa (The San)

The central kalahari game reserve [CKGR] located in the middle of Botswana is by far the most remote reserve in southern Africa and set in the heart of the Kalahari desert, It being the second largest game reserve in the all world it  covers most of central Botswana taking almost over 52800 square kilometers.

It is mainly dominated by the waist-high golden grasses stretch to the horizon covered with semi-arid shrub savanna scrub bushes and dwarf trees  and also there are Fossil riverbeds found in the description and Okwa Valleys as well as large areas of  terminal Sandveld and small patches of acacia woodland nothing and absolutely nothing can ever prepare a visitor for the vastness and immensity of the Central Kalahari Game Reserve neither its mysterious beauty.

it is home to the largest animal population which include; black-maned lion, desert adapted elephants and  rhinos.

The central Kalahari game reserve (CKGR) has no seasons it Instead has three distinct phases which are; the rains  which may come anytime from November to January, and can also last through to March, April and in this phase the Kalahari is most suitable for the birders  However cold dryness comes in from June to August and then the hot dryness lasts from September until the rains start.

In 1971 KCGR was established  to protect the series of pans but at that time it was inhabited by the Bakgalakgadi and Basarwa or the San tribes The Kalahari Central Game reserve is bordered by Khutse game reserve in the north is bordered by Kuke Veterinary Cordine fence

The best 10 reasons to visit the Central Kalahari Game Reserve include;

1.Star gazing at Central Kalahari Game Reserve

Kalahari central game reserve is one of the best destinations in Africa with unpolluted sky which can marvel you with their natural beauty at night therefore Kalahari central game drive is majorly known for providing incredible stargazing experience and this is possible from any where even in the lodges where people spend there night time.

2.Game and Wilderness drives in the central Kalahari game reserve

Due to its vastness of Kalahari central desert visitors are treated to an incredible sight view of the wilderness and wildlife and even night drives are occasionally done but during the day visitors are driven around to admire the wilderness and even spot some of the wild animals which are found in Kalahari central reserve, game viewing opportunities include sighting of wild animals such as the black manned lions which the Kalahari central game reserve is most famous for Cheetah, Leopard, wild dog and so many others.


Best 10 Reasons To Visit Central Kalahari Game Reserve In Botswana

3.Wide barren Landscape of the Central Kalahari game reserve

Kalahari Game Reserve is one of the natural places that have exceptional natural beauty where its landscapes are interspersed with high-waist golden grasslands(straggly bushes), Kalahari sand acacias, Kalahari apple leaf which dominates most of the landscape, Silver Terminalia sand veldt, mosaic of large clay pans and shallow fossil river valleys to rolling vegetated sand dunes and woodlands, therefore this game reserve casts spell on the visitors because of its untamed and natural beauty.


4.True remoteness of the central Kalahari game reserve

The Kalahari central game reserve is the most remote reserve in south Africa because it is the largest protected area which makes it a perfect place to relax from the hectic day to day life due to this conserved nature one can even forget the stress of life because it feels like you traveled to another world where nothing matters except the naturality if life at the central Kalahari game reserve Botswana.


5.Wild life viewing at the Central Kalahari game reserve

Surprisingly the Kalahari central game reserve is a habitual home for a number of wildlife which even includes animal species such as predators; black manned lions, hyenas, Cheetah wild dog. Herbivores such as blue wildebeest, kudu, eland, giraffe, red hartebeest and other animals include meerkat, aardwolf, polecat, genet and many others and the best time to visit so as to view wild animals in Kalahari central game reserve is around December and April when the temperatures are good.

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6.Nature Walks with the Barasa (The San) at the Central Kalahari game reserve

The nature walks in central Kalahari game reserve can be accompanied by Bushmen who where the natives who once dominated the Kalahari Desert and they enhance the experience of visitors with their incredible knowledge on the area and its life, the visitors get to know about the culture and traditions of these bushmen making the visit to the game reserve mind widening


7.Cultural based dances at Central Kalahari game reserve

The cultural dances are led by the bushmen(The San) who are the inhabitants of the place which starts in a monotonous and relaxed way but gets intense when the dancers show signs of getting in a trance and these traditional dances usually last for hours but if it becomes very intense it can stretch all day long, the dances are accompanied by chanting and clapping so as to increase the vibe

8.Photography at Central Kalahari game reserve 

Photoshooting is one of the best 10 reasons to visit central Kalahari game reserve and this because of the extra-ordinary background it gives to photos making the absolutely stunning photos to both human and animal photos and Kalahari water park is one of the best places for photography

9.Bird watching at Central Kalahari game reserve

The Kalahari Central game reserve is an habitual place for over 200 bird species which are mostly found in the description valley thus referring to it as the birders paradise because in this area bird species such as eagles, falcons, warbler, lark, egrets, and many other can be spotted making it one of the best 10 reasons to visit central Kalahari game reserve

10.Serene Sunset view at Central Kalahari game reserve

The sunset view at Kalahari is something incomparable to anything in this world which can literally leave one in awe because it is such a wonderful sight to behold and can even make one forget that they are on planet earth and this is one of the best 10 reasons to visit Central Kalahari game reserve.

Animals found in Central Kalahari game reserve

Central Kalahari game reserve has a number wild animals  such as Cape buffalo, spotted hyena, brown hyena, honey badger, meerkat, eland, sable antelope, yellow mongoose, warthog,  cape ground squirrel, cape hare, cape porcupine, chacma baboon, cheetah, caracal,  ostrich, Cape wild dog, giraffe, elephant, white rhinoceros, black-backed jackal, bat-eared fox, cape fox, leopard, lion, wildebeest, zebra,  gemsbok, springbok, steenbok, impala, greater kudu, aardvark and red hartebeest.

Things to do in Kalahari game reserve.

there are a number of things that can be done in the central Kalahari game reserve and they include;

  • Game Drives where the guests are driven around the game reserve so as to see the animals present in the game reserve


  • Night Game Drives where the tourists are driven around at night so as to be able to witness animals in a night view


  • Walking Safari, in this case the visitors take a nature walk so as to appreciate the natural beauty of the game reserve.


  • Stargazing at night, Central Kalahari game reserve offers magical night experience because the skies are clear and the area is also free from synthetic lights, making stargazing at the game reserve a memorable experience.


  • Bird Safari, because of the large number of birds found at central Kalahari  game reserve birders get a great birders experience.


  • Camping, the central Kalahari has a number of camping options which is most suitable for people who are looking for new experiences because imagine having a camping experience in the wilderness.


  • Cultural Tours in the central Kalahari game reserve and they are normally done led by the inhabitants of the Kalahari derst who are the bush men (sun)

When to visit Central Kalahari Game Reserve

Understanding the best time to visit Botswana is useful as this can impact safari prices and availability therefore visiting the central Kalahari game reserve entirely depends on what works for the visitor more

Central kalahari game reserve can be visited all year round. Due to the higher rainfall and muddy sands in winter, a trip anytime from April to November is recommended as the best time to visit kalahari.


How to get to the Central Kalahari Game Reserve?

By Plane

Flying into Maun (MUB),Gaborone (GAB)or Kasane (BBK) airports, Visitors can book their Botswana safari and can be picked up by the safari guide at the airport.

A Botswana visa and certain vaccinations may also be required to  be granted permission enter the country.

By Road

The central Kalahari game reserve  has four entrances but most visitors driving to the park use the Matswere Gate  which is about 24 miles north of the popular Deception Valley. though after rain, the road can be very bad and driving times will be longer.

Accommodation at Central Kalahari Game Reserve?

The central Kalahari game reserve has a variety of accommodation facilities which include lodges and Camps


The lodges at central kalahari game reserve offer high quality accommodation and a restaurant services and some  have swimming pools which help the visitors to cool because the at times heat is too much because of the geographic location of the game reserve.

Visitors can stay at the Deception Valley Lodge

It is  a traditional Family-run lodge on the outskirts of the center of Kalahari game reserve, it is a comfortable place to get the very real feel of Kalahari,

the Dinaka Safari lodge.

Is an intimate Botswana Luxury safari camp located on the northern boundary of Botswana’s central Kalahari game  reserve


Camps available at the Central Kalahari game reserve include Camp Kalahari and Tau Pan camp.

Camp Kalahari

Camp Kalahari is one of only three charming camps  amongst the dappled shade of acacia on a one million-acre private wildlife reserve with 12 Meru-style tents set amongst the palms. Visitors can tap into the area’s activities including quad biking, horseback riding, bushman walks and traditional game drives.

Recommended for families, the camp is unique, fresh, and affordable, children from all ages are welcome, there’s a dedicated family tent, dining area and a fence around the camp.

Even at the camp visitors can watch the migrant animals  from January to April as well as enjoy lazy siestas in the swimming pool pavilion and, in the dry season, watch the elephants come to drink at the water.


The campsites at central kalahari game reserve offer the basic amenities and are located in the north of the park.

Carrying a small amount of Botswana currency, the Pula (BWP) is useful when paying for smaller food or ticket items.

Frequently asked questions about Central Kalahari game reserve.

  • What is the Central Kalahari Game Reserve?

This is an extensive game reserve which is part of the kalahari desert

  • Which campsite is best in Central Kalahari game reserve?
The best campsites in central Kalahari game reserve are Deception Valley, Piper Pan and Sunday Pan.
  • What is interesting about Kalahari?
The most interesting fact about the central Kalahari game reserve is that Kalahari that most of it is not considered to be a true desert due to the amount of rain it receives in a year
  • Which month is best the Central Kalahari game reserve?
The game reserve experiences two seasons in a year but January which is the peak of the rainy season which normally lasts until May when the dry season begins is the best month in the game reserve.
 January is the wettest month of the year in the Central Kalahari and is the best time to visit the Game Reserve


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