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Best 4 Reasons To Visit Malka Mara National Park

Best 4 Reasons To Visit Malka Mara National Park In Kenya

Best 4 Reasons To Visit Malka Mara National Park, the park is found in the Dawa River on the Kenya Ethiopia border it is approximately 1,500 square kilo meters

The major attractions of the Malka Mari National Park include Malka Mari fort, valleys and hills, culture, beautiful scenery for photographic activities. These physical features provide beautiful and attractive sceneries, a worthwhile experiencing for the tourists and visitors at the same time.

The Malka Mari national park was gazette  in 1989 as a game park, the park is located in the extreme northern region of the country within the Mandera plateau, the Malka Mari national  park is generally dry and hot, and the River Dawa is dominated by palms and riparian woodlands.

It’s the least visited national park in Kenya and it is mostly semi- arid bushland and scrubby grassland with riparian woodland along the river as well there are plants in the park that are unique to the areas of the park.

Malka Mari National park harbors animal species like the Somalie giraffe, crocodile, hyena, agama lizards, antelopes, vultures, dik-dik, Nile crocodiles, zebra and genet and over 20 species of birds can be found in this park like the streptopelia decipiens, cichladusa guttata, ploceus dichrocephalus and the rare Corvus ruticollis and many others.

Fortunately, it’s a great pleasure to have Malka  Mari national park where Mandera conceived in 1974 as per the available records at the county office it’s  something amazing.


The Malka Mari park area is both hot and dry dominated with semi-arid bushland and scrubby grassland with riparian forest and palms by Dawa riverbanks.

Attractions At Malka Mari National Park


Malka Mari National Park is a habitat for different wildlife species and these include; the reticulated giraffes, Oryx, lesser kudu, grater kudu, impalas, Thompson Gazelles, Waterbuck. At the park there are also carnivores such as the lion, cheetah, spotted hyena, jackals, Leopard and wild dogs.

Plant species.

Malka mari national park has been identified as unique plant endidimism, this is due to various trees, shrubs, herbs, Forbes and grass species which includes the Delonix elata, Terminalia  Euphorbia  Acacia , Mellia vulcansii, Aristida  and many others, there are also some medicinal plants that are  found in the park for viewing while on the Kenya Safaris.

Bird species.

Malka Mari national park has over 20 bird species which include; the streptopelia decipiens, cichladusa gutta, and ploceus dichrocephalus and many more.

Not only the bird species, plant species and the wildlife, the park also has other attractions like the Malka Mari fort, valleys and hills, culture, beautiful scenery for photographic activities, and several others, these physical features provides beautiful and attractive scenery, a worthwhile experience for tourists and visitors thus Malka Mara National park.


Activities done at Malka Mari National Park incde;

1. Game viewing At Malka Mari National Park

Malka Mari national park is gifted with high concentration of wildlife which can be explored on tourists visit to the park such as spotted hyenas, antelopes, zebras, Dik-Dik, genets, zebras, gazelles, giraffes, Gray Wolves, Mountain lions, Bobcats, Moose, Coyotes, Bighorn sheep and Nile crocodiles along Daua river.

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2. Hot air ballooning At Malka Mari National Park

This is one of the best breathtaking experiences which is usually done early in the morning hours with rewards as you go wondering about the spotted hyenas returning back to their dens after grazing, antelopes and it is great time to take photography.

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3. Culture experience At Malka Mari National Park

You are able to  visit the unique African culture and experience some handmade crafts to take back home for remembrance at Malka mari national park. when you get a chance to travel you will experience all these cultural activities.

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4. Guided naturewalks and hiking.

Nature walks and hiking are exciting activities to do in Malka  mari national park and during this activities  you can get to walk through the park on foot along the Dawa river where you will spot Nile crocodiles in the water of the river and different animals drinking water in the river.

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Malka Mari national park hosts with prestigious tourist accommodations that cater for their safe stay with a wide range of amenities that are attractive to visitors, amenities offered include shower bath room, wheelchair, air conditioning, handicap rooms, lounge, exercise facility, business services among other services. Hotels to stay in include De L Horloge, Al-Marwa Hotel, Galana Palace Hotel mentioned few. The park is also good for camping because there is available place safe for camping, you can carry your camping tent with you on your visit to the park.

Park Entry fees o National Park.f Malka Mari





Citizen (KSH)






Non- Resident(USD)




How to get to Malka Mari National Park.

The park can be accessed in two different ways that is the road and air transport.

By Road Transport.

Take A2 route of northern Tarmac Road to Isiolo and then proceed to Moyale Town on the Ethiopian border, from Moyale you take the D504 Road on the eastern side through Yabdus and Sara Hills through Takaba. Drive at least 160 km before diverting to North until you reach Bannissa Town a distance of 65 km from Takaba. This is the safest and most secure route to access the park.

By Air Transport.

Takaba airstrip is in Takaba town south of Bannissa town, its 165 km from Bannisa Town, it’s in good condition and currently there is local passenger flight operating in this area twice a week (Sunday and Tuesday). These are Shillow Tours and Buko Travelers, for you to access the park you need to hire a vehicle, drive north to Bannissa through Takaba- Bannissa Road.

Best time visit

Malk Mari National park can be visited throughout the year since its semi-arid dry areas with bushes that are thick thus providing clear viewing of wildlife species.

Malka Mara National park is a safe place to visit that has beautiful attractive sceneries attached with a wide range of  wild animal species  making it a good reason for tourist to make a point of visit to this vast park.